Builds for Remnant: From the Ashes covers a combination of Equipment and Abilities such as Armor, Weapons, Weapon Mods, Accessories such as Rings and Amulets, and Character Traits. Builds are often tailored to an individual's playstyle which creates a variety of stats that are efficient in different situations such as being an offensive DPS, defensive tank, support type, or a balanced type of player - feel free to join and add your own builds below by clicking "edit" on the top right of this page.






Builds in Remnant: From the Ashes

Melting Pot
Just Melts
Crit Crusher
The Unkillable
Heavy Hitter(Sustained)
Heavy Hitter (Elemental Burst)
Crit Build
The Headhunter
High DPS + Mobbing
Immortal Summoner
Crit One-Shot
Bottomless stock
Crit Auto Build (No DLC needed)
Easy Mode Build!
Vulcan's Destroyer
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Melting Pot


Author: ZAKR13L

Decent trash clear, amazing at melting bosses.

Takes practice with fat-rolling


Just melts


Author: Anonymous 





Crit Crusher


Author: Roran




One-Shot Trash


Author: Dareitus

 +Extreme single shot damage
+40% base crit chance
+35% bonus damage every arrow

-No secondary weapons fit the kit well
-Crossbow requires some skill to use


The Unkillable


Author: Blankfacegamer



Heavy Hitter (Sustained)


Author: Plat




Required Traits: Max these ASAP

Quick Hands (Reload), Executioner (Crit %) , Kingslayer (Crit DMG), Minds Eye (Ranged DMG)

Recommended Traits: Important traits to have but not as good as  ^

Exploiter (Weak spot DMG), Handling (Spread/Recoil), Vigor (Health), Endurance (Stamina), 

QOL/Other recommended: Other skills that are nice to have but are not priority

Glutton (item use speed), Spirit (Mod power+), World Walker(Save stamina), Swiftness (Move speed), Recovery (Stamina regen)


Heavy Hitter (Elemental Burst)


Author: Plat




Required Traits: Max these ASAP

Quick Hands (Reload), Executioner (Crit %) , Kingslayer (Crit DMG), Minds Eye (Ranged DMG)

Recommended Traits: Important traits to have but not as good as  ^

Exploiter (Weak spot DMG), Handling (Spread/Recoil), Vigor (Health), Endurance (Stamina), 

QOL/Other recommended: Other skills that are nice to have but are not priority

Glutton (item use speed), Spirit (Mod power+), World Walker(Save stamina), Swiftness (Move speed), Recovery (Stamina regen)


Crit Build


Author: HolyApplebutter


The Headhunter


Author: Gaven

The gameplay on this build focuses on landing headshots (weak points damages) and staying at a reasonnable range to get the effects of your armor and amulet.

Assault Rifle : It's your main weapon to clean trash mobs and hit alot. With Hunter's Mark and SoW on, you'll hit really hard on mobs, insane damages if you hit the head. With the accuracy of the weapon and your traits, it becomes a great weapon capable to clean mobs at a pretty good range.

Hunting Pistol : This is your BOSS / Elite DPS weapon. Again you'll want to have both mods on. Aim for the weak spot and enjoy some insane damages and shred those boss.


  • Long Gun: Assault Rifle
  • Hand Gun: Hunting Pistol
  • Melee Weapon: Voice of the Tempest (Anything fits)
  • Weapon Mod 1: Hunter's Mark
  • Weapon Mod 2: Song of Swords
  • Armor: Hunter Set
  • Amulet: Gunslinger's Charm
  • Ring: Braided Thorns or Devouring Loop
  • Ring: Hunter's Band


  • Exploiter
  • Spirit
  • Quick Hands
  • Handling
  • Executioner
  • Kingslayer
  • Mind's Eye
  • Trigger Happy
  • Sleight of Hand




Author: EvilAngel



High DPS + Mobbing


Author: HumtY (May 2020)

Gameplay: You want to dodge roll as minimum as possible as the armour is either medium or heavy encumbered. That said, with swiftness maxxed out, you can practically just run around dodging every shot. If you think it's too heavy for your style, you can replace the chest piece with the slayer set chest piece. Ricochet rifle works wonders with mobbing while also getting some bosses. Devastator on the whole just works for any situation. It applies bleeding and shoots 5 arrows. With the devouring loop or empowering loop, the weapon just melts everything in front of it. Be sure to aim down enemy weakspots for maximum damage.


