Slayer Set


Total Armor


Total Weight


Total Resistances
Armor Set Bonus


Reloading increases the Total damage dealt to the next enemy hit with that weapon. Lasts 10 seconds. Reload speed is increased by 10%

One Piece
+7.5% Damage
Two Pieces
+15% Damage
Three Pieces
+30% Damage

Slayer Set is an Armor Set in Remnant: From the Ashes. Slayer Set has an armor skill that provides unique passive abilities (all sets add buffs and effects to various stats).

Where to find Slayer Set


Slayer Set Pieces


Slayer Set Upgrade Table

Upgrading an armor piece only increases the armor piece's stats and resistances. It does not increase the value of the Armor Skill.

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Name Total Armor
Slayer Set  53
Slayer Set +1 -
Slayer Set +2 -
Slayer Set +3 -
Slayer Set +4 -
Slayer Set +5 -
Slayer Set +6 -
Slayer Set +7 -
Slayer Set +8 194.2
Slayer Set +9 211.8
Slayer Set +10 229.5
Slayer Set +11 247.1
Slayer Set +12 264.8
Slayer Set +13 282.4
Slayer Set +14 300.1
Slayer Set +15 317.7
Slayer Set +16 335.4
Slayer Set +17 353
Slayer Set +18 370.7
Slayer Set +19 388.3
Slayer Set +20 406






Slayer Set Notes



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    • Anonymous

      I like how the comments are split between people who absolute hates the helmet and the people who really adores it

      • If you intend to use this set, then consider weapons such as the Hunting Pistol, Crossbow, Sniper Rifle, Sporebloom, etc. They all hit hard by default and are all one-shot-per-reload, so apart from the very first shot without the buff, you're basically just gaining 30% damage by default.

        • Anonymous

          Seems like I’m in the minority, but I like how the set looks, especially with the alternate skin. The long nose is distinctive

          • Anonymous

            devastator, crossbow or twinshots for the win.

            Really good for crit builds

            you can also use Coach gun since the weapon is double barreled.

            You can combo this with bloodletter and twin shots for some nice health regen even though its not as good than soul link with turrets and seedcallers (IMO at least). More points for fashion

            • Anonymous

              Just so you know the damage buff only applies to the first shot in the magazine, but does include burst fire. Grim coil is just a weaker version of this armor (that also combos with it) that has stacks that need to be built up. Still worth using Imo

              • Anonymous

                Nice for compulsive reloaders who use automatics as the damage buff applies to all attacks made in the time window it is up, not just the first shot after reloading.

                • Anonymous

                  it's actually good for summoner builds during boss fights. the first shot after reload only applies the debuff - all damage afterwards receives the increase. Makes the laser and sustained damage actually make good use of it. Until you need to hit a different target, anyway.

                  • Anonymous

                    with this set i was hitting for 650-800 soft hits, weak spots 1.4k, crits 1.4k and crit weakspots 2.4. One shot wonder build is great, you cant miss though. Weapon was the bow that comes with it.

                    • Anonymous

                      The assasin armor bonus looks great for single shot guns such as the sniper rifle. +35% after each reload? Nice! :)

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