Assault Rifle

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Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 18m
Max Ammo 196
Critical Hit Chance 5% 
Weakspot Bonus 100%

Assault Rifle is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


World used to be full of guns like this. Makes you wonder how the Root killed everyone as quickly as they did. Actually... best not to wonder about that.

Where to find Assault Rifle

  • Can be found on a random event called Supply Run on  Earth in Sorrow's Field Dungeon.
  • The weapon is behind a locked door at the end of the dungeon. You will have to find the Monkey Key hidden in this dungeon to unlock the door.


How to use Assault Rifle

  • This weapon requires Long Gun Ammo.
  • Aiming with this weapon will shrink the crosshairs until a diamond appear in the center.
  • Firing in short bursts will keep this diamond in the center giving maximum accuracy.
  • Sustained fire reduces accuracy as more than a few rounds removes the diamond.


Assault Rifle Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Assault Rifle 15
Assault Rifle +1 16.5
Assault Rifle +2 18
Assault Rifle +3 19.5
Assault Rifle +4 21
Assault Rifle +5 22.5
Assault Rifle +6 24
Assault Rifle +7 25.5
Assault Rifle +8 27
Assault Rifle +9 28.5
Assault Rifle +10 30
Assault Rifle +11 31.5
Assault Rifle +12 33
Assault Rifle +13 34.5
Assault Rifle +14 36
Assault Rifle +15 37.5
Assault Rifle +16 39
Assault Rifle +17 40.5
Assault Rifle +18 42
Assault Rifle +19 43.5
Assault Rifle +20 45


Assault Rifle Notes

  • One of the most versatile primary weapons of the game. Suited for lots of builds.



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    • Anonymous

      can someone find a way to help me get this gun ?
      I literally can not get it no matter what, it feels like the game ust doesnt want me to have it, i have rerolled both the campaign about 15 times and adventure over 50 times alone, just this week, and i have spent the last month or so trying to find this gun, it never spawned anywhere in my adventure maps, nor any of my campaign rerolls, i am at the brink of cheating guys.

      • Anonymous

        So, for anyone curious, this is based off the Ruger AC-556, a full auto version of the Mini-14. The Mini-14 was born as a sized down version of the M14 rifle, chambered for 5.56mm like the M16/AR15.

        • Anonymous

          I got it playing in a random stranger’s game. It didn’t show up in my world. I love how this game encourages playing with others.

          • Anonymous

            do the key and the door spawn in a different map? if so, then what does the door look like? I just found the key, but would like to know how the door looks like so I wouldn't miss it on the next run.

            • Anonymous

              Secondary weapon mod: hunters mark Assault rifle with hot shot mod. Activate both and say goodbye to whatever your shooting at.

              • Anonymous

                Seeing a lot of journalism saying that the rifle's found specifically in "Sorrow's Field," a generated temple after the church survival... can anybody attest? I know I can't... didn't even have a Sorrow's Field in my Westcourt.

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