Immortal Summoner


Author: EvilAngel

With this build you will struggle to die with permanent Skulls killing everything around you and healing you insane amounts while you chill in the back. The Seeker mod deals excellent damage and will charge fast with the Cultist set and high fire rate weapons. Enjoy Face-Tanking the game :)


Critical Hit + One Shot


Author : MisterVale (Inspired by SlyGumbi)

 Almost 700 Dmg without critical hit, almost 1500 Dmg on critical hit. Up to 5000 Dmg when hitting weak spot + critical hit. According to "SlyGumbi", this build works in nightmare mode.


Bottomless stock


Author: Errmsty



Crit Auto Build (No DLC needed)


A Crit Build with auto weapons for endgame without the need of DLCs

Author: yRaven



Easy Mode


This is a DOT reliant crit build that is meant for boss melting that benefits from using crit chance/damage and fire rate/reload consumables. First, hit the boss with fan of knives to activate polished whetstone, then switch to beam rifle and use swarm. STAND STILL to activate Mantis ring and unload your beam rifle. Once Swarm is over, reload beam rifle and switch back to machine pistol then repeat. While this build relies on DOT bleed damage for its full potential, it is still plenty powerful and practical for general mob clearing without changing a thing. 

Author: Fickle



  • Long Gun: Beam Rifle 
  • Hand Gun: Machine Pistol
  • Melee Weapon: Scar of the Jungle God
  • Weapon Mod 1: Fan of Knives (Machine Pistol)
  • Weapon Mod 2: Swarm (Beam Rifle)
  • Armor: Radiant Set
  • Amulet: Polished Whetstone
  • Ring: Ring of the Mantis
  • Ring: Heartseeker/Burden of the Gambler


  •  Concentration
  •  Catalyst
  •  Evocation
  •  Executioner 
  •  Exploiter
  •  Kingslayer
  •  Minds Eye
  •  Spirit
  •  Tormentor
  •  Trigger Happy
  •  Wisdom


Support (Buffs & Heals)


A Co-Op build to sustain and boost a carry boss-killer friend

This build is very much geared towards having a carry like a Crit Build that may have difficulty in dealing with large groups or would just do better with focusing on raw damage rather than concerning themselves with healing; it is very much a co-op build.

Knowing a boss phase where they're active and targetable for a good little while, or just any elite enemy, you can pop your Song of Swords and Howler's Immunity mods and a Dragon Heart, immediately handing out a massive damage boost and damage reduction, and providing a heal.You will rotate your weapons while dealing with additional enemies, or just helping to damage the boss, just focusing on getting your mods ready hopefully by the time they're down. If able, you can charge them off of melee and if things get real dicey you make use of the Voice of the Tempest's charge attack to help deal with large groups of minor enemies.

You will always be checking health bars to pop Dragon Hearts for your allies, so they can focus damage (also helpful if your friend is gearing a build, they can save some Simulacrums for upgrades).

Author: zbee



Base Supporting

If your carry is not struggling to survive with your heals, you can use Ruin instead - you will primarily use the SMG then, and will have Song of the Swords ready more.

If you can't keep up with your carry well enough, use Heart of the Wolf.

Variant: Pushing Trash

Outside of boss areas, or if the team is just grinding re-rolls, this build variant can be used instead. Ideal with a tank pulling agro effectively. This is more focused on keeping mods available as that's a little bit tougher with just random enemies

You still focus on healing and buffing, but now drop Song of Swords right before you use Storm Caller to overall focus more on crowd control.

  • Long Gun: Beam Rifle (more sustained fire)
  • Hand Gun: Submachine Gun
  • Melee Weapon: Voice of the Tempest
  • Weapon Mod 1: Song of Swords
  • Weapon Mod 2Storm Caller (crowd killer)
  • Armor: Elder body, Labyrinth Set for other pieces (increase Storm Caller damage)
  • Amulet: Mender's Charm
  • Ring: Gift of the Iskal (to help keep mods up between fights)
  • Ring: Spirit Stone (more Storm Caller damage; to keep mods up) or keep Volatile Gem




Mostly ordered by priority, top list is more important. After these you should focus traits for survivability like Vigor, Guardian's Blessing, and Mother's Blessing.


