The Root

Location Earth

The Root is an enemy race in Remnant: From the Ashes. The Root can be found in the Earth realm. Enemy races consist of enemies and bosses that are uniquely distinct and inhabit the various realms of the game. You can check the Enemies and Bosses page to check a list of hostile creatures you may encounter.



The Root Information

The Root is an enemy demon race that heavily features bodies composed of tree-like structures. They inhabit Earth where they've invaded and try to take control of by killing the last surviving race of mankind.

Earth isn't the first of many other realms they've encountered. For quite a long time, The Root has been in a battle with the civilization of Rhom where they've tried to conquer the realm as well. In spite of being relentless and being able to own technology and weaponry that would lead to their victory, they were defeated by Rhom's very own Basha and Nui by setting off a nuclear device which wiped out everyone which included both Rhom's people and The Root which caused them to leave the realm since they've lost the battle.

The Root then decided to search for another realm and ended up with invading Earth. At present day, they have been successful with wiping out almost half of humanity and have brought destruction to Earth. But they are still on the hunt of completely killing the last surviving humans and eventually, return to Rhom as they wait for the opportunity to re-invade the realm.


The Root Location

The Root is the main enemies that can be found on Earth


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