Undying King

undying king2 remnant
Name Ezlan
Location Rhom
Race Basha
Weakness Head/ Fire (+10%)
Resistance Radiation (-15%) / Frost (-15%) 
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Undying King is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Undying King Location

  • Location: Rhom, Undying Throne. You can find the entrance behind the Monolith near the entrance to Rhom (there is a checkpoint that you can teleport to). In order to enter, you'll need the Howling Key that can be obtained by defeating either Claviger or The Harrow.
  • Encountering the boss is not optional, but fighting him is. The player may choose to comply with the Undying King's request and bring him the Guardian's Heart from Corsus, or instead antagonize the Undying King and fight him. If the player agrees to bring him the Guardian's Heart, he will then open the portal to Corsus.
  • If you give him the Guardian's Heart he will give you Labyrinth Key and Riven.
  • The player may agree with the Undying King first, and betray him later, only gaining a slightly quicker access to Corsus.
  • Note: Obtaining the Labyrinth Key from the Undying King by killing him allows the player to bypass Corsus altogether if the player so chooses.
  • Note: The Iskal Queen in Corsus also desires the Guardian's Heart, and the player cannot give the item to both NPCs.

Undying King Rewards


Undying King Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Be warned: this boss has a minimum Gear Score of 13. Facing him on your first playthrough will be challenging.  

 The boss fight has three phases:

Phase 1:

The Boss will remain with its hands on the back. It can cast two type of spells:

  • Spawn ads that will come out of the coffins located in the room. When this happens try to quickly dispatch them and then keep firing at Undying King head to deal extra damage.
  • Spawns two flying orbs that remain stationary and fire projectiles at your location. Try to destroy them as soon as they appear.

In this stage of the fight, the Undying King won't deal direct damage to you and will try to evade your shots. Try to aim for his head as it deals extra damage. Respond to its spells dispatching the ads as soon as you can. You can stay near him, and he won't attack you but run away as soon as he spawns his weapons.

After a while he will invoke his melee weapons and phase 2 will begin

Phase 2:

When he invokes the melee weapons, he will start following you around the room. He moves very slow, so try to run far away from him and dispatch any remaining adds and fire to its head. He can leap in your direction and follow up with a melee combo, when this happens, leap forward and run in the opposite direction. He deals very high damage and can kill you in one full combo, but has a long delay between each combo. Avoid focusing him until you've cleared up most of the ads from phase 1.

After a while he will cancel the melee weapons and go back to phase 1.

Once he is at around half health he will transition to phase 3.

Phase 3:

In this phase the Undying King will spawn many adds and ignore you while walking to the altar. Once in the altar, he will start meditating which will restore his health while remaining immobile. Make sure to first deal with all the ads. Then use the opportunity to replenish your own health and stock on ammunition. Once you are done, get close to him and aim for the head to deal as much damage as you can. Continuous area of effect damage such as Spore Shot works well here since you can funnel all ads through the stairs to the altar. You will eventually break his meditation and phase 1 will restart.

After you deplete his HP for the first time, he will revive with a portion of health. Kill him again and the boss fight will be complete.

While playing in Coop, you can split the roles focusing one party on the ads while the other deals with the boss.

With enough damage Phase 3 can be brute-forced through to kill the boss before he reaches the altar to regenerate (tested on Nightmare difficulty, solo).

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Cast Magic and Adds)
Spawn Ads: It will spawn enemies from the coffins that will fire at you Try to run to the coffins and dispatch them as quick as you can
Summon Orbs: Summon two orbs that remain stationary and have a medium rate of fire and high damage Try to dispatch them as soon as they come out. He can spawn more orbs, and they will stack, try not to become overrun.
Phase 2 (Invoke Melee Weapons)
Leap Attack: He will leap in your direction striking with its weapon Wait until he is near you and then dodge forward. You will find yourself behind him. Just keep running and get as far away as you can, then fire from a safe distance.
Three Hit Combo: He can perform a powerful melee combo that deals very high damage and has long reach There is no easy way to avoid the combo, try to dodge backwards and then run as far away as you can.
Phase 3 (Cast adds and regenerates)
Spawn ads: Enemies will start swarming from the walls, and he will walk to the altar to heal. Ignore the Undying King and focus on the ads. Once you are done, stock up on ammunition and health and fire at the Undying King head until you break his meditation.
Meditate: He will walk to the altar and remain stationary while he heals. He remains immobile and won't attack you while meditating. Use this opportunity to stock up on ammunition and restore your health. Once you are ready, aim for the head and deal as much damage as you can until the meditation is broken. Then the fight will resume at Phase 1