Vulcan's Destroyer


This build revolves around using explosives to layer on damage, as well as status effects. Primarily, we're relying on Vulcan's Detonator and the Demolitionist Trait to increase the damage of our explosions, and mixing elemental damages and status effects to suit the zone that we're in. It can be a very strong mob clearing build, but can struggle against some more mobile bosses, but I have found it to be very lethal to almost every enemy and my teammates.

Author: PyroV



Boss weapon options for your Long Gun include Particle Accelator, Eye of the Tempest, and Sporebloom, though I fully recommend to use a non-boss weapon so you can mix your elemental damages. Defensive options for Weapon Mods are Rift Walker and Blink Token, both of which have their explosions enhanced by Vulcan's Detonator, and the latter can trigger Overcharge, causing a second explosion on the target.
Labyrinth Set gives guaranteed damage boost and decent defense, while Elder Set grants a damage bonus to all allies while being significantly lighter. World Breaker's heavy attack counts as an explosion, gaining benefit from your amulet, but Voice of the Tempest offers a faster option, and it being able to trigger Overcharge gives you your explosive damage as well.


Build Specific

  • Demolitionist
  • Tormentor
  • Spirit
  • Arcane Strike
  • Kingslayer
  • Executioner
  • Wisdom
  • Concentration
  • Catalyst


  • Vigor
  • Endurance
  • World Walker
  • Recovery
  • Armor Piercer
  • Triage
  • Flash Caster 

Build Name


Describe your build here

Author: Your Name



  • Equipment goes here


  • Traits go here




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    • Anonymous

      16 Oct 2021 17:07  

      Melts Summoner

      Armor: Cultist
      Amulet: Brutal Mark
      Ring 1: Burden of the Follower
      Ring 2: Spirit Stone
      Primary: Sniper Rifle
      Secondary: Hunting Pistol
      Melee: Guardian Axe
      Mod Primary: Very good boy
      Mod Secondary: Beckon
      Traits: Quick Hands, Catalyst, Invoker, Handling, Kingslayer, Vigor

      Skill ceiling higher than Immortal Summoner, and far greater damage output, no DLC needed!

      • 08 Sep 2021 15:34  


        Armor: Bandit
        Amulet: Razorwire Necklace
        Ring 1: Blood Font
        Ring 2:Bloddletter´s insignia
        Weapons:Crossbow and whatever
        Weapon mod 1: Crossbow with Fan of Knives
        Weapon mod 2: whatever
        Traits: Triage,Spirit

        Played this build in Apocalypse and Nightmare and it safed me a lot of times, just target a mini boss, to heal yourself when damaged and get rid of small minions.

        • Anonymous

          14 Jul 2021 16:22  

          Undying (no dlc)

          Armor: Leto or Labyrinth
          Amulet: Twisted Idol
          Ring 1: Blood Font
          Ring 2: Soul Link
          Weapons: doesn't matter
          Weapon mod 1: Mender's Aura or Seed Caller
          Weapon mod 2: Very Good Boy
          Traits: Invoker and triage make this even better

          Doggo with maxed Invoker and Triage will heal you for roughly 45 points and do an average of 450 damage per attack. With Labyrinth set, almost 70 points of healing, and around 670 damage per attack. Can use either seed caller for more passive healing, or menders aura to face tank any attack

          • Anonymous

            06 Jun 2021 06:28  

            The true Tank (DLC needed)

            Armor: All 3 pieces of leto’s

            Amulet: twisted idol

            Rings: Alchemists jewel, subject dlc needed for this ring, and aggressors bane for that 15% damage reduction.

            Long guns: it doesn’t really matter but I would recommend having flicker cloak on your primary.

            Handguns: it doesn’t matter what gun you use but if you want to be literally immoral for about 10 seconds use storm caller on your handgun. All for that sweet 50% damage reduction while active.

