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Yaesha is a location in Remnant: From the Ashes. Yaesha is one of the four realms that players can travel to. There are different realms that a player can explore where various events, enemies, dungeons, bosses, NPCs, items are dynamically generated.



Yaesha Information


A rich and verdant world


The world of the Pan is starkly different than Earth. Where the latter is a rusting husk, Yaesha is full of life – green, vibrant and wild. The inhabitants of the world, the Pan, are a race of incredibly agile, goat-like bipeds with a unique hierarchical society governed by an immortal priesthood. Theirs is a strict culture made up of two castes: The Commoners that form the bulk of the workforce and the idle Nobility, of which the Pan Priests are preeminent. The common Pan live in elaborate treetop villages while most, if not all, of the nobility rule a region from ornate and massive ziggurats that dot the world.


Dangerous foes


The Pan are an extremely territorial race with a holistic view of nature, but they are violently xenophobic when it comes to other sentient races. They view them as competitive species and they will defend their home against any invader.

Most of the Pan are accomplished warriors in their own right, deadly not only with sword and spear, but also with a staggering array of exotic ranged weapons. Male and female Pan are equally responsible for the defense of the tribe or the high caste. In fact, many of the deadliest fighters are female – plucked from their villages through an elaborate festival of contests and indoctrinated into the Karai, the cadre of female guardians tasked with protecting the priesthood. The Pan have also filled their ranks with a subjugated species known as Pyrii, a semi-intelligent race of winged bipeds that have formed a symbiotic relationship with the Pan over the centuries.


The threat of the Root


The vanguard of the Root invasion has also begun on Yaesha. Here and there, Root scouting parties made up of the lizard-like Dracopede and its variants have laid claim to sections of the jungle. It’s only a matter of time before the Root take a foothold in the Pan world and, on that day, the Pan may face its fiercest enemy..


Yaesha NPCs


Yaesha Enemies


Yaesha Bosses


Yaesha Dungeons

Yaesha Sub-regions

Yaesha Notes & Tips

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Chapel Station  ♦  Church of the Harbinger  ♦  Concourse of the Sun  ♦  Corrupted Sanctum  ♦  Corsus  ♦  Cutthroat Channel  ♦  Earth  ♦  Forgotten Undercroft  ♦  Founder's Hideout  ♦  Founder's Prison  ♦  Hall of the Faithful  ♦  Hall Of The Undying  ♦  Hall of Whispers  ♦  Heretic's Nest  ♦  Hidden Grotto  ♦  Junk Town  ♦  Lair of the Eyeless  ♦  Land’s End  ♦  Leto's Lab (Research Station Alpha)  ♦  Loom of the Black Sun  ♦  Mar'Gosh's Lair  ♦  Marrow Pass  ♦  Martyr's Garden  ♦  Martyr's Sanctuary  ♦  Mire Hollow  ♦  Musk Forge  ♦  Noble's Rest  ♦  Noble’s Rest  ♦  Reisum  ♦  Rhom  ♦  Scalding Glade  ♦  Shackled Canyon  ♦  Sorrow's Field  ♦  Stalker’s Den  ♦  Sunken Passage  ♦  Temple of Ravager  ♦  The Ardent Temple  ♦  The Artery  ♦  The Ash Yard  ♦  The Bunker  ♦  The Burrows  ♦  The Capillary  ♦  The Choking Hallow  ♦  The Church  ♦  The City  ♦  The Depot  ♦  The Drowned Trench  ♦  The Eastern Wind  ♦  The Fetid Glade  ♦  The Gallows  ♦  The Grinder  ♦  The Grotto  ♦  The Hive  ♦  The Iron Rift  ♦  The Labyrinth  ♦  The Loom of Black Sun  ♦  The Mist Fen  ♦  The Monolith  ♦  The Purge Hall  ♦  The Radiant Tomb  ♦  The Ravager's Haunt  ♦  The Ring of Trials  ♦  The Scouring Wastes  ♦  The Shack  ♦  The Spindle  ♦  The Strange Pass  ♦  The Tainted Well  ♦  The Tangled Pass  ♦  The Tempest Court  ♦  The Verdant Strand  ♦  The Warren  ♦  Undying Throne  ♦  Unnamed  ♦  Vault of Heralds  ♦  Ward 13  ♦  Ward 17  ♦  Ward Prime  ♦  Warden's Pulpit  ♦  Westcourt  ♦  Widow's Pass  ♦  Withering Village

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    • Anonymous

      To the site owner: What are all the "stub pages" or NO CONTENT ZONES that pop up instead of helpful guides for Remnant as well as many other games I've come here for? But yet your Google ranking is always right at the top when I do a general search for various helps for game map locations, tips 'n tricks, etc. but after clicking all I see is "THIS IS A STUB PAGE" which makes your site as welcome and useful as a porcupine petting zoo to a hemophiliac. You should not have top ranking on Google, either.

      • Anonymous

        It seems to me that the events of "Chronos" do not happen on Yaesha. Dreamer killed the guardians in the Pans homeworld, and they escaped from there, and subsequently found Yaesha and settled new home.
        a little lore...

        • Anonymous

          during mine playthrough i found a boss in Yaesha, this is called "Revival Machine" and is composed of 3 orbes wo revives a lot of enemies, u need destroy the 3, i'm trying now, but it's so ****ing hard, if anyone knoe how to beat this call me please!

          • Anonymous

            1st encounter he dips you go to the stuck merchant at the 4th realm yeasha or whatever shes dead you fight him on 2nd encounter get a perk look at her dead body and the guardian ring she had for sale is there

            • Anonymous

              The Warden and Stormcalled can die even after they've killed you and give you their rewards, after which they'll respawn with the fog walls gone, you can fight them again.... or use the checkpoint to go to Ward 13 and back and the boss area will be clear lol.

              • Went into a room with a statue and some insight on the ground. Picked up the Insight, a boss spawned I think it was called Root Guardian, looked humanoid, like a smaller version of the ent, Used breath of the desert on it, it dropped something that had the icon of a heart. The reason I'm not sure about the names is that after that single attack it just disappeared, it only lost a bit of health, and when I checked my inventory the item was nowhere to be found, not in the key items, not in the materials, not in the weapons, accessories, armors, or consumables. I have no idea if it was a glitch or what but I'd love to know what this boss was, if anyone runs into it please let me know what it is.

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