Summons a WASTELAND SKULL which shoots projectiles that deal 40 damage per hit. Lasts 60 seconds. (Max 2)

Beckon is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes

How to Find Beckon

Beckon Notes & Tips

  • Has 2 charges.
  • Damage increases with the weapon's level, up to 120, and is affected by Mod Damage and Summon Damage.
  • Duration is affected by Mod Duration.
  • Using this mod while there are already 2 Skulls on the battlefield will replace the last one deployed.


Weapon Mods
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    • Anonymous

      These do a lot more damage than the tooltip says. The tooltip says they do 40 damage per hit, but it's more around 250~ damage per hit, atleast for me and my friends running on Nightmare difficulty. You can also have up to two up at the same time. They are also not counted as enemies by your enemies, meaning they are typically ignored and just go crazy on the enemy, only dying from timeout or if they coincidentally soak up hits.

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