Bark Skin

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Increases Armor Effectiveness.

Base Value

+0.75% Armor Effectiveness.

Max Value

+15% Armor Effectiveness.


Interact with the Wailing Tree on Earth while wearing the Twisted Mask.

Bark Skin is a Trait in Remnant: From the AshesTraits are special passive abilities tied to character progression. They provide a large variety of effects including increasing core stats, improving offensive and defensive capabilities or providing quality of life upgrades. Traits are the key to building a character in a player's preferred playstyle, allowing them to branch off from their chosen Archetype. Traits are obtained by performing certain feats, defeating certain enemies or completing objectives and quests. Each Trait can be ranked up to Level 20, further improving their effects. 


The Root are strong. You can't defeat 'em if you don't know 'em--if you don't get into their skin.


Remnant Bark Skin Trait Effect Information

The Bark Skin Trait increases Armor Effectiveness by +0.75% per Trait Point invested, up to a maximum of +15% Armor Effectiveness at Level 20.

Bark Skin is a straightforward Trait that increases the Armor stat value of all your equipped Armor, essentially improving your overall defense. It is especially important for light armor wearers, allowing them to maintain very low encumbrance while still sporting decent defense. In terms of priority, Bark Skin is somewhere between Keeper's Blessing which raises elemental damage resistances, and either Mother's Blessing or Guardian's Blessing which reduce ranged damage and melee damage received, respectively. Because Armor upgrades already increase their Armor stat value, but not their Elemental Resistances, Keeper's is generally considered the more valuable defensive trait.


How to Obtain Bark Skin in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Bark Skin Trait can be unlocked as follows:

  • Bark Skin relies on two random encounters on Earth.
  • The first is the Showdown at Junk Town where you will meet the Mad Merchant in an event dungeon called Junk Town . You can annoy the merchant into fighting you by selecting the dialogue options to ask about the mask he is wearing. After defeating him, you will receive the Twisted Mask armor piece.
  • The second encounter is the Wailing Tree which can spawn in the overworld section of Earth, typically in the middle of the map. This tree typically cannot be interacted with but can be attacked to begin a wave-based event that awards the Twisted Idol amulet. If you want the Bark Skin Trait, however, do not attack the tree. Instead, equip the Twisted Mask acquired from the Mad Merchant and speak to the tree. Note that the Trait can only be obtained by one player per playthrough.
  • Both can spawn within the same playthrough and both are available in Campaign and Adventure Mode playthroughs of Earth.


Remnant: From the Ashes Bark Skin Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes for the Bark Skin Trait go here.
  • All Traits can be ranked up by spending Trait Points on them. Trait Points are acquired primarily by obtaining Experience Points and leveling up. Every 1,500 Experience Points obtained grants 1 Trait Point.
  • Trait Points can also be acquired by finding and picking up Tomes of Knowledge which randomly spawn in the major locations of each world.
  • Traits can be reset by using an Orb of Undoing, acquired at the end of main Campaign. After completing the Campaign, these orbs can then be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 2,500 Scrap apiece.



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    • Anonymous

      Mentioned by someone else on the page about the neck-piece you earn for destroying the tree, this event is in the "random event" pool now, and can be obtained on adventure mode randomly. It is still RNG though, so expect any number of runs to obtain it.

      • Anonymous

        "The Trait can only be obtained by one player per playthrough."

        That ****ing ridiculous game design. The developers should be ashamed.

        • My first play through my friend and I are new to this game as of the 29th of oct 2019. He activated it and I told him I didn't get what he got so I looked this up and found out it was a one time thing. so I re-rolled the campaign finally got to it but didn't have the mask and a 3rd friend joined so I told him we were looking for a tree since it was his first time got curious so he touched it and got it for his melee character and I was like "BRUH! I NEEDED THAT!" so we spent time on his other character trying to get it and went above and beyond a couple of bosses and went all the way back to the beginning despite my protests saying It's possible it's chanced or back around the area after the church. We ended up at the beginning but gained some much Traits and coins I wasn't even that mad except for the fact that his world happened to not have the stupid tree. Now I've rerolled my campaign a 2nd time and I basically have to do this***** all over again...I just want it to help my make my character tanky...why couldn't they just make it so that when other players found it everybody in that session gets it. It's so much trouble and time consuming as if this was the Legendary sword of Ex-calibur when it's not. Please change this feature so that others players in the session can get it too because even though I gained so much traits and coin I've lost my sanity and so much time...Words cannot express the Greif I just went through.

          • Anonymous

            Some wonderful person swooped in my play session, rushed to this tree, got the trait and then left. This is some seriously toxic baiting mechanics here.

            • Anonymous

              A player in my world shot the tree and locked me out of talking to it; a visiting player can shoot it even when it's a green reticule

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