Increases Teamwork Range by +15 meter, plus 1 per point.


"Your squad is your life. In this world, ain't no one survives alone for long."

Teamwork is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. Teamwork increases the range of the bonus you get when you're close to your teammate.



How to Find Teamwork

  • Join another player's game or have another player join your game.


Teamwork Notes & Tips

  • You get 5% increased damage resistance, XP gain, and mod power generation when near teammates. This trait only increases the distance required to your closest teammate in order to get these bonus.
  • Ring of Synergy adds 10% Effect per player who also has it equipped and caps at 25% increased damage resistance, XP gain, and mod power generation.
  • Does not increase the xp gain from the bonus
  • Great for Co Op play



Arcane Strike  ♦  Armor Piercer  ♦  Bark Skin  ♦  Blood Bond  ♦  Catalyst  ♦  Climber  ♦  Cold as Ice  ♦  Concentration  ♦  Demolitionist  ♦  Elder Knowledge  ♦  Endurance  ♦  Evocation  ♦  Executioner  ♦  Exploiter  ♦  Flash Caster  ♦  Footwork  ♦  Fortification  ♦  Glutton  ♦  Guardians Blessing  ♦  Handling  ♦  Hard Charger  ♦  Heavy Hitter  ♦  Invoker  ♦  Keeper's Blessing  ♦  Kingslayer  ♦  Last Resort  ♦  Luminescent  ♦  Mind's Eye  ♦  Mother's Blessing  ♦  Potency  ♦  Quick Hands  ♦  Rapid Strike  ♦  Recovery  ♦  Revivalist  ♦  Scavenger  ♦  Shadow Walker  ♦  Siphoner  ♦  Sleight of Hand  ♦  Spirit  ♦  Steady Breathing  ♦  Suspicion  ♦  Swiftness  ♦  Tormentor  ♦  Triage  ♦  Trigger Happy  ♦  Vaccine  ♦  Vigor  ♦  Warrior  ♦  Will to Live  ♦  Wisdom  ♦  World Walker



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    • Anonymous

      Have tested the experience “bonus”. What it really means is you only get experience for other players kills if they’re in teamwork range. You don’t get bonus experience, only as much experience as you would have gotten for killing the enemy (ie any experience boosting traits/equipment you have apply, but anything the other player has does not.)

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