Grants additional Mod Power generation when attacking an enemy with active STATUS effect by +2% per Point


"You ask me, folks who trust in luck die fast. Better to make your own."

Catalyst is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. Catalyst increases the chance to apply status effects such as bleed, fire, overloaded or corroded.



How to Find Catalyst



Catalyst Notes & Tips

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Arcane Strike  ♦  Armor Piercer  ♦  Bark Skin  ♦  Blood Bond  ♦  Climber  ♦  Cold as Ice  ♦  Concentration  ♦  Demolitionist  ♦  Elder Knowledge  ♦  Endurance  ♦  Evocation  ♦  Executioner  ♦  Exploiter  ♦  Flash Caster  ♦  Footwork  ♦  Fortification  ♦  Glutton  ♦  Guardians Blessing  ♦  Handling  ♦  Hard Charger  ♦  Heavy Hitter  ♦  Invoker  ♦  Keeper's Blessing  ♦  Kingslayer  ♦  Last Resort  ♦  Luminescent  ♦  Mind's Eye  ♦  Mother's Blessing  ♦  Potency  ♦  Quick Hands  ♦  Rapid Strike  ♦  Recovery  ♦  Revivalist  ♦  Scavenger  ♦  Shadow Walker  ♦  Siphoner  ♦  Sleight of Hand  ♦  Spirit  ♦  Steady Breathing  ♦  Suspicion  ♦  Swiftness  ♦  Teamwork  ♦  Tormentor  ♦  Triage  ♦  Trigger Happy  ♦  Vaccine  ♦  Vigor  ♦  Warrior  ♦  Will to Live  ♦  Wisdom  ♦  World Walker



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    • Anonymous

      Man, so they completely changed this from increasing proc chances to just generating more "Mod Power" than usual if you are hitting an enemy who is affected by a status. Infinite flamethrower, maybe?

      • Anonymous

        So if I get this right this trait increases the _chance_ of occurence in all those cases where it is below 100%. I mean all the status effects coming from mods are with 100% chance if I'm not mistaken (they always apply burning, rot, etc.) but for example there's that ring which someone mentioned below (5% to have 3x crit dmg) and also the hammer which applies stagger 30% of the time. So with catalyst these values increase?

        • Anonymous

          Does anyone have a list of specific items this affects? I haven't noticed elemental weapons proccing a Status effect unless using the Mod which already applies it 100% of the time, like the Spitfire flamer, or Wildfire. I use my Beam Rifle a lot and don't think I've ever Irradiated something. I have no armor that seems to use it. I used it for the Devouring Loop, but now that it doesn't work for that, I can't find a single thing this trait affects. Anyone have some answers/specific items?

          • Anonymous

            The trait no longer works with Devouring loop. They patched this today (8/29 at 5:37pm EST). The reverted the trait back up to 20% tho...

            • Anonymous

              Does this proc chance + only work for status effects like bleed or burning applied from weapons or also for set bonuses like the bandit armor set? I mean the wording on the wiki seems to imply it only works for status effects just wanted to be sure.

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