Shadow Walker

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Reduces Enemy Awareness Range.

Base Value

-1.5% Enemy Awareness Range.

Max Value

-30% Enemy Awareness Range.


Complete the Hunter's Hideout event dungeon on Earth.
The Hunter archetype starts with this Trait.

Shadow Walker is a Trait in Remnant: From the AshesTraits are special passive abilities tied to character progression. They provide a large variety of effects including increasing core stats, improving offensive and defensive capabilities or providing quality of life upgrades. Traits are the key to building a character in a player's preferred playstyle, allowing them to branch off from their chosen Archetype. Traits are obtained by performing certain feats, defeating certain enemies or completing objectives and quests. Each Trait can be ranked up to Level 20, further improving their effects. 


They can't kill you if they don't know you're there-well, maybe the big ones can, but only if you're stupid.


Remnant Shadow Walker Trait Effect Information

The Shadow Walker Trait reduces Enemy Awareness Range by -1.5% per Trait Point invested, up to a maximum of -30% Enemy Awareness range at Level 20.

Shadow Walker can be useful early in the game to prevent getting overwhelmed by enemies, at least in the open world sections. With it, you can safely pick off enemies from a distance before they become aware of you, and without alerting nearby enemies. Outside of this, however, it has fairly limited use.

There are certain Boss encounters where, after you die to them and re-enter their arena, they will not immediately aggro if you have Shadow Walker maxed. In such cases, you can use builds revolving around the Heartseeker ring which provides a 100% Crit Chance against unaware opponents, as well as a +20% Crit Damage boost. Using a high-power, single-shot weapon can deal insane amounts of damage on the opening shot, which is a viable strategy when you can use it, but is an incredibly niche use for Shadow Walker all the same.


How to Obtain Shadow Walker in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Shadow Walker Trait can be unlocked as follows:

  • Acquired by completing the Hunter's Hideout random dungeon on Earth.
  • Inside the Hunter's Hideout, you will meet a dying hunter who will hand you a key that will open a locked door at the end of the dungeon. There are multiple traps in the dungeon, as well as inside the locked room that will deal large amounts of damage if you trip them, but they can be shot from a distance to trigger them safely.
  • This dungeon is available in both the Campaign and Adventure Mode.
  • The Hunter archetype starts with this Trait unlocked.


Remnant: From the Ashes Shadow Walker Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes for the Shadow Walker Trait go here.
  • All Traits can be ranked up by spending Trait Points on them. Trait Points are acquired primarily by obtaining Experience Points and leveling up. Every 1,500 Experience Points obtained grants 1 Trait Point.
  • Trait Points can also be acquired by finding and picking up Tomes of Knowledge which randomly spawn in the major locations of each world.
  • Traits can be reset by using an Orb of Undoing, acquired at the end of main Campaign. After completing the Campaign, these orbs can then be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 2,500 Scrap apiece.



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    • last i heard the trait was actuly bugged, something to do with the game not recognizing the negative and instead making this trait increase agro. and thats why i always start cultist, better trait anyways since you can buy any of the starter gear from shops right when you start.

      • Anonymous

        Max out this stat with a ring of shadows and npc awareness drop down to Skyrim levels. Absolutely lulzworthy.

        • Anonymous

          Le trait en lui même permet de réduire la perception de 2,5% (lvl 1) a 50% (lvl 20) Il permet aussi de faire 1,25% (lvl1) de dégât supplémentaire par niveaux soit 25% Dégâts passif (lvl 20) Ces dégâts sont alors multiplié par 2 si une cible ne vous a pas encore vue autrement dit "passive" ce qui vous permet de mettre 50% de dégâts pour 1 seul tir, car une fois touché il vous a repéré et vous avez 25% de dégâts a nouveau. c'est un trait qui a l'air basique, mais il manque d'information je trouve ça dommage, peut être qu'il y en a pour d'autre trait.

          • Anonymous

            Is this perk any good to invest into? Like is it really worth it to put points into this for your build when you have other options to put your points into?

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