            Barkskin 20, Mother’s blessing 20, keepers blessing 20, guardian’s blessing 20, triage 20, vigor 20, gluttony 20.

            Also, for this build to be fully completed you need divine nectar on for that 10 armor effectiveness. And if everything is maxed and on you should have about 1,080 armor effectiveness. And yes you can take any hit in the game, as long as it’s not an instant kill grab, on lower difficulties. On normal mode with this build you take almost no damage at all and you can just use bloodworts to out heal the damage. And if you have 2 other friends you get team work for that extra 10% resistance. So the amount of resistances you should have in total would be leto’s 50%+agressors bane 15%+ teamwork’s 10% + mother’s blessing/guardians blessing 10%+ storm callers 50%= you ain’t dying. Plus if you want to know the viability of this in apocalypse mode, I’ve beaten every boss with this build on every difficulty and you can take a good amount of hits in apocalypse mode before going down.

            • Anonymous

              04 Jun 2021 04:50  

              Melee Tank

              Armor: 2 Piece Leto, 1 Piece Scrapper (You'd only want the stagger reduction, and a bit more damage [7.5% to targets within 5m])
              Amulet: Twisted Idol (+30% Armor and -15 encumberance)
              Rings: Band of Strength/Band of Pollux/Stone of Balance/Root Circlet/Gravity Stone + Leech Ember
              Long Guns: Shotgun w/ Mantle of Thorns (If you really want to be near-immune to stagger. If not, swap for Howler's Immunity or Hunter's Mark)
              Handguns: Revolver or Hunter's Pistol (You need to compensate for unmelee-able opponents. Trust me, I've tried melee-ing Claviger and Nightmare once and it didn't work so well) w/ Song of Swords

              20 Vigor, 20 Warrior, 20 Triage, 20 Bark Skin, 20 All Blessings, 20 Switfness (you can close in faster for ranged targets), 20 Shadow Walker (close the distance much better), 20 Rapid Strike, 20 catalyst, 20 Arcane Strike, 20 Vaccine (for that pesky Rot), 20 Tormentor (you might be forced to dip in and out of melee range sometimes *cough* Harrow *cough*), 20 Spirit

              This is one is a poor man's version of the Sabertooth build (courtesy of Fextralife), except it's a non-DLC version and I'm too sure if it works on Nightmare and Apocalypse, but it does on Hard and Normal well enough and it relies on Corrosion isntead on Bleeding to get them healz.

              • Anonymous

                25 May 2021 21:49  


                Armor: Warlord's set
                Amulet: Mender's Charm
                Ring 1: Razorstone
                Ring 2: Bloodletter's insignia
                Long Gun: Devastator
                Sidearm: Machine pistol (song of swords)
                Melee: World's Edge

                • Anonymous

                  30 Mar 2021 03:39  

                  Survivability/ team support
                  Also works as solo build.
                  Head: Cultists
                  Chest: Labyrinth
                  Amulet: soul anchor/ black rose
                  Rings: soul link/burden of the devoted (team heal) or spirit stone solo.
                  Sidearm: sawed off/ sub machine gun
                  Long gun: assault rifle/ Chicago typewriter.
                  I use beckon on my sidearm always. For dungeon clearing I use seed caller on my Assault rifle for bosses I switch to iron sentinel on the typewriter.
                  Melee: whatever you like, I switch between hero sword and butchers flail. Traits anything thing to with mod power, healing, and power generation,

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Mar 2021 12:40  

                    Bleeding build (tank)
                    Letos armor

                    -razorwire amulet
                    -alchemest jewel (ring)
                    -bloodletters insignia (ring)

                    Smg with fan of knives (2923 dlc mod)
                    Particle accelerator (for range and mob clear)

                    Plus, wolf claws for extra bleed while in front of the boss.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Mar 2021 15:08  

                      Immortal Dodging
                      By KirinOfDarkness

                      Using this build requires you to be able to do perfect dodges, at triage lv 20, you will heal 50% of your max hp per perfect dodge. Even if you only get a perfect dodge occasion, you will still last longer than other due to your high def and damage reduction due to loss of hp. At 50% hp, you will have 60% damage reduction.

