hunter set remnant
Strengths: Higher starting damage capabilities
Long ranged starting weapon
Can increase team damage and prevent ambushes
A Good Choice for: Players who like to be rewarded for accuracy and skillful play, as well as those who enjoy high damage numbers.

Hunter is one of the character Archetypes in Remnant: From the Ashes. Archetypes are a component of Character Creation that take the place of traditional classes, determining a player's starting loadout and allowing them to form the basis for their build early in the game. The Hunter is a starter class with a loadout that is centered around marksman-type playstyles and an emphasis on dealing damage.

  • Choosing an Archetype does not lock players into a particular playstyle. They are meant to offer varied options for approaching combat early in the game.
  • Players can purchase the starting Weapons and Armor of other archetypes from Rigs in Ward 13. Starting Weapon Mods can also be purchased from McCabe.
  • All Traits can be discovered and acquired by all players. Archetypes simply start with certain traits already available.


Hunter Archetype Information in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Hunter starts off with equipment that center around dealing damage and exploiting enemy weak spots. They excel in dealing damage from afar, but may have some difficulty in enclosed spaces with their starter long gun. The Hunter's starting Trait is also conducive to a stealthy playstyle or for preventing ambushes which can offer some survivability. Their Weapon Mod allows them to see enemies through walls and other obstacles, which can aid in strategizing and pinpointing specific enemies from within cover, especially during the most hectic firefights where taking out certain enemies is key to succeeding in the encounter. It also increases their chance to critically hit marked opponents, further increasing damage potential.


Hunter Starting Loadout in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Hunter archetype starts with the following equipment when beginning a playthrough:


  • Long Gun: Hunting Rifle - Boasts the longest range and accuracy compared to all other starting weapons and is ideal for the open sections outside of dungeons.
  • Hand Gun: Repeater Pistol - Standard handgun available to all archetypes. Useful for the cramped dungeons of Earth, where the Hunter's rifle may pose some difficulty when swarmed by smaller opponents.
  • Melee Weapon: Scrap Sword - Quick and reliable, with decent damage output.


Weapon Mods

  • Hunter's Mark - Marks all enemies within 35 meters with a bright glow for the caster and their allies, increasing Crit Chance against all marked targets for a duration.
  • This mark persists through walls and other obstacles, allowing players to pinpoint key opponents to take out, as well as to prevent ambushes.
  • The Crit Chance effect is very useful for coordinating damage phases for Bosses with teammates, allowing them to save their highest damage-dealing weapons and abilities when the boss is marked.
  • Mark duration is affected by the Mod Duration stat, and the Crit Chance percentage is affected by the level of the weapon the mod is equipped on.


  • Vigor - Increases Health by 2.5 per Trait Point invested. Available to all archetypes at the start.
  • Endurance - Increases Stamina by 2.5 per Trait Point invested. Available to all archetypes at the start.
  • Shadow Walker - Reduces Enemy Awareness by -1.5% per Trait Point invested. Useful for setting up ambushes on enemies from afar.


Remnant: From the Ashes Hunter Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes for the Hunter archetype go here.




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