Undying King Lore

  • The Undying King is a Basha from Rhom and is part of the Basha priesthood. He is the Nui, the prophet of the guardian and the spiritual leader of Rhom. He helped solve disputes between the nation states and was able to forge a truce between them ushering in an age of peace and prosperity but was cut short with the Root invasion.

    The Root invasion was brutal and lasted 50 years. Rhom couldn’t defend itself from them, and the Undying King was forced into sacrificing his civilization by ordering the activation of a doomsday device that, while decimated the Root, left Rhom devastated. The threat of the Root, though, still looms.

  • Upon meeting the player the Undying King will make a deal. He will grant the player with the Labyrinth Key if the player agrees to bring the Corsus guardian's heart. He will explain that Rhom is healing, and this will attract the Root again. In order to keep the Root from invading, he needs the guardian heart to restore Rhom's guardian so that it can protect Rhom. The Undying King is aware of the events taking place on Corsus and warns the player about it. Upon getting the heart, he will present it to Rhom's dying guardian (pool) to restore it.

  • Undying King traveled to the other worlds through the labyrinth portal.
    The Akari mentioned he was the only one using the portals. She also mentioned there has been only one Nui which is the Undying King.

  • The Undying King warns the player about the Iskal and its corruption before opening the portal, and his choosing of Corsus was not at random since he was aware of what the Iskal were doing to Corsus as well as their intention to kill the Guardian of Corsus.

  • The rumor the Houndmaster heard about the Undying King grinding bodies into powder to maintain his immortality is false. His source of immortality is Rhom's guardian (pool).


  • The statues of the Undying King
  • The Undying King may be limiting how many people are living on Rhom because, as he says, the world is healing and the Root will return so by keeping the population low he is also trying to keep the Root from noticing them until their guardian recovers.

Lore confirmed by the developers:

  •  The pool is Rhom's guardian.
  •  Undying King is restoring the guardian.
  •  Rhom's guardian is not dead, rather it is dying, which is why the Undying King was able to start the restoration.
  • The Undying King is from Rhom and he is the Nui, prophet of the guardian.
  •  Nui means speaker of the guardian.
  • The guardian is what made the Undying King immortal.
  • Undying King opened a portal for the Root to destroy them and protect Rhom.


  • Confirmed lore (o) (1)
  • Developers blog (arcgames-remnant news section-Rhom)


Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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Undying King Notes & Trivia

Voice Actor: Dave B. Mitchell
Homages, and other trivia go here.



Undying King Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      As soon as the fight start, summon your dog and flying skulls, and quickly dispatch nearby 6-7 mobs nearby you, meanwhile your 3 summon have dealt boss enough damage that he will summon his swords to become dual wielder to perform his death combo, so quickly roll and make some distance he is very slow, so headshot him continuously to force him onto his knees, he will again resurrect with hp, and will start to move opposite ignoring you, quickly headshot him few more times to end the fight.
      Took less than 1 min, in first try, +14 gears. Ixillis are far much stronger beacuse of their number, skills and terrain, and summons are useless against them, during their first 2 phases

      • Anonymous

        Crossbow + Hot Shot mod made this fight trivial on my first run. It did not take many headshots, fight was over in maybe 10 seconds after clearing the mobs he starts with.