                      Primary: doesn't matter
                      Secondary: doesn't matter
                      Melee: doesn't matter
                      Armor: Leto's
                      Amulet: Twisted Idol > Leto's Amulet
                      Ring 1: Burden of the Reckless
                      Ring 2: Ring of Elusion (optional)

                      World walker
                      Keeper's blessing

                      Note: you can use two pieces of Leto's armor, must use chest plate, if you have the Black Rose Amulet (100 boss kills - survival).

                      • 04 Oct 2020 11:37  

                        Build: Lightning Warior

                        Use Tentacle Shot when many ennemies are coming or for regen your life. Use Eye of the Storm for all boss ... Dodge regen life, and Voice of The Tempest can do the job. Asyou can see all damage are based on Lightning, use OVERLOADED effect (from Voice of The Tempest and Eye of the Storm) to make many damage.

                        - Armor: 1 Akari + 2 Void
                        - Ring 1: Burden of the Reckless
                        - Ring 2: Guardian's Ring
                        - Amulet: Storm Amulet
                        - Long Gun: Eye of the Storm
                        - Hand Gun: Curse of the Jungle God
                        - Melee: Scar of the jungle god or any
                        - Long Gun Mod: Static Field Shot
                        - Hand Gun Mod: Tentacle Shot

                        I'm a newbe player of the game so if you see some ameliorations to make ...

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Sep 2020 11:40  

                          Build: Life theft and damage

                          You have to use the fan knive ability and you will have life steal, use then use the warlord's ability, you will have damage thanks to the warlord's ability and you will not lose life thanks to the Bloodletter's insignia ring, if you have little life use the swarm ability with the warlord's ability activated to regain life.
                          a good build for bosses and enemies.

                          - Armor: Warlord
                          - Ring 1: Bloodletter's insignia
                          - Ring 2: I use Ezlan's band (can be replace for somthing else)
                          - Amulet: Razorwire Necklace or Polished whetstone
                          - Long Gun: Any weapon with empty mod slot
                          - Hand Gun: Any
                          - Melee: Scar of the jungle god or any
                          - Long Gun Mod: Fan of Knives or Swarm
                          - Hand Gun Mod: Swarm or fan of knives

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Sep 2020 00:42  

                            Build: Bleeding-Crit-Master

                            - Armor: Radiant Set (Critical hits increase Crit Chance and Crit damage for 3 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Recoil is reduced by 15%.)
                            - Ring: Devouring Loop (Critical Hits have a 6% chance to deal 4x damage.)
                            - Ring: Hunters Band (Increases Ranged damage by 10% and Weakspot damage by 20%.) (CAN BE REPLACED FOR SOMETHING ELSE)
                            - Amulet: Polished Whetstone (When attacking a BLEEDING enemy, Crit Chance is increased by 15% and Crit Damage increased by 50%.)
                            - Long Gun: Hunting Rifle (Any weapon with empty mod slot)
                            - Hand Gun: Machine Pistol (Any weapon with empty mod slot)
                            - Melee: Scar of The Jungle God (Any Melee)
                            - Long Gun Mod: Fan of Knives (Throw a fan of 7 knives that deal 20 damage each and apply the BLEEDING effect dealing 200 damage over 20 seconds. Max 2 Charges.)
                            - Hand Gun Mod: Hunters Mark (Marks all enemies within 35 meters for the caster and their allies. Crit Chance against marked enemies is increased by 10%. Lasts 30 seconds.)

                            Traits (Get to lvl 20)
                            - Trigger Happy (Fire Rate)
                            - Quick Hands (Reload Speed)
                            - Minds Eye (Ranged Damage)
                            - Kingslayer (Crit Damage)
                            - Exploiter (Weakspot Damage)
                            - Executioner (Crit Chance)

                            • 12 Sep 2020 11:20  


                              Warlord's passive let you consume Hearts infinitely. Elder's passive gives buffs to your summons after consuming hearts. Cultist gives you passive regen of mod and +mod duration. Lastly Twisted The passive doesn't stack with summons (AFAIK) but the health regen can also help negate the life drain from warlord. So you can spam Hearts to buff your summons while your summons are lifestealing for you.

