Ring of Supremacy

Status Effect

 Increases all damage dealt by 20% after the wearer's health has been full for at least 10 seconds

Ring of Supremacy is a Ring and an accessory in Remnant: From the Ashes. Ring of Supremacy isn't a Craftable Item. The ring increases all player damage by 20% as long as player health is full for at least 5 seconds.


The life force of Yaesha flows through every Gul warrior providing the strength needed to slay any foe.

Where to find Ring of Supremacy


Ring of Supremacy Notes

  • Ring of Supremacy is an Account Bind item, this means that it can be used across on all your characters (this includes New Characters and Already created ones in both normal and hardcore difficulty)
  • Players can equip up to two Rings.
  • To manage and equip rings, open the Character Menu and cycle to the accessories slot below the Armor slots.



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    • Anonymous

      In a weird way using this ring has helped incentivize me to learn how to place myself better so I don't lose the buff. As a player who gets hit enough, I still use the ring. Usually very good boy's health regen tops me off if I get hit by a random dust cloud and I can dodge enough that using a dragon heart to heal myself of heavier damage in order to get the buff is worth it. Not the most tempting item but it has helped me a lot. Good luck everyone.

      • Anonymous

        Current patch on PS4.
        In adventure mode, playing the lullaby and then talking to the Ravager got me this ring.

        • Anonymous

          10 seconds activation is way too long. even me a seasoned veteran player, as much as i know enemy attack patterns, I still get caught of guard from time to time. You just better be off with hunters band and empowering loop. better damage sustain without drawbacks.

          • Anonymous

            I don't really see the point of a damage buff that disappears if you take a crumb of damage
            maybe with flicker cloak?
            idk i'm sure there are players that can get value out of this but I'm probably not one of them

            • Anonymous

              Just beat the Totem Father on Normal Difficulty using a hardcore character and this ring did not drop. Very disappointing.

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