Corsus is a location in Remnant: From the Ashes. Corsus is one of the four realms that players can travel to. There are different realms that a player can explore where various events, enemies, dungeons, bosses, NPCs, items are dynamically generated.



Corsus Information


Corsus is a primordial world; an ice-planet criss-crossed by a network of geothermal fissures. Over thousands of years, the heat and magma welling up from the planet’s core has melted large tracts of ice, creating a network of sweltering jungles that is now home to a staggering array of flora and fauna. The Iskal, a strange race of intelligent genetically-mutated bipeds, dominate the landscape. They have created a loose society of co-existing clans whose primitive technology is centered around harnessing the geothermal energy from the planet’s core. The Iskal live harmoniously with one another and war between clans is almost non-existent.


Iskal DNA is a terrifying combination of mammalian and insectoid genes uniquely adapted to the harsh environment they call home. No one knows how the Iskal evolved in this fashion and whether they are an autonomous species or one governed by a hive mind similar to many Earth insects. What is known, however, is that they are a hearty and vicious race whose world has not yet been tainted by the presence of Root.

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Chapel Station  ♦  Church of the Harbinger  ♦  Concourse of the Sun  ♦  Corrupted Sanctum  ♦  Cutthroat Channel  ♦  Earth  ♦  Forgotten Undercroft  ♦  Founder's Hideout  ♦  Founder's Prison  ♦  Hall of the Faithful  ♦  Hall Of The Undying  ♦  Hall of Whispers  ♦  Heretic's Nest  ♦  Hidden Grotto  ♦  Junk Town  ♦  Lair of the Eyeless  ♦  Land’s End  ♦  Leto's Lab (Research Station Alpha)  ♦  Loom of the Black Sun  ♦  Mar'Gosh's Lair  ♦  Marrow Pass  ♦  Martyr's Garden  ♦  Martyr's Sanctuary  ♦  Mire Hollow  ♦  Musk Forge  ♦  Noble's Rest  ♦  Noble’s Rest  ♦  Reisum  ♦  Rhom  ♦  Scalding Glade  ♦  Shackled Canyon  ♦  Sorrow's Field  ♦  Stalker’s Den  ♦  Sunken Passage  ♦  Temple of Ravager  ♦  The Ardent Temple  ♦  The Artery  ♦  The Ash Yard  ♦  The Bunker  ♦  The Burrows  ♦  The Capillary  ♦  The Choking Hallow  ♦  The Church  ♦  The City  ♦  The Depot  ♦  The Drowned Trench  ♦  The Eastern Wind  ♦  The Fetid Glade  ♦  The Gallows  ♦  The Grinder  ♦  The Grotto  ♦  The Hive  ♦  The Iron Rift  ♦  The Labyrinth  ♦  The Loom of Black Sun  ♦  The Mist Fen  ♦  The Monolith  ♦  The Purge Hall  ♦  The Radiant Tomb  ♦  The Ravager's Haunt  ♦  The Ring of Trials  ♦  The Scouring Wastes  ♦  The Shack  ♦  The Spindle  ♦  The Strange Pass  ♦  The Tainted Well  ♦  The Tangled Pass  ♦  The Tempest Court  ♦  The Verdant Strand  ♦  The Warren  ♦  Undying Throne  ♦  Unnamed  ♦  Vault of Heralds  ♦  Ward 13  ♦  Ward 17  ♦  Ward Prime  ♦  Warden's Pulpit  ♦  Westcourt  ♦  Widow's Pass  ♦  Withering Village  ♦  Yaesha


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    • Anonymous

      knowing how many possible dungeons spawn in each map make it easier to farm, that being said, how many dungeons spawn in a corsus map?

      • Anonymous

        **** those weird black teleporting ****s with the glowing heads in dungeons you hear a creepy noise next thing you know you are gone

        • Anonymous

          Ok really. This map is an absolute joke. I think I'll take it back and trade now. 4 days and still can't get out the dungeon. WTF

          • Anonymous

            Not sure how to edit this in, but the race information is incorrect. The Grave Elf says that the Iskal are the result of a parasite, and yes, they're a hive mind. The main race would be whatever species the Grave Elf is part of. The Vyxworm (parasite) mutates the elves into the Iskal.

            • Honestly, with a little tweaking, this game could be 1 of the best games ive played, of all time. I love Dark Souls (king of all rpgs imo), bloodborne, nioh, sekiro... This game has managed to blend solid (not perfect) 3rd person shooter looter with good bosses, decent grunt enemies, exploration, alternative "crafting" options (not "this items ONLY does/makes this) and good co-op, with good worlds and graphics. Not to mention the set up of world transition makes for easy dlc (tho i admit finding previously encountered bosses

              • Anonymous

                I will now go play Dark Souls so that I may "vacation" in blight town, which now seems like a walk in the park.

                • This has to be the absolute worst area to play. The damage the enemies do skyrockets(even with near max level gear and high traits) with the capacity to kill you in as little as two hits even with 500+ armor and 150 Health. The enemies constantly spawn behind you and home in on your location from offscreen and have the most annoying habit of using grab attacks. Corrosion is all but death sentence considering how much ungodly damage everything does and everything has a button of HP to boot. The only way they could have made this area worse is if the swamp itself slowed your movement and poisoned you.

                  • Anonymous

                    At first I thought dooming this world to invasion by the Root by stealing the Guardian Heart for the Undying King was a morally dubious act but after playing through the game several times I say this: F*** you Corsus! Being conquered by the Root would actually improve this swampy h***hole! Especially those mother****ing dungeons filled with mantis men hiding in every corner and a map that looks like a pile of shredded spaghetti. Yaesha is like a relaxing holiday compared to this horrible place.

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