Bark Skin



Increases Armor Effectiveness by +0.75% per Point


"The Root are strong. You can't defeat 'em if you don't know 'em--if you don't get into their skin."

Bark Skin is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. Bark Skin increases your armor.



How to Find Bark Skin

  • Wailing Tree Event: Find the Mad Merchant on Earth and speak with him until you are given the option to demand his mask. Kill him to obtain the Twisted Mask. Equip the mask and interact with the Wailing Tree. The tree will gift the player with Bark Skin. This locks the player out from obtaining the Twisted Idol for this run.The Trait can only be obtained by one player per playthrough.



Bark Skin Notes & Tips

  • Great for tank Builds.
  • In Survival Mode, it increases Armor Effectiveness by 15% per point instead.



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    • Anonymous

      Mentioned by someone else on the page about the neck-piece you earn for destroying the tree, this event is in the "random event" pool now, and can be obtained on adventure mode randomly. It is still RNG though, so expect any number of runs to obtain it.

      • Anonymous

        "The Trait can only be obtained by one player per playthrough."

        That ****ing ridiculous game design. The developers should be ashamed.

        • My first play through my friend and I are new to this game as of the 29th of oct 2019. He activated it and I told him I didn't get what he got so I looked this up and found out it was a one time thing. so I re-rolled the campaign finally got to it but didn't have the mask and a 3rd friend joined so I told him we were looking for a tree since it was his first time got curious so he touched it and got it for his melee character and I was like "BRUH! I NEEDED THAT!" so we spent time on his other character trying to get it and went above and beyond a couple of bosses and went all the way back to the beginning despite my protests saying It's possible it's chanced or back around the area after the church. We ended up at the beginning but gained some much Traits and coins I wasn't even that mad except for the fact that his world happened to not have the stupid tree. Now I've rerolled my campaign a 2nd time and I basically have to do this***** all over again...I just want it to help my make my character tanky...why couldn't they just make it so that when other players found it everybody in that session gets it. It's so much trouble and time consuming as if this was the Legendary sword of Ex-calibur when it's not. Please change this feature so that others players in the session can get it too because even though I gained so much traits and coin I've lost my sanity and so much time...Words cannot express the Greif I just went through.

          • Anonymous

            Some wonderful person swooped in my play session, rushed to this tree, got the trait and then left. This is some seriously toxic baiting mechanics here.

            • Anonymous

              A player in my world shot the tree and locked me out of talking to it; a visiting player can shoot it even when it's a green reticule

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