Hunting Pistol








Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 22m
Max Ammo 19
Critical Hit Chance 15%

Hunting Pistol is a Hand Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes.



Good for hunting Root and game. Wish there were more of the latter, though.

Where to find Hunting Pistol

  • Hunting Pistol can be found at a random event at Earth - Hidden Grotto called Hunter's Hideout. After reaching the end of the dungeon you will find the Hunting Pistol inside of a locker.


How to use Hunting Pistol


Hunting Pistol Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Hunting Pistol 105
Hunting Pistol +1 115.5
Hunting Pistol +2 126
Hunting Pistol +3 136.5
Hunting Pistol +4 147
Hunting Pistol +5 157.5
Hunting Pistol +6 168
Hunting Pistol +7 178.5
Hunting Pistol +8 189
Hunting Pistol +9 199.5
Hunting Pistol +10 210
Hunting Pistol +11 220.5
Hunting Pistol +12 231
Hunting Pistol +13 241.5
Hunting Pistol +14 252
Hunting Pistol +15  262.5
Hunting Pistol +16 273
Hunting Pistol +17 283.5
Hunting Pistol +18 294
Hunting Pistol +19 304.5
Hunting Pistol +20 315

Hunting Pistol Notes

  • The weapon deals 10% additional weakspot damage.
  • Excellent for sniper builds. Best used with the Slayer Set and the Grim Coil for additional damage.



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    • Anonymous

      08 Aug 2020 04:09  

      God tier. The only reason to use a different short gun is if you need a higher ROF. The damage per shot on this is simply too good to pass up otherwise.

      • Anonymous

        22 Jan 2020 09:06  

        One of the strongest weapons in the game and feels GREAT to shoot, which I think is super important. Worth tracking down

        • Anonymous

          01 Sep 2019 19:57  

          This gun is basically all I used in my first runthrough + the shotgun. It's high damage makes mod scaling really good and it only takes 3-5 shots to fill most mods without cultist or points in mod power trait. Plus you can use it and either the crossbow or sniper to meme it up with the slayer armor.

          • Anonymous

            23 Aug 2019 16:26  

            The quote is missing a piece. It’s “Good for hunting Root and game. Wish there was more of the latter, though.”

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