Corsus is a location in Remnant: From the Ashes. Corsus is one of the four realms that players can travel to. There are different realms that a player can explore where various events, enemies, dungeons, bosses, NPCs, items are dynamically generated.



Corsus Information

Corsus was once a planet that is surrounded by ice. As the years passed, the heat and magma emerged which caused the ice to melt and created a jungle and swamp-like environment where both flora and fauna also grew.

Corsus is also a planet that has not yet been discovered by The Root and is being preserved by a unique alien race called the Iskal. As the planet evolved, a species that has a combined DNA of an insect and a mammal also grew and developed along. Corsus may be a planet where harmony is practiced, but its inhabitants protect a beast that seems to be the core mystery that surrounds the world the Iskal live in.


Corsus NPCs

  • NPC Name - Short Description
  • NPC Name - Short Description


Corsus Enemies

  • Iskal
    • Iskal Enemy Name
    • Iskal Enemy Name
    • Iskal Enemy Name
    • Iskal Enemy Name
    • Iskal Enemy Name


Corsus Bosses

  • Dungeon Boss
    • Dungeon Boss 1
    • Duneon Boss 2

  • World Boss
    • World Boss 1
    • World Boss 2


Corsus Dungeons/Sub-regions


Corsus Notes & Tips

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