Cooperative Play in Remnant: From the Ashes is an integral part of the game. This mechanic is a feature that allows players to invite other people or their friends to play online which will appeal to those who would like to socialize and experiment with different group tactics and mechanics.


Co-op Play in Remnant: From the Ashes

Co-op Play

Remnant: From the Ashes is a cooperative online game which allows one to play the game up to two other people or their friends.

You can invite other players by: _______

Cooperative Play Scaling

The game scales with more players that affect the following:

  • Enemies' health is increased
  • Enemies' damage is increased
  • Enemies number will also increase



Players can choose to play the game as a single-player. But it is recommended to play with other people or your friends since many of the game's Weapon Mods and Traits are built to provide support not only just for yourself but for your team as well. Mods such as an AOE healing effect that generates an HP restoring pool that heals the team who is within it, an active skill that allows everyone to mark and see enemies within their range, and Traits that increases the overall performance of a player once they are in a team.

Co-Op Mechanics

There are some mechanics of the game that will change once you are playing in Co-op, we will be listing the information but currently, here is what we know of:

  • Loot/Item Drops are shared. Players will not have to worry about trying to loot items that are scattered or are dropped as fast as they can since Remnant: From the Ashes introduces a shared mechanic. Whatever item a player acquires, the other members also acquire the same item as well.
  • Usage of Crystal Bonfires and Crystals. In single-player, one can freely use a Crystal Bonfire or a Crystal as a checkpoint to rest. Resting at these checkpoints replenishes Ammo and Dragon Hearts in exchange of respawning all the enemies in the area. In Co-op, resting can be used to Respawn fallen allies. And in order to rest, all players must be present and using the checkpoint.


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