Walkthrough for Remnant: From the Ashes gives a detailed step-by-step area guide for going through the game. The walkthrough will include a list of all Items, equipment such as Bosses, and NPCs that can be found through your adventure.


Remnant: From the Ashes Walkthrough

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Ward 13


After you finish the tutorial, you will wake up at Ward 13. Explore the area and talk to Commander Ford. She will ask you to get the power back online. Go to the basement where you'll meet with Ace. She will let you choose your starting class and ask you to turn the computer to initialize the system. Go to the upper level and use the computer to initialize the reactor. When you do, the Root will appear. Fight them off until all of them are defeated. Once you are done, go to the main level of Ward 13 and talk to Reggie. He will give you Dragon Heart for free which can be used to restore your health. Go back to Commander Ford, this time she will send you to talk to Rigs and McCabe to upgrade your equipment. Rigs will provide you with the armor set of your chosen archtype and McCabe will give you a Weapon Mod. Go to Commander Ford once again, she will give you a key that you can use on a terminal in the room where the Red Crystal is located. Use the computer and activate the crystal, from here you can teleport to Earth.


After using the crystal, you will find yourself at Earth inside The Founder's Hideout. On the upper level you can see a bookshelf with an opening behind it. Break the bookshelves and crouch to pass through. Inside the room you will find Drifter's Overcoat and Drifter's Trousers. Go back to the main room, here you can find some items and Ward 13 Keycard. Go outside of the building and continue through the streets. You will eventually find an entrance to the sewer. This will lead you to your first checkpoint and dungeon. Clear the Dungeon and you will reach Earth streets once again. Keep going until you find a church. Inside the church you will meet with The Root Mother and an event will begin where you have to defend her for two minutes. After the event is over, a short scene will play and the Root Mother will ask you to meet her back at Ward 13. If you explore the area of the church, you can find the Sniper Rifle dropped in the basement. Keep going and you will find another checkpoint that you can use to go back to Ward 13. Go back to Ward 13 and talk to the Root Mother, she will ask you to search for a tower in the City that will lead you into The Labyrinth. Teleport back to earth and keep exploring until you defeat a world boss that can either be The Ent or Singe. After you defeat the boss, keep going and you will see a tower dropping from the Sky into the city. Run to the base of the tower and you will be teleported inside.

The Labyrinth

Once inside the tower, you will meet with Keeper Of The Labyrinth. After a short conversation he will teleport you to The Labyrinth. There are three portals. The one to the left leads to Corsus, the one forward leads to Rhom and the one on the right leads to Yaesha. For the time being, you will only be able to enter the one leading to Rhom. Activate the portal to enter.


You will be arrived and meet an NPC that provides you some information about the world. Keep going until you find a big Monolith with a checkpoint beneath it. Explore the desert and go through the dungeons until you face the world boss Claviger or The Harrow. When you defeat either boss, you will receive the Howling Key. You can use this key to open the Black Sun Gate located beside the monolith near the entrance to Rhom. Go inside the building and you will meet with the Undying King. The Undying King will ask you to retrieve the Guardian's Heart from Crosus for him. You can either accept his offer or reject it.

If you reject it you will have to fight with him, once defeated you will obtain the Labyrinth Key. With the Labyrinth Key you will be able to enter both Corsus and Yaesha. Using this option will grant you the opportunity to skip Corsus altogether and go directly to Yaesha skipping a part of the game.

If you accept the offer, he will open a portal behind him leading to Corsus. You can either bring him the Guardian's Heart once you have it, or betray him. You can betray him at any given moment by starting a conversation with him and telling him you won't give him the Guardian's Heart. Go inside the portal to Corsus.


You will arrive at a swamp world and find a checkpoint. Explore the area and keep moving until you find a giant hut. Inside the hut you will have a fight against The Unclean One. Once defeated, you will find another checkpoint and you will meet the Islak Queen next to it. The Iskal Queen will ask you to defeat the guardian of her world and bring the Guardian's Heart to her (The same one the Undying King wants). Keep exploring Corsus until you reach the final dungeon. There, you will find the guardian beast boss Ixillis. Defeat Ixillis and you will be rewarded with the Guardian's Heart.

You have now to decide what you want to do with the Guardian's Heart:

1) You can either give it to the Iskal Queen which will reward you with Slayer Set +8 and Crossbow +8. This will also mean you will have to fight the Undying King to be able to obtain the Labyrinth key.

2) You can give it to the Undying King which will reward you with Riven and the Labyrinth key.

3) You can keep the heart and fight the Undying King. This won't give you any additional benefit and won't affect the story events.


Once you obtain the Labyrinth key, teleport to The Labyrinth and you will be able to enter the portal located on the right part. Once inside you will find yourself in a giant forest at Yaesha. Explore Yaesha until you find an event where you have to whit stand a siege. After successfully defending the siege, you will meet with Navun. Talk with her, and she will tell you that Founder Ford has been taken captive by the Immortal Empress. Keep exploring and you will eventually find the world boss The Ravager or Totem Father. Defeat him and you will obtain access to the prison where Founder Ford is being held captive. Explore the prison and fire at the lock to gain access to Founder Ford. Speak to him, and he will tell you that you need to reach Ward 17 to end the Root advance on earth. He will give you Founder's Key.

Ward 17

Go back to Ward 13 and go to the lowest level. Explore the area and you will find a room with a mirror. On the same room, there is a computer with a key slot. Use the Founder's Key on the key slot and access the computer to initialize the mirror. Go through the mirror and you will reach Ward 17.

Ward 17 is an empty location. Keep going until you find a checkpoint. Next to the checkpoint you will find a small room. Inside the room you will find the last boss Dreamer. Defeat the boss and the game will be complete.

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