                              Long Gun : Any
                              Hand Gun: Any
                              Melee : I prefer Guardian Axe but any will do
                              Mod 1 : Iron Sentinel
                              Mod 2 : Beckon
                              Armor : 1 Warlord , 1 Elder , 1 Cultist or twisted
                              Amulet : Stalker's band
                              Ring 1 : Soul Link
                              Ring 2 : Band of discord

                              Traits :
                              Glutton (Optional)
                              Arcane Strike
                              Catalyst (If you're using elemntal weps)
                              Flash Caster

                              • Anonymous

                                09 Sep 2020 22:06  


                                Leto's Light as a feather life steal.

                                tank build that is more of an experienced players build. aimed at life stealing while DPS'ing the whole time.
                                the following is how i managed to run my second campaign run in hardcore on hard. i achieved 3% because of hardcore run. 3% because account bound. and all else is luck of draw in hardcore.

                                Long Gun: Beam Rifle
                                Hand Gun: pride of Iskal
                                Melee Weapon: Riven
                                Weapon Mod 1: SWARM
                                Weapon Mod 2:cannot change
                                Armor: FULL Leto's Armor
                                Amulet: Nightmare Spiral (hardcore completion 1st campaign)
                                Ring: Bright steel ring ( help kill 1 Boss in friends survival world)
                                Ring: Ring of Supremacy ( hardcore boss kill reward)

                                • 08 Sep 2020 04:40  


                                  Armor - 2 pieces elder armor for damage boost, 1 piece osseus armor for ranged damage
                                  Long gun - Ruin (revives yourself)
                                  Hand gun - Whatever you like. I used Sawed off with SONG OF SWORDS mod for damage boost.
                                  Melee - Your choice

                                  Mender's charm, Devouring loop, Braided thorns

                                  Revivalist,healing traits, critical damage and ranged damage traits (Triage,Kingslayer, executioner, exploiter etc.)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    07 Sep 2020 05:38  

                                    Build: Regenerating Healer Tank (no DLC)

                                    Easy to play, versatile and stress free Build. Ideal for a beginner.
                                    Allows you to have permanent and massive HP regeneration but also to increase all healings received by 165%.
                                    Bonus: Dragons Hearts heal allies!

                                    - Armor: Twisted Set (HP regen +1.002 HP/s)
                                    - Ring: Ezlan's Band (HP regen +0.238 HP/s, HP max +25)
                                    - Ring: Blood Font (HP regen +0.334 HP/s, Healing Effectiveness +15%)
                                    - Amulet: Mender's Charm (Healing Effectiveness +50%)
                                    - Weapons and Mods: Yes, it can be useful! ;)

                                    Traits (in order of priority)
                                    - Elder Knowledge (Experience +20%)
                                    - Vigor (Health by +50)
                                    - Triage (Healing Effectiveness +100%)
                                    - Bark Skin (Armor +15%)
                                    - Keeper's Blessing (Elemental Resistance +10)
                                    - Guardian's Blessing (Melee damage reduction +10%)
                                    - Mother's Blessing (Ranged damage reduction +10%)
                                    - What you want...

                                    If Elder Knowledge is at the top, it's because you get it from the start of the game and it pays for itself very quickly.
                                    You are free in the choice of weapons and Mods. Personally, I like to play with Devastator and Magnum (Iron Sentinel mod), but it works whatever your choice.

                                    (GOOGLE translate)

                                    • 06 Sep 2020 10:10  

                                      My Face Is Tough (DLC)
                                      There is no something new, i just provide some minor changes which make life more comfortable.
                                      Great toughness and life-leech all the time. Main story + DLC Apocalypse

                                      Armor: Leto's Armor set
                                      Long Gun: "Ricochet Gun" (with this you can save 2d mod space to anything else, Devastator is not panacea)
                                      Hand Gun: "Machine Pistol" (the best combination of damage, accuracy and range)
                                      Mod1: "Fan of Knives"
                                      Mod2: anything what do you want (i use "Swarm" to more dps)
                                      Melee: anything what do you want

                                      Amulet: "Razorwire Necklace"
                                      Ring1: "Alchemist Jewel"
                                      Ring2: "Bloodletter's Insignia"

                                      Core traits: "Spirit", "Catalyst", "Tormentor", "Triage", and ofc any survivalistic traits are also welcome, than more than better.

