Melee Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes are one of three weapon categories that a player can equip and use to inflict damage on enemies and bosses.  Melee weapons can be crafted with items dropped by specific bosses, found in certain Random Events or bought from Merchants

Unlike Hand Guns and Long Guns, Melee weapons cannot equip Weapon Mods, however their charged attacks sometimes proc additional damage or effects.

Below is a list of all Melee Weapons. Detailed information on their locations and properties can be found on respective individual pages linked below.




Melee Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Base Damage

Max Damage

Critical Hit Chance

Special Ability

Scrap Sword

52 156 10% N/A

Scrap Hammer

78 234 5% N/A

Scrap Hatchet





Blade of Adventure

26 78 ?? N/A

Petrified Maul

75 225 5%

Heavy Impact

Charge attacks have a 100% chance to inflict bonus stagger damage.

Wastelander Flail

62 186 5% N/A


47 141 15% N/A

World Breaker

68 204 5%

Force Burst

Charge attacks release an explosive force that will stagger and push enemies back


37 111 15%

Life Steal

Melee hits steal 4% of the base damage dealt as Health


50 150 10% N/A

Scar of The Jungle God

27 81 5%

Razor Sharp

Charge attacks have apply the BLEEDING effect dealing 200 damage over 20 seconds


45 135 10%


Charge attacks apply the BURNING effect which will deal 100 fire damage over 10 seconds. 

Voice of The Tempest

47 141 10%

Lightning Shock

Charge attacks apply the OVERLOADED effect.

Butchers Flail

60 180 5%

Corrosive Strike

Strikes apply CORRODED stack. Each stack reduces enemy defense by 5%. Max 5 stack. Last 10 seconds. Charged attacks apply 2 stacks.

Guardian Axe

51 153 5%

Spirit Engine

Generates 2x the amount of Mod Power per damage dealt.

Lost Harpoon

39 117 10%

Power Strike

Increases damage on each successive hit by 10% for 15 seconds. Can be stacked 5 times.

Hero's Sword

48 144 ??

Energy Wave

Charge attacks release an energy wave allowing the wielder to strike enemies from farther away.
Chain Blade

47 141 5%

Chain Strike

Charge Attacks extend the chain allowing the wielder to hit enemies from farther away
World's Edge

45 135 10%

Horizon Strike

Charge attacks release a wide wave projectile that will penetrate through multiple enemies


50 150 5%

Cold Strike

Strikes apply FROSTBITE stacks. Charge attacks apply 2 stacks per hit


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    • Anonymous

      27 Aug 2020 16:00  

      wow.... so. any of these damage numbers are just flat out wrong.

      like, not even close. who wrote this dang thing?

      • Anonymous

        21 Aug 2020 23:23  

        Best melee weapon in Game?
        Your own body as soon as you get the " Ring of the Unclean ".
        " Unarmed Melee attacks deal 2x damage. Heavy Flops deal 2.5x damage. "
        You actually can unequip you weapons and just fist your way to victory (btw also best stagger in game). Go Lethos Armor! <- for the Flops wich are Rolls btw.
        Dont belive me ? trust your own eyes :

        • Anonymous

          24 Aug 2019 17:29  

          I saw someone who had a 1 handed hammer that looked like the helmet from 'The Unclean One'. Came here trying to find out what it was. Tried breaking off the head part of unclean one to no avail.

          • Anonymous

            20 Aug 2019 11:37  

            If I recall, smolder is from breaking the tail during the fight with singe (dragon on earth) Voice of the tempest, I believe was alternate reward for the totem keeper

            • Anonymous

              20 Aug 2019 11:34  

              Voice of the tempest - Spear (lighting shock - 55% chance to apply overloaded for 20 seconds, 100% chance with charged attack) Guardian Axe - Each hit generates 100% mod power for weapon mobs that are equipped on both firearms Smolder - 55% chance to apply burning for 240 fire damage of 10 seconds (100% with charged attack)

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