Survival Mode in Remnant: From the Ashes is a new game mode that was added with the Swamps Of Corsus DLC. This page contains information on what is included and what can be done in Survival in Remnant: From The Ashes.

Survival Mode allows players to experience a rogue like game where players start off with Repeater Pistol and some scrap and must complete random locations to acquire Equipment, Experience and Scrap to survive. The game becomes increasingly more difficult as enemies level up when a timer reaches zero.

Once the player dies, the Survival Mode will end and all the progress will be lost except for Glowing Fragments.




Survival Mode in Remnant: From The Ashes

What is Survival Mode?

Survival Mode is a new rogue like game mode that was added in Swamps Of Corsus DLC. The mode is only available with the Swamps Of Corsus DLC that currently is available for PC and console.

What does Survival Mode do?

Survival is a roguelike mode where players start off in the Labyrinth only with a Repeater Pistol and some scrap that they can use to buy equipment. After players are ready, they teleport to a random location where they must find and defeat the boss to come back to the Labyrinth and spend their hard-earned Scrap. Enemies get progressively stronger as time goes by, until players are defeated. When the player dies the game ends, and the game starts over from the beginning.

Exploring the Survival mode and defeating Bosses, players can acquire Glowing Fragments, which can be used to purchase armor Skins.

Where can Survival Mode be found?

To find Survival Mode, head to Ward 13 and activate the World Stone. Simply choose “Survival Mode”. You will be teleported to the Labyrinth where the Survival Mode begins.

Where do I get new Equipment?

Players can acquire equipment in many ways. Instead of crafting materials, Bosses will drop the Weapons or Weapon Mods that you would usually be able to craft depending on how you kill them. Alternative kills will provide you will have alternative drops. For example, if you defeat The Ent without destroying his legs you will get Sporebloom and if you destroy his legs you will get Petrified Maul

You can find equipment at locations. Chests have a chance to drop: Weapons, Armor, Rings and Amulets. You can also find equipment dropped in the ground.

Players can use the Scrap they earn to purchase Equipment from the pillars located on the Labyrinth. Trinkets Weapos and Armor pillars are re-stocked each time you come back from an expedition so make sure to check them.

  • Consumables: The Consumables you can purchase are always the same, but they will go up in price each time you buy the getting progressively more expensive. You can also sell consumables if you like.
  • Upgrades: This pillar allows you to upgrade your Dragon Heart or buy Mysterious Tomes. Dragon Heart starts at 1500 Scrap and increase by 500 each time you buy it and Mysterious Tomes start at 500 Scrap and increase 100 each time you buy them.
  • Trinkets: This pillar will display a random variety of Rings and Amulets.
  • Weapons: This pillar will display a random variety of Weapons which may include: Hand Guns, Long Guns and Melee Weapons. It will also sell Weapon Mods that you can equip from your inventory.
  • Armor: This pillar will display a random variety of Armor including Head Armor, Body Armor and Leg Armor.

Can I play Survival Mode in Multiplayer?

Yes, you can play survival mode with other player using the Multiplayer function.

Are there different Difficulties in Survival Mode?

The survival mode allow you to choose between 4 different difficulties: Normal, Hard, Nightmare and Apocalypse. This provides players with more challenge as well as increasing the rewards.

  • Normal: The regular Survival Experience. You will have plenty of time, enemies will drop a good amount of Scrap and Experience. While in the Labyrinth time will stop.
  • Hard: You will have less time between enemy level ups and the amount of Scrap and experience dropped by enemies will be reduced. While in the Labyrinth time will stop.
  • Nightmare. The timer will be even shorter than in hard mode and enemies will drop small amounts of Scrap and experience. The timer will keep rolling even in the Labyrinth.
  • Apocalypse: Even less Timer, Experience and Scrap. The Timer will keep rolling even in the Labyrinth


What Realms are available in Survival Mode?

All Realms are available in Survival Mode, but they are random so you won't be able to select which realm you are visiting.

Does Survival Mode affect Campaign Mode?

No, Survival Mode will not replace your campaign progress and can be re-rolled freely without affecting your story. Any account bound item such as Glowing Fragments obtained in Survival Mode will be kept by your character.

Requirements for Survival Mode

You will need the Swamps Of Corsus DLC to access the Survival Mode.

How do the Traits work in Survival Mode?

Traits in Survival Mode can be acquired by picking up or purchasing Mysterious Tomes. Each Mysterious Tome will provide the player with a random Trait. If you already have the Trait it will give you 1 level in that Trait instead.

Traits use the same name and Icons as their original counterparts, but they are more powerful to match the Survival Mode experience.

Mysterious Tomes can be found dropped around Locations, Dropped from destructible such as crates, dropped by chest, dropped by Elites and can be purchased from the Upgrade Pillar at the Labyrinth.

What are the bars located at the top of the screen?

The red bar with a timer indicates the current level of the enemies. Each time the timer reaches 0 enemies will get stronger. Defeating a boss will rest 1:30 seconds making it even harder.

The blue bar indicated the player level. When the bar fills players will gain a new level. Gaining new levels increase your Hp, Stamina Bar and Damage output. Players can gain experience by defeating enemies, bosses and elites.

The third bar indicates the amount of Scrap the player has in Survival Mode.

Is the Equipment the same for Survival Mode?

Most of the equipment remains the same but there are a few exceptions that has been tweaked to match the Survival Mode play style. Such items will have the legend (Survival Mode Version).

What Rewards can I earn in Survival Mode?