        • Anonymous

          So on apocalypse I did his fight with curse of the jungle god (ravager pistol) and the ricochet rifle with the fireball mod (wildfire shot). The ricochet rifle was amazing for clearing almost everything, the guards, the summoned balls, and the little guys. Then the fireball was great damage. The pistol's mod (tentacle shot) was great when he was on the platform since it blew up any of the little guys and him with every other swing. I also used butcher's flail to give corrosion when he was healing. Good luck

          • Anonymous

            A friendly Vyr reminder: Don’t fight Ezlan! He genuinely wants to save Rhom and give you a chance to fight the Root. The Iskal Queen acts only on the orders of the Vyxworm, which probably wants to consume and control just like the Root.

            • Anonymous

              whoever wrote these wiki pages needs to stop contributing to wikis forever. what a mess with misleading and incomplete information.

              • Anonymous

                Took me 6 tries on nightmare. I used shotgun with frozen mist and hive cannon. I ended up not really using them since i had to get really close to land all of my shotgun pellets on the Undying King's head, the exceptions were at the start of the game (using their aoe damage to get rid of the 4 guards) and during his heal phase (forming natural barrier on the ramp that prevented the minions from reaching me without dying). I took the shotgun because im not good at no-scoping, but semi-automatic rifles are probably more suitable for this boss fight.
                Strategy: I used my hive cannon to one shot the crystals and then ran towards melee ranged and used my shotgun to stagger and kill the ads that spawned from the coffin, while dodging and zig zagging and making sure to avoid potential flight trajectories from bullets coming from the enemies surrounding me. If I could find a good angle where I knew I wasn't under fire, I'd use my hive cannon to eliminate the coffin ads from a distance. I also tried to maintain my distance from the boss while eliminating ads, but if he jumped towards me then I'd just roll to his left side during the ensuing attack, since it's usually impossible to avoid by rolling backwards since you'll just get slashed from his second strike when you come out of your i-frames. Anyways, I'd just repeat this strategy until he went to heal and then rush to the platform and pop my aoe-dot weapon mods on the stairs like I mentioned earlier. Then I'd hit him with some shotgun blasts and reload all my weapons + wait for all the ads to die before shooting him enough to interrupt his healing. Then I'd shoot him some more but leave enough ammo to deal with the ads he summons immediately afterwards while I run off the platform and go around killing them again. Also I was careful not to damage him too much before then he'd go into healing again immediately after summoning ads and I'd have to deal with the crystals, coffin ads, and beast ads all at once (I think, at least this is what happened after he revived once). And that's pretty much it. This is probably the most difficult boss in the game, even more difficult than harsgaard and the dreamer. I have to admit I gave up attempting this boss on my first playthrough because I didn't know how to handle the ads.

                • Anonymous

                  Took me 4 tries on hard. Used a melee build. Weap mods were Very Good Boy on hunting pistol +15; Iron Sentinel on any primary gun. Petrified Maul +6. Full Leto set +15, Twisted Iron and Bands of Castor/Pollux set.

                  At the start I took out the starting goons with the pistol and took some pop shots at his head. Once he pulls out his swords, drop the dogs and turrets near him. Then use to fancy footwork to get behind him and melee. The turrets and dog took care of the minions for the most part, the damage reduction on Leto helped use dragon hearts and bloodwort. When he goes to heal in the last phase, go ham with charged melee attacks.

                  I was surprised how effective this was, considering I had not really used those mods and a melee build really haha

