Hardcore Mode in Remnant: From the Ashes is a new game mode that was added in PATCH Nº: 218787. This page contains information on what is included and what can be obtained in Hardcore Mode. If you are looking for a more challenging experience, Hardcore Mode is the option for you. Feel each battle as a life-death experience as you are granted only one life for the whole game.


Hardcore Mode

What is Hardcore Mode?

Hardcore Mode is a new game mode that includes Perma-Death to the players. Hardcore Mode was added in PATCH Nº: 215646 and is available for all platforms.

What does Hardcore Mode do?

Hardcore Mode requires you to create a new character and set it to Hardcore Mode. Once the character is created you will not be able to re-spawn if you die. This means that if you are killed in either the open world or a boss fight your character will be permanently dead. Players can play both the Story or Adventure mode on any difficulty

If players are inside a Multi-Player game and die, they will be knocked down and can be revived at a World Stone by a team member as long as one of them is alive. If all players would die, then the permadeath system will trigger, and they won't be able to be revived.

How can I play in Hardcore Mode?

In order to play Hardcore Mode, you'll have to create a new character and set the option in the creation screen. You won't be able to play in Hardcore Mode with an already created character.


Rewards on Hardcore Mode

Players will receive rewards as they reach milestones while playing in Hardcore Mode. These rewards can only be obtained in Hardcore Mode and are account bound, which means that will be available for all characters in the players account (This includes both Hardcore characters and Normal characters). These rewards are:

Account bound items on New Characters

When you obtain an Account Bound item from Hardcore Mode you will be able to use it on all characters, this includes new characters.

Requirements for Hardcore Mode

There isn't any prerequisite or requirement needed. Hardcore Mode is available for players to try as long as they create a new character and select the Hardcore option.



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    • Anonymous

      Just got done earning all the rewards through hardcore. Teamed up with someone but probably would've been just as easy solo. Re-roll Subject campaign to go to earth mode. there are 3 or 4 items that spawn in the earth area, you can get all of them in like 15 minutes. Instantly got some account build options. Then ran through regular game mode earth for a while, got everything I could there but mostly just grinded for xp. Anyway, you shouldn't struggle with any earth content if you're going to make it all the way. Make sure to get twisted idol on regular earth and alchemist jewel on dlc earth. Both of these stacked give 80% defense bonus. and either the typewriter or the assault rifle. If you run earth adventures you'll probably get all of these items in a handful of runs.

      Once you're in rhom the account build starts. Void armour, Soul link ring (summon health regen) and turret/skulls summons. Now you have void armor, 80% defense bonus, and summons that heal you.

      I think anyone can get past earth and rhom on normal mode with zero upgrades etc. Which is why I made sure to get all account build items from earth/rhom. Then the DLC, Corsus and Yaesha will be a doddle. We literally speedran the campaign past rhom. Plus it's worth it because now I have a still alive hardcore character that could easily turn into a main all purpose character.

      • Anonymous

        I don't know if this is written somewhere, but there are Account Bound Things in this game. Basically everything, that you buy with Glowing Fragments is account bound, this means that if you own a maxed out character on your account and you create a new one, they will have all the stuff that you bought with your maxed out character for Glowing Fragments. This means 2 rings and an amulet from Whispers, Hero's Sword, the Adventurer Goggles, and any skin. This is very helpful in Hardcore mode, because you have a great melee weapon by default, a whole armor set for collecting iron and scraps, plus you can give yourself some protection against death with Black Cat Band.

        Strangely enough, Ring of Flawless Beauty seems to be account bound too, despite I've found that somewhere in the Corsus DLC and my game even said that I need the Reisum DLC to use it. That plus White Rose are great for a Hunter Build in Hardcore. As far as I know, the Hardcore-only rewards are also account bound, so you can use them with your old character, or another, if you die.

        • Anonymous

          Leto's Armor, the Twisted Idol and the two regen rings (Ezlan's Band and Blood Font) make you nigh-unstoppable, provided you're willing to get it all together. In terms of early game traits, max out the defensive stuff first (your health, stamina, status resists, armor/healing efficiency, etc) before moving to offense.

          A pretty fun tanky boy build that lasted me the whole run, taking aggro at the front while my partner sniped with the Devastator.

          • Anonymous

            I defeated Ent at Apoc difficulty and didnt get the Provisioners Ring does that mean I have to play it in Nightmare mode (one difficulty down)

            • Anonymous

              I'm very confused. I haven't played this game in a while, but I wanted to get back in to play with a friend who just got it. I made a new character on nightmare (regrettably), but found I didn't have any of the hardcore rings I'd gotten on another character. I'd only gotten the provisioner ring and akari war band, but neither were on the new character. Same with skins I bought from the mute dude. I don't get it. I even checked other characters to make sure I still had them and there they were, ready to be equipped.

              • I made a mistake during play and died stupidly in Corcus. I play on PS4 though so i just redownloaded by character data from the day before and didn't lose any progress, only some trait levels. This actually reloaded me at the last crystal before i died due to world data being saved separately so i guess i lost out on some Purple items i might have found too. Anyway you can cheat death this way as long as you make sure to frequently upload character data to online save storage.

                • Anonymous

                  Ran with a summoner setup. Soul Link and Soul Anchor, constant heals from summons, just play it safe and let them do the work. Ruin rifle plus Ezlan's Band for the auto revive. Early game is easy with Ex-Cultist set and the dog summon.