 Exploring the Survival mode and defeating Bosses, players can acquire Glowing Fragments, which can be used to purchase armor Skins from Whispers at Ward 13 next to the Root Mother. The sword and goggles are bought from Rigs or gained from kills.

You can also earn account-bound items by progressing through the mode in different difficulties:


For a more in-depth breakdown of Survival Mode Bosses, Dungeon Structure, and Strategies see the following page:


Survival Bosses And Strategy


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    • Anonymous

      needs a note that it requires not just added with the DLC despite popping up on the screen regardless of ownership of the related DLC...

      • Anonymous

        The more you play it the less you like it. Just a tedious grind for glowing fragments, with badly stacked rng.

        • Anonymous

          Survival mode absolutely sucks! It looms like it can only be done by a handful of players, lose all your progress when you die, hence not making any kind of progress at all. Hours of playtime for nothing. I tried it a couple of times and honestly dont see the point of it. Waste of time. Rather the other modes as they are brilliant.

          • Anonymous

            Just in case nobody else has gotten to it yet, these are my findings:

            -There are 20 total traits in Survival, 16 are acquired through Mysterious Tomes, 4 have specific upgrade tomes that are found in the Upgrade Shop between rounds
            -As far as I'm aware, Mysterious Tomes will never provide Revivalist, Catalyst, Invoker, or Teamwork due to how niche their bonuses are, hence their unique tomes
            -Each trait has 20 total ranks in survival, same as normal gameplay, however most traits are buffed in what each rank does
            -Not every trait buffed for survival is buffed by the same amount/percent (ex. Triage is +100% effectiveness, while World Walker is merely +50%, and neither compare to Bark Skin's +1,900% effectiveness)
            -In Survival, due to the lack of ability to upgrade armor, the overwhelming majority of armor comes from the Bark Skin trait. Likewise, due to this relationship, max armor values in Survival are usually approximately 40% of their values in regular gameplay.
            -Because of the buffs to Triage (+100% effectiveness) and Siphoner (+50% effectiveness), a player with exceptional luck can become capable of sustaining through any damage that doesn't exceed the healing provided by 108% ranged lifesteal
            -To fully max all 16 traits acquired through Mysterious Tomes by way of loot drops, a player would need to pick up 320 of them in total. Alternatively, to max them through purchase, a player would need to spend approximately 5.26million Scrap, exclusively on Mysterious Tomes, assuming my math is correct
            -From what I gather, any items that can only be acquired from bosses continue to function as such in Survival, making builds dependent on boss items less viable due to the RNG involved in putting it together (ex. it becomes less viable to put together a build centered around Ruin when the implication becomes hoping you get like, Keith, or whatever the Undying King's name actually was)

            This information is probably available elsewhere, and I'm not coming forth with anything new, I get that. I just wanted to leave what I've found someplace where someone can find it.

            • Anonymous

              Можно ли получить в режиме выживания, предметы из героического режима?

              Can I get Heroic items in Survival Mode?

              • Anonymous

                I have no friends that play this game. If anyone's willing to help me with survival mode I'd appreciate the help. I'm on ps4

                • Anonymous

                  I assumed that the enemies scaled in survival, but my teammate and I got a lot further (easier) than just me. Is there no/much less scaling in survival mode or do we really just do that much better as a team?

                  • So I´m sure it works this way.
                    The player who wants to get Black rose, black cat band and the ring needs to be guest in a new survival run. kill 1 boss will get u 1 or 2 or maybe all 3 items depending on luck.
                    if you got one item for the kill, leave the lobby, go to ANOTHER FRIENDs lobby (not the same friend) and kill 1 boss again. if you got one again repeat once more with any other friend

                    you can switch host and guest to get the loot for the other person too. - but create new character

                    • Anonymous

                      I got the bright steel ring after 1 coop (not host). The white rose and black cat ring came after about ~25 coop. Wasn't keeping exact track (against raze). I don't think those rewards require only 1 boss coop kill.

                      • Anonymous

                        The White Rose, Bright Steel Band, and Black Cat ring DO NOT require all bosses twice. My friend and I were grinding it out and carefully tracking all the kills. He got them yesterday and I did not. We're at 87 kills and haven't even seen the Thrall yet.

                        Today I had him host and after 1 boss kill I got everything.

                        • Anonymous

                          There really need to be a mention that if playing survival mode in multi-player items, armour,amulets etc are NOT shared between coop players, what you pick up is yours alone. (or it might be another console bug...)

                          • Anonymous

                            There's an extra reward for doing survival mode: When you purchase or obtain 100 items in total, you will obtain the Ring of Flawless Beauty as an account-bound item.

                            • Anonymous

                              to get the account binding items do you need to kill the bosses in a single run, or they can be obtain through multiple survival runs?

                              • Anonymous

                                Worst thing ever is that if your friend get dc he cant come back.... i was at 12 boss kills my friend internet went down for 1 minute...and he vouldnt cpme back

                                • Anonymous

                                  There is something wrong about the rewards, ( 25 kill boss gives Loop of Prosperity ) and I think ( 50 kill boss gives Amulet of Perseverance )

                                  • Anonymous

                                    so is there only 12 traits in survival mode ? because if thats the case thats pretty boring, they shoudl give us all possible traits like there is one for fire rate but I havet got one for attack speed for example and I have played it a bit now, also since its roguelike they should make some special traits like chance on attack to fire radioactive projectile(something thats already in game but tweak it a bit) etc...

                                    • Anonymous

                                      5, then 10 consecutive boss kills gives you Adventure Goggles, then heroes sword. Then at 50 total (all time) boss kill, 75 total, and 100 total boss kills you get the other three account unlocks.

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