Hunter is a class in Remnant: From the Ashes. Hunter is identified as a starting long-range DPS class. Classes are recognized as archetypes that are selected by a player at the beginning of the game. These classes start off with the same base stats but stand out on its own by providing each archetype with a unique set of starting gear which consists of weapons, armor, weapon mods, and traits


Hunter Information

The Hunter is a starting class that focuses on long-range DPS and is equipped with starting gear that excels best at long-range combat. With the Hunter archetype, players are able to deal devastating damage to enemies from afar. If you have a good eye when it comes to scouting and killing enemies from afar, then the Hunter is your best choice.


Hunter Starting Gear


Hunter Notes & Tips

  • As the game progresses, it is up to the player to create their own build by purchasing and upgrading their gear and stats that will fit their desired play-style.



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