Hardcore Mode in Remnant: From the Ashes is a new game mode that was added in PATCH Nº: 218787. This page contains information on what is included and what can be obtained in Hardcore Mode. If you are looking for a more challenging experience, Hardcore Mode is the option for you. Feel each battle as a life-death experience as you are granted only one life for the whole game.


Hardcore Mode

What is Hardcore Mode?

Hardcore Mode is a new game mode that includes Perma-Death to the players. Hardcore Mode was added in PATCH Nº: 215646 and is available for all platforms.

What does Hardcore Mode do?

Hardcore Mode requires you to create a new character and set it to Hardcore Mode. Once the character is created you will not be able to re-spawn if you die. This means that if you are killed in either the open world or a boss fight your character will be permanently dead. Players can play both the Story or Adventure mode on any difficulty

If players are inside a Multi-Player game and die, they will be knocked down and can be revived at a World Stone by a team member as long as one of them is alive. If all players would die, then the permadeath system will trigger, and they won't be able to be revived.

How can I play in Hardcore Mode?

In order to player Hardcore Mode, you'll have to create a new character and set the option in the creation screen. You won't be able to play in Hardcore Mode with an already created character.


Rewards on Hardcore Mode

Players will receive rewards as they reach milestones while playing in Hardcore Mode. These rewards can only be obtained in Hardcore Mode and are account bound, which means that will be available for all characters in the players account (This includes both Hardcore characters and Normal characters). These rewards are:

Account bound items on New Characters

When you obtain an Account Bound item from Hardcore Mode you will be able to use it on all characters, this includes new characters.

Requirements for Hardcore Mode

There isn't any prerequisite or requirement needed. Hardcore Mode is available for players to try as long as they create a new character and select the Hardcore option.


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