New Game Plus for Remnant: From the Ashes refers to initiating another playthrough after finishing the main campaign. Players will see some differences with the initial playthrough, and get to carry over certain progress. Please take note that the info is still subject to change and we will be adding more details once more information is known.


New Game + in Remnant: From the Ashes

How to Unlock New Game +

  • There is NO "NEW GAME +" you finish the game and simply reroll the world (reset map and start over - which you can do whenever you want during playthru anyway) on any dificulty. IF you played on Nightmare as your first playthru, there is NOT stronger difficulty now (22.08.2019) just enemy scale with your gear level + scale on Nightmare.
  • To Change Difficulty you have to Defeat the End Boss and Teleport back to Ward 13 and Activate the Red Stone and Change Difficulty by ReRoll. (it is changeable for everyone right at the start no need to play the game to the end

What changes in New Game +

  • The Enemies will be way Stronger than before. There will be more Elite Enemies than usual. The Enemies drop more often Lumenite Crystals.


What carries over to New Game +

  • The following features will be carried over to New Game +:
    • Current level and stats for the Weapons, Armor, Traits  - Yes
    • Consumable Items - Yes
    • Scrap (Money)  - Yes
    • Key Items: No, you will have to re-obtain the Key Items.
    • Map Progression for discovered dungeons - No the entire Map is completely rerolled  the World and Dungeon Bosses are also rerolled *you cant have every Boss in one Game

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