                  • Anonymous

                    Режим хардкора не имеет смысла из-за багов в игре. Например, ты застрял в текстурах, босс застрял в текстурах. Так же можно случайно провалиться, тупо не успеть в некоторых миссиях (охрана к примеру). Единственное, что даёт шанс всё-таки выжить при таких минусах игры - это напарник. Играть на харде можно только максимальным количественным составом игроков, где при косяке в игре напарник тебя позже вернёт, т.е. эдакая страховка.

                    • Anonymous

                      Hi, I'm just a user doing the hardcore now to get the legit accessories and I'm middle of the game trying to get the Leto's armor set doing the same this as normal mode and I'm using the teleport machine for 80 times and I'm keep getting on the same spot...(my poor experience potion..)

                      • Anonymous

                        Beat both campaigns hardcore on the same character within 2 days of each other, did not get the onyx pendulum, killed undying king to skip his quest, may not be to do both campaigns, but rather all world bosses

                        • Anonymous

                          yesterday I started an apocalyps run and killing the world bosses didn't give me the various milestone rings. its a bug or will it give them to me at the end of the game?

                          • Anonymous

                            Not gonna start over just to play Hardcore. You can reset all my scrap, all my materials, all my levels, and my experience. I don't care. But I am not going to give up my hard-earned gear and traits just to be able to play Hardcore.

                            • Anonymous

                              i know why they dont transfer hc characters so many glitches could happen you hc acc could disapear like my save data but i only have acc based items

                              • Anonymous

                                The dlc world boss on ADVENTURE MODE gave me the ring of the punisher on hardcore. This boss was the rider boss which has two stages in its fight and is a double fight early on.
                                Not entirely sure it was the intended result since there's been so many bugs on campaign but this is the exact thing which happened:
                                I rolled an adventure on the new world with a completely new character: This character was the hunter set and I placed the good boy on my rifle since I was trying to see if I could do a sprint with no prep (and good boy is an account bound so you auto have it on a new character).

                                The stats of "Ring of the Punisher" reads out as:
                                Increases damage to enemies affected by STATUS effects. Each unique STATUS applied increases all damage by 5%.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Beat Normal HC in 6+ hours (hadn't played the game in months, but was able to clear it in one attempt w/ relative ease). Tips:
                                  Archetype: Ex-Cultist. By far and a way best starter traits. Buy the armor/weapons/mods from the other archetypes at the vendor.
                                  Weapons: Repeater Pistol, Hunting Rifle, Hero's Sword. Basically starter gear. Replace Hero's Sword w/ whatever, I had it at level 1 the entire game.
                                  Armor: Cultist Hat, Scrapper Bodyplate, Void Greaves. Before I had Void Greaves I used Hunter Pants. Scrapper is more or less indispensible. Damage and defense buff with only one piece. Void is just flat out amazing, but use your best gear available.
                                  Accessories: Pocket Watch, Spirit Stone, Provisioner Ring. Before Spirit Stone/Provisioner I used whatever my best rings were. Use your best rings, but Pocket Watch is HIGHLY recommended.
                                  Mods: Mender's Aura (on Repeater), Stormcaller (on Hunting Rifle). Mender's whenever you want to heal and not use a Dragonheart. Also when you need/want to tank something. Before Stormcaller I used Hunter's Mark. Hunter's was just for DPS, but there are a lot of strong options. Stormcaller flat out broke the game for me. I made my entire build around this. If you run Yaesha on Adventure and get this to drop, the entire HC will feel VERY easy. It's a fantastic board clear and defensive buff. Be mindful of bosses that are never in melee range though, and use a different mod.
                                  Trait Points: Health > Mod > Crit. Final trait level was 69. Health is the only one that is really important, do whatever you think makes sense with your other trait points. I buffed Mod for Stormcaller, otherwise I'd go DPS/Survival traits.
                                  Don't bother grinding. It's rare that the hours of trait farming will have significant impact on the outcome of a boss fight.
                                  Each zone has one piece of equipment, and on occasion a trait book. Outside of those items, try to beeline to the exit, killing as you move along. No need to take on extra risk/fights.
                                  The max level necessary for gear is 11. Never go past this. Before every boss fight check your gear level relative to the boss. If you have downward red arrows, go back to base and level up your gear until it turns into grey diamonds.
                                  Most of all, have fun! This is supposed to feel like a challenge, and with the exception of Provisioner Ring, the reward items aren't worth stressing over.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Just beat the game on Normal difficulty, using a hardcore character, and did not get a single one of the hardcore mode specific drops. Game seems to bugged, or this wiki is incorrect.

                                    • Some tips I've learned are... Avoid doing bosses until you are able to get all the 60 minute consumables. Don't upgrade your gear unless you have to. farm as much as you can. remember to get the submachine gun and grind earth first until you get the sage ring for experience. There is that dlc with the backpack with three elixirs of enlightenment and some scrap. Which is nice.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I didn't plan on doing HC, but once you've done everything else including Nightmare Mode, it's the next logical step. Here we go!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Managed to finish full campaign in around 5 and a half hours today, I highly reccomend starting out an adventure and using the analyzer to get claviger for his particle accelerator, after that you can wipe the campaign very easily by staying at the minimum lvl for each dungeon. Dont forget to make a copy of your save file if you're not confident in doing it without dying so you can backup incase of anything.

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