Adventure Mode in Remnant: From the Ashes is a new game mode that was added in PATCH Nº: 215646. This page contains information on what is included and what can be done in Adventure Mode. If you are looking for a particular boss or a quest to complete, Adventure Mode allows you to do so. Generate and re-roll a realm for a shorter experience focused on a single world.


Adventure Mode

What is Adventure Mode?

Adventure mode is a free new game mode that was added in PATCH Nº: 215646. It is now available for all platforms.

What does Adventure Mode do?

If you are having problems trying to farm and obtain a specific item in a specific location (Realm), Adventure Mode allows players to re-roll individual worlds. You and your party can embark on an adventure through dynamically generated Earth, Rhom, and Yaesha, beginning at a single World Stone and ending once you’ve defeated their World Boss. In spite of being able to re-roll worlds, dungeon locations, points of interest, enemy spawns, and more may be different than what you’ve come to expect from the main campaign.

Where can Adventure Mode be found?

To find Adventure Mode, head to Ward 13 and activate the World Stone. Simply choose “World Settings” and select the “Adventure Mode” option to pick the world you would like to roll.


What Realms are available?

Adventure Mode is available for all users on Earth, Yaesha, and Rhom.

Corsus can be accessed through the Swamps Of Corsus DLC (available from April 2020).

In Adventure mode, Realms are composed of: 1 World Boss dungeon, 1 Boss dungeon and 1 Non Boss dungeon, plus a world event for the Realm

  • Wailing Tree or Mud Tooth on Earth
  • Flautist or Stuck Merchant on Yaesha
  • Wud merchant or The Monolith on Rohm 
  • Graveyard Elf or The Abandoned Throne on Corsus

If you own the Swamps of Corsus DLC, the world event can be replaced by the Cryptolith, though the Cryptolith can also be present alongside a world event.

Does Adventure Mode affect Campaign?

No, Adventure Mode will not replace your campaign progress and can be re-rolled freely without affecting your story. Any items found or traits obtained in Adventure Mode will be kept by your character. Key items will not be saved for Campaign (such as the Control Rod, Iskal Vial, etc). 

Requirements for Adventure Mode

There isn't any prerequisite or requirement needed. Adventure Mode is available for players to try even as early as at the beginning of your campaign.


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    • Anonymous

      Does adventure mode have somewhat of a linear progression? I mean can I find the worldboss without having to suffer through a dungeon to get to them?

      • Anonymous

        can you get burden of follower ring on Yashea through adventure mode? I've been rerolling 6-7 times and no luck.

        • Anonymous

          So when it says "In Adventure mode, Realms are composed of: 1 World Boss dungeon, 1 Boss dungeon and 1 Non Boss dungeon", what's the Boss vs Non Boss dungeon?

          For example, on Earth. Bosses are Gorefist/Shroud? The ones that are mid-bosses in Campaign? Or does it apply to ANY dungeon with a boss at the end, say, Brabus?
          And then Non-Boss are the ones...well...without a boss. Like the Hunter's Lodge? But what about the Mad Merchant?

          • Anonymous

            For anyone wondering, as far as I'm aware owning the DLC does not allow someone without the DLC to join you in the Corsus Adventures. At least it didn't let us do it.

            • Anonymous

              "If my friend owns the dlc, and i dont, can i still join him in adventure in Corsus? Or will it not let me join him at all?" This. Bump

              • Anonymous

                can you rencounter quest items? I have the strange coin in campaign, could me and my friend find it again in Adventure Mode if I'm hosting? (He missed it originally)

                • Anonymous

                  If my friend owns the dlc, and i dont, can i still join him in adventure in Corsus? Or will it not let me join him at all?

                  • Anonymous

                    "No, Adventure Mode will not replace your campaign progress". Ok, so I started this mode, and guess what? Lost my whole story mode. Have to start from zero. Just greate. REALLY great...

                    • Anonymous

                      Any1 know if u can leave ur adventure mode n everything still b the same? I got brabus n i wanna save it till my brother gets on so we can both do it but not sure if i get off if everythings gonna change

                      • Anonymous

                        I just got the "Tale of two Liz's" last night with a friend. Adventure mode is definitely the place to farm for specific bosses or items if you need them. Only one on earth I haven't had success with yet is getting the mask that lets you talk to the tree.

                        • Anonymous

                          can someone please tell me if they have done the "Supply Run" and/or "A Tale of Two Liz's" on adventure mode? ive spend literally hours and they've NEVER appeared. to give you a better idea how long ive been looking for these quests, my trait rank was about 200, now its 289

                          • Anonymous

                            Except you can't get the turret mod because you need both the control module and the ancient robot to spawn

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