Wildfire Shot


Shoots an arcing fireball that deals 25 FIRE damage and ignites enemies with the BURNING effect within 2 meters, dealing 300 FIRE damage over 10 seconds.

Wildfire Shot is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes. Wildfire Shot is a Craftable Item. Weapon Mods are categorized as active abilities that provide both offensive and defensive effects to a player or to a team which can be used in battle. Weapon Mods can be found in various ways such as boss drops, given by NPCs, sold by a Merchant, and can also be crafted


How to Find Wildfire Shot



Wildfire Shot Notes & Tips

  • Has 2 charges.
  • The fireball leaves a flaming area after the impact; anyone walking into the area will receive a stack of the BURNING effect.
  • Fireball damage and BURNING damage increase with the weapon's level, up to respectively 75 and 900, and are affected by Mod Damage, as well as the Charcoal Necklace.
  • Instantly applies 3 stacks of BURNING status effect.
  • Fireball damage is affected by the Demolitionist trait.
  • BURNING effect duration is affected by Tormentor trait.
  • Two different weapon mods can be equipped at the same time, one for the Long Gun and one for the Hand Gun.
  • Players can change these on the fly by opening up the character menu and choosing which Mod they'd prefer.
  • Weapon Mods cannot be used all the time, but instead, players will need to replenish the gauge by shooting enemies with the firearm that has the mod in order to re-activate the ability.



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