Status Effect

Provides a 100% Crit Chance against non-aggressive enemies and increases Crit Damage by 20%.

Heartseeker is a Ring and an accessory in Remnant: From the Ashes. Heartseeker isn't a Craftable Item. Rings provide additional protection or other bonuses to your character, add buffs to the player's Stats, and resistance to Status Ailments. Different accessories have different defense values and are, therefore, more or less effective.



Even the Root got hearts. I don't mean they care or nothing. I mean there's one place to shoot at what'll drop 'em cold.


Where to find Heartseeker

  • Can be found at a random location at Earth



Heartseeker Notes

  • Players can equip up to two Rings.
  • To manage and equip rings, open the Character Menu and cycle to the accessories slot below the Armor slots.



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    • "Non-aggressive" means any enemies that are out of combat and haven't detected you yet. When you attack an enemy in that state, the ring will provide a 100% crit chance. As such, this ring helps you one-shot those type of enemies from afar, so it's great when paired with weapons such as the Hunting Pistol, Crossbow, etc.

      Meanwhile, the +20% bonus to Crit Damage applies all the time, regardless of what state the enemy is in.

      • Anonymous

        Easier to find in the campaign than by re-rolling adventure modes. Might've just been horrible luck on my part but, I spent hours doing dozens of adventure runs on Earth looking for this thing. Decided to re-roll the campaign and boom... it was there after the first campaign re-roll.

        • Anonymous

          You always get the 15% crit damage. The 100% crit chance only works on enemies that aren't in combat yet.

          • Anonymous

            I'm wondering. What does "non-aggressive" means ? Because there can be 2 cases : - Non-aggressive means that the ennemy is not focusing you -> OP if you are in coop and a mate plays a tanky build + you have the shadow trait. - Non-aggressive means that the ennemy is not in a fight -> Still good but then becomes uselless in boss fights

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