Iskal Queen


Name Cessnya
Location Corsus
Race Iskal

Check Iskal Queen (Boss) for the Boss version of this NPC.


Iskal Queen is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes.



Iskal Queen Information

The Iskal Queen can be found at Corsus and provides Merchant services. She will also ask you to defeat Ixillis and bring her the Guardian's Heart.


Merchant's Inventory:

 Item Price
100 Scrap
Divine Nectar
500 Scrap
50 Scrap
750 Scrap


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Notes & Tips

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  Iskal Queen Lore

  • The Iskal Queen is a mysterious figure who showed up one day in the native elves' village and began recruiting them into the Iskal. She is meant to help the Vyxworm in expanding and spreading the Iskal hive mind parasite.

    The Queen is charismatic and was able to get most of the natives, including those who mocked her, to join. The ones who did not want to join were either forced into joining by their turned families and friends, or were assimilated.

  • When the Queen meets the player, she will attempt to make them join the Iskal. She asks them to get the Corsus guardian's heart for her, but will refuse to explain further. She will state that the reason is for the Iskal alone.

  • The Iskal wanted to kill the Guardian to get its heart for their own benefit and sought to enslave the entirety of Corsus and they also wanted the Root to invade their world so they could attempt to assimilate them into the Iskal.

  • The Iskal Queen will ask for the player's help in tricking the Graveyard Elf into consuming the parasite, and states that the Iskal cannot enter the graveyard because it represents death whereas the Iskal reject death.

    After infecting the elf, the Queen will announce that the Graveyard Elf had become one with the Iskal and this event marks the end of the elven race.

  • Graveyard Elf tells the player that the Queen's name is Cessnya.


Lore confirmed by the developers:

  • The Iskal Queen wants the heart to benefit the parasites, and seeks to enslave the entirety of Corsus.
  • The Queen is not concerned about the Root, and wants them to invade Corsus so she can attempt to assimilate them.
  • Everyone that has been fought on Corsus is a part of Iskal


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    • Anonymous

      Can you imagine someone rerolling 20+ times and not being able to get Iskal Queen and Graveyard Elf on the same map? If you did 5 rerolls a day, it would take you 4+ days to get it.

      • Anonymous

        How is this a basic Adventure Mode boss?
        Quite literally asks you for perfect inputs and is even then quite RNG dependent based on her later attack patterns.
        Sure I'm don't have a max tier weapon, max tier armor, only 2 max tier traits and I'm surely missing quite a lot of build options as I'm jumping into Adventures blind after completing the story blind, but holy **** the difficulty curve compared to how casually the main game goes is insane.

        I thought the need to use Frostbite cure and Status resist pre-boss to beat the rat warden with easy mode was bad design, but wow I can't even start to think how this game can have melee builds as an option against bosses like this.

        If the Queen was a very specific questline superboss I'd understand why the difficulty here is so much harder than any other boss.

        • Anonymous

          Wait, how do you buy from her now? With the DLC, she always appears in the new dungeon she has, whatever it's name was. With no dialogue option for trade, and her old seat in the swamps is empty.

          • Anonymous

            if you say that sounds wonderfull on the question to join the iskall she said maybe you will join one day

            • Anonymous

              Wouldn't be surprised if she's some kind of agent for the Root. She speaks of bringing peace of mind (like the Dreamer does), turns villagers into swamp creatures, and worlds without Guardians are susceptible to Root invasion, according to Undying King. We already know different worlds call the Root by different names, so...

              • Anonymous

                The Slayer set is arguable the best armor set. Hell, you get the crossbow when you acquire it allowing you to see how its perk works. Set carried me through the rest of the game afterwards and all i used was the hunting pistol.

                • Anonymous

                  wish you could actually kill this evil chick, she's corrupted everything to the point they might end up as some sanctimonious version of the root, pervading worlds with the "desire to spread the wonder of the iskal" yeah, i wanna kill her plain and simple, leave this forsaken world to rot as it is already

                  • Anonymous

                    Can you actually join the Iskal? I didn't choose the option since I figured I'd be able to go back to the dialogue, but you cant

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