New Game Plus for Remnant: From the Ashes refers to initiating another playthrough. NG+ in Remnant works differently to most games however, as the player can freely re-roll their Campaign at any time, while also separately re-rolling Adventure Mode on any planet. Further details are explained below.


New Game + in Remnant: From the Ashes

How to Unlock New Game +

  • New Game Plus is technically available from the beginning of the game. Players can re-roll their Campaign, even before completion of the current iteration - while Adventure Mode provides a separate iteration of each world that can also be re-rolled at the player's leisure. This is useful for hunting down specific bosses or items the player desires, without playing through the entire campaign again. 
  • To re-roll either your Campaign or Adventure Mode, simply approach the red crystal in Ward 13 and make your selection. 

What changes in New Game +

  • Upon re-rolling either the main Campaign or Adventure Mode, a new Difficulty can be selected. Aside from providing a new iteration where different BossesRandom Events and NPCs may spawn, this will also potentially alter enemy drops. Resources such as Glowing Fragments will only drop from Bosses on Hard difficulty or higher. 
  • Enemies will also scale in difficulty based on your current Gear Score. This is independent of your selected difficulty, so re-rolling the same area on the same difficulty will still increase enemy scaling if your character possesses a higher Gear Score than when you first entered that area.

What carries over to New Game +

  • All acquired weapons, armor, scrap, crafting materials, traits and items will carry over across re-rolls of both the Campaign and Adventure Mode. The only exceptions are quest items tied to specific Campaign events.  
  • Some items, specifically those rewarded through Hardcore Mode, are account bound - meaning they are available across all current and future characters a player creates. 
  • Progressing through Survival Mode and defeating Bosses will also award Glowing Fragments - which are shared with the player's main character.

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    • Anonymous

      Just clarifying, I only just got to Rome and missed out on a fair amount of stuff. Singe, other boss, not ent, type writer and assault, once I beat the game, ill more than likely get these things?

      • Anonymous

        Just finished new character solo apocalypse run. Its pure masochism, almost everything one shots you, common mobs sometimes needs 2 hits. Besides Ixillis scream rush (where I just finally decide to use Rift Walker mod), most bosses were manageable.
        Its sad to know there is no NG+ and higher difficulty...oh well, you can always use admiral ring.

        • Anonymous

          Wait, does it automatically increase the difficulty whenever you reroll or is this just referring to choosing a higher difficulty setting when you do? My initial question as to whether you keep all your weapons, armor, consumables, traits, etc. has been answered the same everywhere I read (nothing changes for your character except you lose key items like the Labyrinth Key), but now there's this question I want to know before I do. I know it'll all be scaled to Level 20 (my level), but say I first entered Yaesha at Level 20, then re-roll on Normal again, would the enemies be any harder on the re-roll or would they be the same?

          • Anonymous

            What nobody is saying is that when you reroll and do hardcore, the typical dungeon has twice as many ads if it not more. Ammo becomes a serious issue. Try hardcore in Adventure if you don't believe me. I could not make it to the boss to even see how that was and I was using a +20 crossbow. I'm apparently done with the game since I killed the dreamer. Hardcore is to crowded with mobs.

            • Anonymous

              If you reroll the campaign or change the difficulty, does it effect matchmaking like most souls type games?

              • Anonymous

                The more you re-roll, the higher tier the material drops become. After re-rolling 6 times, I only get hardened iron now, which is annoying because I'm trying to level every item to max.

                • Anonymous

                  So if you reroll you lose all story progression? i mean if i finished the 1st world and the 2nd too i can't only reset the 1st world and keep my progression of the 2nd?

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