Blood Bond



Increases damage absorbed by summons when the summoner takes damage by +0.75% per point


"Earth, Yaesha, Rhom, Corsus... all places and all beings are one. Connected. Once you understand that, you will begin to see the truth of the worlds."

Blood Bond is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. Blood Bond transfers a portion of the damage you take to your summons if you have one.



How to Find Blood Bond


Blood Bond Notes & Tips

  • Transfers up to 20% of the damage you take and splits it evenly between all your summons.
  • When playing in apocalypse, most summons dies from this trait when you take one or two hits from anything





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    • Anonymous

      This trait basically stops summoner builds from working: instead of taking POST mitigation damage, it takes PRE mitigation, which means you take a single hit on higher difficulties, and cool, you survive - but ALL 6 of your summons die. as if it wasn't hard enough to keep them alive.

      • Anonymous

        Parece que os 20% de dano vão para todas as invocações por igual, de o dano fosse dividido seria mais interessante. Está mais para um nerf, as invocaçõess morrem rápido se levar dano! Preferia não ter upado. Se estiver errado me avisem!

        • Anonymous

          The way this trait is worded is strange. Maybe it means when the summoner takes damage the summons instead take a percent of the damage that the summoner would have taken instead.

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