Eye of the Storm

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65 shk icon remnant





Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 25m
Max Ammo 45
Critical Hit Chance 5% 
Weakspot Bonus 110%
Weapon Mod

Static Field Shot

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Fires a projectile that deals 65 SHOCK damage and applies the OVERLOADED effect. Overloaded enemies will trigger an explosion when they get within 4 meters from each other dealing up to 325 SHOCK damage within a 5 meter.

Eye of the Storm is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


The spirit of the jungle empowers us all. Guardians of the sky, guide into darkness--those who do not heed are forever lost.

Where to find Eye of the Storm


How to use Eye of the Storm

  • This weapon requires Long Gun Ammo.
  •  An accurate rifle which shoots electrical bolts that deal SHOCK  shk icon remnant damage.
  • Comes equipped with Static Field Shot mod and cannot be removed.
    • Fires a projectile that deals 40 Shock damage and applies the Overloaded effect. Overloaded enemies will explode when they get close dealing 200 Shock damage within 4.5meters blast radius.


Eye of the Storm Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage shk icon remnant
Eye of the Storm 65
Eye of the Storm +1 78
Eye of the Storm +2 91
Eye of the Storm +3 104
Eye of the Storm +4 117
Eye of the Storm +5 130
Eye of the Storm +6 143
Eye of the Storm +7 156
Eye of the Storm +8 169
Eye of the Storm +9 182
Eye of the Storm +10 195


Eye of the Storm Notes

  • Deals SHOCK damage. This means you can detonate Overloaded enemies with your shots.
  • 5% weak spot bonus
  • Team members can proc the overload effects from the weapons mod creating some interesting team play



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    • Anonymous

      I been using this with the Labyrinth Set, Curse of the Jungle God , Burden of the Follower, Prismatic Ring, and the Storm Amulet. I the output works for me.

      • Anonymous

        The biggest advantage this has over hunting rifle is that it reloads all bullets (15) at once while hunting rifle reloads one at a time. This is a massive increase to sustained dps.

        Another hidden advantage is that because its a semi auto weapon the true rate of fire will be how fast you click your mouse rather than the weapon's actual rate of fire. Most players cannot hope to optimize the weapon rof so the slightly slower rof is less felt relative to the increased damage this gun has over the hunting rifle.

        I agree with the other comments, a straight up improvement over the hunting rifle with the only drawback being that you cannot customize the mod.

        • Anonymous

          I found out how amazing this weapon is by playing survival mode, I usually just used hunting rifle and after getting this it carried me from stage 3 to stage 9, if only I hadn't bumped into the hell that is the Corsus DLC dungeons..

          • Anonymous

            If you want the most out of this thing, Shoot the mod at an enemy and follow up with an normal shot. That will burst the overloaded, and you can do that 5 times. A full combo should do around 4500 dmg without critting.

            • Anonymous

              Ok so I need some help here:what’s better (opinion) this or particle accelerator? I’m geared for fast mod gen and elemental damage...

              • Anonymous

                I did not value this weapon when I got it, but it's amazing and good for most close and medium engagements. The mod is really good too! Great for doing direct damage and murdering mobs. Hit a boss then his ad next to him- Boom!

                • Anonymous

                  Direct upgrade from hunting rifle(which i like A LOT),have much higher dps due higher clip size,damage,its also reloads whole clip compared to lever action hunting rifle,the downsides slightly less accuracy and pretty bad weapon mod.

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