Bandit Set


Total Armor

35 (min)

370 (max)

Total Weight


Total Resistances
Armor Set Bonus


Chance to replace spent bullet on hit. Increases Ammo acquired on pickup by 25%.

One Piece
10% Chance
Two Pieces
20% Chance
Three Pieces
35% Chance

Bandit Set is an Armor Set in Remnant: From the Ashes. Bandit Set has an armor skill that provides unique passive abilities (all sets add buffs and effects to various stats).

Where to find Bandit Set

  • Speak to Mud Tooth at Mud Tooth's Hideout and listen to his stories to receive the Pocket Watch. Then seek Brabus at The Depot, if you give him the Pocket Watch he will reward you with the Bandits Set.


Bandit Set Set Pieces


Bandit Set Upgrade Table

Upgrading an armor piece only increases the armor piece's stats and resistances. It does not increase the value of the Armor Skill.

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Name Total Armor
Bandit Set  35
Bandit Set +1 51.7
Bandit Set +2 68.5
Bandit Set +3 85.2
Bandit Set +4 102
Bandit Set +5 118.7
Bandit Set +6 135.5
Bandit Set +7 152.2
Bandit Set +8 169
Bandit Set +9 185.7
Bandit Set +10 202.5
Bandit Set +11 219.2
Bandit Set +12 236
Bandit Set +13 252.7
Bandit Set +14 269.5
Bandit Set +15 286.2
Bandit Set +16 303
Bandit Set +17 319.7
Bandit Set +18 336.5
Bandit Set +19 353.2
Bandit Set +20 370






Bandit Set Notes

  • The Armor Skill Level depends on the number of pieces you have equipped. Set pieces may be found from crates/chests, in various locations, purchased from Merchants, and by crafting it.

  • Players can equip and change their desired armor on the fly by opening the character menu.

  • These can be upgraded by crafting and using required various Crafting Materials to increase its attributes.

  • The Freeloader set bonus also works on weapons that only hold 1 round (ex: The crossbow).



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    • Anonymous

      This set with the coachgun is really fun. The highest firing count I've gone on it without reloading is 7 which should tell you enough

      • Anonymous

        It works great with shotguns! Each pellet have 35% chance to replenish your ammo and fire again.
        You can just do 3-5 shots of sporebloom in a quick pace without reloading. Sweet.

        • Anonymous

          Using the formula for an infinite geometric sum we can deduce that the amount of extra ammo you get is 54% because 1/(1-35%) = 1.53846153846

          • Anonymous

            Wearing the mask changes your voice for some reason. Turned my old black priest into some kind of weird psycho. Made me regret upgrading the set.

            • Anonymous

              Borderlands bandit vibes, anyone? (Does anyone else see the design of the mask similar to that of the Pshyco bandits from the Borderlands series?)

              • Anonymous

                This set with Devastator is a boss destroying combo. The chance is 5x 35% and procs very often. I shred through bosses within seconds. Make sure you also invest some points into the Quick hands trait if you're going for this combination. Because the reload speed is the only thing that could turn you off. I haven't collected that many rings, so I will leave those to someone else.

                • Anonymous

                  Does anyone know how this works with a shotgun? Because that could be pretty broken if it has a chance to proc off of each pellet.

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