                  • Anonymous

                    If any one had any trouble with this fight like I did, consider the strat I used, it is called “running”. Most of the little enemies I had my dog take out, while I ran away attempting to pop a heal. If you are on the phase where he summons the little annoying fast minions (I have no idea why they are called lol) just melee then, or use your side arm. Depending on your build, you should ducks a hit and run, this is easy to do if you are running a typical “one-shot” weapon i.e crossbow, sniper rifle, partical accelerator etc. if you are running a heavy dps build, I recommend getting the weapon mod “a very good boy” this is done by petting the dog that the merchant on rhom has. This dog is very good at killing all of the minons that the undying king has. Finally, if your running a melee build, your kinda screwed, as the phase where he pulls out mellow weapons is bull**** imo, but this is also partially the reason mellow builds kinda don’t exist. I’m getting side tracked tho. The moment you initiate the boss, he stands still for a moment, so take that opportunity to get some free damage. A head-shot can make all the difference starting off, and if it’s a cring as well, considering your in close range, then friend you can earn up to 1000 damage with a plus 8 or so weapon. As soon as you shoot him in the head, ****in’ book it my guy. He has so many of those vyr behind him, that you can easily get overwhelmed. As soon as possible kill all of them, cuz more are on their way.he starts with 4 guarding him, and spawns another 4-6 from what I can tell (I don’t really know, I was blowing through phases with the crossbow so I couldn’t quite tell.) as soon as those bye are dead, well you earned your self an old dude to short in the forehead a couple times. Although if he spawns those weird turret things, take em out asap. Onto the second phase then, and my advice is get the ***** out of his way. He isn’t that threading from a distance you may think, but he has a dash that can close it VERY fast. Although this dash may look like an attack, he doesn’t actually strike you. But then since he is is within a distance where he can breath the same oxygen that you are, he’s gonna do his four hit combo. It is possible to roll out of this, but I found it hard to do, but that’s cuz I’m a scrub lord, probably. As soon as he finishes this combo, roll away and heal, because if your sorry as$ got hit by this, your health is gonna be low. But after that the king is just gonna be like “yeah alright you can shoot me for a bit, I don’t really care” and by this time, you should know the formula, shoot, roll, shoot, animation ends, aim for the head, repeat. Once he gets to his third phase, he becomes even more of a pu$$y than before, cuz he just runs away, calls his lackeys in, and attempts to heal. The first wave of these baddies is kinda tough, but if you can get through it, you’ll be free to shoot an old dude in the head some more, and it will be easier this time, cuz he just stands still and takes it. Once you deplete his health bar tho, he falls onto his knee, because he remembers “I’m old as ***** so my knees are giving out constantly!” And then he relishes he doesn’t care and gets back up to fight you, but it’s just another rinse/repeat of my past statements, but he has even less health and defense this time. TL/DR old man hard to kill, good luck. (I recommend bringing about 5 bloodwort, and the max dragons heart charge I had at this time was 4. The elixir that increases your defense is also hella useful, as passive extra defense is kinda op.)

                    • Anonymous

                      I recommend giving heart to Iskal Queen first play though, 2nd play though give heart to Undying King, 3rd play through and beyond just kill him (by refusing to get the hard)

                      • Anonymous

                        Tragically bad boss design. All he does is summon spammy ADs and has aimbot laser balls. On top of that he has is weirdly delayed attacks to roll catch you. Like 75% of this game's bosses, if you kill him quick enough he is an absolute joke but if you wait too long the fight will far too overwhelming for a single player, either that or you pray to RNGesus he doesn't pull out his melee weapons and doesn't summon his balls of ****ery. Overall a 3/10 boss.

                        • Anonymous

                          I think there's a glitch in the game that automatically sets the Repeater Pistol as your handgun when you talk to him for the first time. Despite this handicap I solo'd him in one try (previous times I beat him had two other players with me, one of whom is way better than I am).

                          • Anonymous

                            Ez 2nd try on hard solo -osseous all +15 -Devouring ring -gunslingers charm -Beam rifle/swarm +15 -SMG/Breath of the desert +15 Start fight with charged mods, use 3 breath of deserts then use swarm immediately as fight starts, use SMG to charge mod while swarm is active and keep moving. Use pillars as cover from the orbs n mobs, but still keep moving dont let him get close. When swarm is recharged, use it again (basically trying to keep it active whole fight) Pump Spirit trait for mod gen. Obv pump traits like bark skin/vigor/endurance so you can keep running and not get 1 shotted by the bastard. Really not as bad as I was expecting it to be.