                                      Conclusions and tips:
                                      1. The main feature of the build is unity of toughness of "Leto's Armor"+"Alchemist Jewel" and OP life-leech of "Razor Wire Necklace"+"Triage". Just use "Fan of Knives" as often as you can and it's help to over-heal most of attacks in one moment.
                                      2. "Ricochet gun" give us lot of power and you will using Fan of Knives much often than with Devastator. The second profit of Ricochet is enemy's action interruption, and this is very important. The third is auto-aim, you can shoot to any surface in front of enemy and you never miss(and get your power)
                                      3. "Nightmare" and "Apocalypse". Im lazy ass and i don't want to learn boss rotation or dodge hits any time, i use Consumables and i can catch strikes with my face: "Mudtooth's" Tonic(+25HP for HOUR), "Pristine Essence"(+15% to all resists and reduce status effect build up Last 3 min), any +30% target element resist(Hydro Coolant, Oilskin Tonic, HeavyWater Elixir, GreenLeaf, Ethernal Orb, Spiceroot). In total you get 65% of resist. Damnt it, use consumables its awesome. Better than fall down like your teammates.
                                      4. You can save dragon shards to revive your unlucky teammates.

                                      • 06 Sep 2020 06:39  

                                        Melee Vamp (DLC)
                                        Tank, Debuffer, Good in solo pr Co-op.

                                        Armor : Full Leto's
                                        Long Gun : Any with open mod slot
                                        Hand Gun : Any With open mod slot
                                        Mod 1 : Song of Swords [MUST]
                                        Mod 2 : Swarm of any that you want
                                        Melee : Butcher's Flail (Cor Debuff) , Riven (pure Lifesteal), Scar of the jungle God (Bleed)
                                        Amulet : Terror Margin ( LIfesteal base on melee dmg) , Razorwire ( Stronger Bleed dmg)

                                        If you're using:
                                        Butcher's Flail - Take Razor stone and Leech Ember ,Blood Font (optional)
                                        Riven - Leech Ember and Serpent's Fang or Band of Strength {Always use charge attack on riven for better dps and lifesteal} , Blood Font (optional)
                                        Scar of the jungle god - blood of Insignia(Bleed dmg to health) and Serpent's fang or band of strength {Charge attacks apply bleed} ,Blood Font (optional)

                                        Mother's Blessing
                                        Keeper's Blessing
                                        Hard Charger
                                        Armor Piercer (OPTIONAL)
                                        Arcane Strike
                                        Rapid Strike
                                        Guardian's Blessing
                                        Bark Skin
                                        Blood Bond

                                        *Always utilize malee charge attacks* :)
                                        Feel free to correct me if I wrote something on this and ofcourse you cna scrap my build to make your own. Hope this helps.

                                        • 06 Sep 2020 06:20  

                                          Shock Spammer. (DLC)

                                          Armor: 1 Ex Cultist & 2 Labyrinth
                                          Long Gun : Eye of the Storm
                                          Hand gun : Any with open mod slot
                                          Melee : Any
                                          Amulet : Storm
                                          Ring 1 : Prismatic Diamond Ring
                                          Ring 2 : Braided thorns or any dmg/ crit rings

                                          Traits :
                                          Quick Hands
                                          Trigger Happy

                                          Lybyrinth gives Mod dmg boost and Cultist passive regenerates your mod stacking with spirit so you can activate the eye's mod more frequently.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            05 Sep 2020 22:47  

                                            best setup is all letos armour maxed out, devouring loop, bark skin, twisted idol, that new ring that adds 30 percent armour effectivness, This pushes your armour to over 1000+ and you never die, with devouring loop best weapon is fusion rifle, or for starters use beam rifle and get tons of crits while being a tank at same time. I can play solo on hard and nightmare and never die anymore. Setup is overkill on Normal where u can blast a few bosses dead before they even reach you.

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