New Player Help for Remnant: From the Ashes provides various information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game.

Helpful Pages:

  • Walkthrough: A detailed area walkthrough of the game.
  • New Game +: Check what happens when you finish a campaign.
  • Controls: An overview of the game's default controls for each platform.
  • Combat: An explanation of the basic combat and movements acquired in the game.
  • Weapons: A list of all the known weapons that can be found in the game.
  • Armor: View sets and pieces of armor that can be obtained in the game.
  • Difficulty: View the impact that selected difficulties have on the game. 


Remnant: From the Ashes New Player Help

Movement and Actions

  • The left stick is used to move around while the right stick is for moving the camera
  • Pressing down the left will make the character run.
  • Players are granted four quick item slots that can be used by pressing the directional buttons, you can manage these consumable items by going to the items section in the character menu.
  • An onscreen message appears whenever you approach something that can either be interacted with such as examining an item, acquiring an item, or using a mechanic such as crystals/crystal bonfires.


There are checkpoints scattered in various locations, these checkpoints appear as Crystal Bonfires or Crystals. For both single-player and co-op play, resting will serve as a checkpoint and will be your last spawn location if you die. It also replenishes health, ammo, Dragon Hearts at the cost of respawning all enemies in the area. However, in co-op play, it adds a feature where resting can respawn a fallen ally, and in order to rest at a checkpoint, all players should be present and must be using it at the same time.

Dodge Mechanic

Players are granted the ability to dodge enemy attacks by executing a roll. Your roll speed will depend on the weight of your Armor - if the weight value is less, you can quickly recover from rolling and possibly execute another roll to dodge incoming attacks or to strike back, but if the weight value is high, you will be performing a "fat roll" that causes your character to slowly recover from rolling.

Watch your Stamina Gauge

In conjunction with executing rolls, watching your stamina is very important. Players have a stamina gauge that is located at the right-hand screen below the player's health gauge. Stamina is needed to execute rolls and for sprinting, so every time you roll, or sprint, your stamina gets depleted. However, it recovers over time if you are not sprinting or rolling. Luckily, there is some Armor that has added bonuses and Traits that apply buffs and increase the stats of your Stamina.


Focus on a Build

There are various builds that you can create that focuses on different aspects. You can create a build that focuses on being a support type, a tank type, a DPS type and many more. By doing so, acquiring Traits and upgrading its level as you progress through the game will be important. Traits are considered as passive abilities that provide players buffs and bonuses to different stats. So be wise to apply your trait points on a Trait that will benefit your play-style.

Co-op Play

Remnant: From the Ashes introduces an online mechanic where one player can invite other players to create a team up to three players. Yes, you can play the game on your own if you wish to, but it is highly recommended to invest in playing this game with other people or your friends since many of the game's mechanics such as Weapon Mods and Traits focuses on teamwork.

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