                            • Anonymous

                              I managed it solo with +8 Hunting Rifle and a +8 SMG, with Beckon and Iron Sentinel mods attached. I used +8 armour: Osseus Helm and Osseus Husk for the on-target stacking-damage and Cultist Britches for the mod power generation on hit. My tactic was to deploy skulls and turrets as soon as they became available while I ran away. The turrets and skulls took care of most things while I concentrated on staying away from everything, healing myself when I could, and hosing down enemies with the SMG to build mod energy. I'd occasionally take potshots at the king and the orbs (and any adds that escaped the carnage) when safe with the Hunting Rifle, but most of my time was spend sprinting, hosing and collecting hand-gun ammo. Took a fair few goes to get there, but the helpers did a better job of taking him down than I could.

                              • Anonymous

                                I down it on hard with 12+ hunter rifle and swarm and spitfire (on my first try obviously) if helps anyone this is the hardest so far damn .

                                • Anonymous

                                  In the vault of the herald there's a note you can find that hints that Ezlan invited the root to rohm, and a one-page journal that says that he intended to defeat the root with the help of the guardian and the vyr only to fail miserably at the end, has anyone else found these tid bits of information?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Suggested weapons: Particle Accelerator and Spitfire. Accelerator can one-shot the orbs and with a crit headshot the Annointed, and its mod can wipe out the initial four annointed or a big group of the trash. With Spitfirie you can park behind the King when he goes to heal, unload into his head, then quickly switch to flamer mode to wipe out any approaching trash.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Pretty tragic character overall, he's actually kind of villainous. When faced with the total obliteration of his civilization by the Root he chose to decimate it himself in order to prevent the Root's victory. As we can tell by most of Rhom's destroyed infrastructure and the new brutal architecture of the Akari, the civilization that Ezlan went to such extremes to preserve has perished anyway. The people that remain have been left in a violent, primitive struggle for survival, and Ezlan has been sure to keep himself safe and secure in his citadel, surrounded by his autonomous Vyr guardians. Now faced with the impending return of the Root, Ezlan is willing to go to even further lengths to save what's left of his world. He's willing to deprive another planet of their own Guardian, thus dooming that world to invasion and destruction at the hands of the Root, in order to restore Rhom's Guardian and ensure Rhom's continued survival. Ezlan seems to be willing to go to any lengths, no matter how violent, cruel, or selfish, in order to secure the continuation of Rhom's civilization, no matter how tiny of a fraction it is that he saves.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I killed it first time I entered the area (after several try that is) and I was very underlevel. one V in offense and two V in resist. The blaster shots were killing me in three hit. But I went full mod power regen and automatic turret on my coach gun. I spammed so hard there was a wall of turret on the altar, shooting everything up and on the ground while I kept hitting headshot. Very stressfull fight

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I have funny feeling about him. Looks like unlike other bosses and areas he can't be locked at certain level. I meet him first time at level 2 and then upgraded to 5 and to 10 but still was bellow him according to red arrow on character screen. Guess he is governed by different set of rules being optional and dialog or portal stone use triggers his reset every time. Anywho that is probably reason he is that difficult at any level. So far only boss in the game my character die few times every playthrough.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Just beat him using melee only :D +10 scrapper hammer 2 pieces scrapper set, 1 piece akari set (for that sweet 100% melee crit after a perfect dodge) random pendant ring that boosts evasion ring that heals on dealt melee damage all trait points into health and melee damage.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              My strategy was very effective. I used sub machine gun paired with SWARM mod to take out the blue floating things when they began to overwhelm. I also used the sniper rifle+9 for headshots. I used RATTLEWEED mod with the sniper when the king begins to heal. When he starts walking back to his heal spot, I would use RATTLEWEED to pull aggro from the incoming mobs. In the free time, you can spam headshots on the king with the sniper, the best part; RATTLEWEED will be ready to be used again after just a few shots. I saw 1700 DMG on a single headshot crit. RATTLEWEED and a +9 sniper rifle absolutely massacred the Undying King.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                It says you need to get the howling key from Claviger to access the area, but I think I killed the scourge, then the Harrow and got it somewhere along the way, unless my co-op drop in guy had it and it allowed me to use his key?

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Killed him 3. try without accepting his mission. Got no key. Got stuck on main story. No Labyrint key. No Teleporter. rip me #verybuggy

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