General Information for Remnant: From the Ashes covers various elements such as DLC, Controls, and Combat that will provide players an idea of the basic mechanics of the game.



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    • Anonymous

      This game has lots of good things about it. Great randomization, virtually all weapons are fun to use, and great stat growth. I wish the armor looked better, the healing action wasn't infuriatingly slow, a la DS2, and good God is the female character voice acting cringe. It's like they got their boomer moms to voice act. Other than that it's a solid 8/10. If they build on the strengths Remnant 2 could be a 10.

      • Anonymous

        This game has stolen my life. I got gore fiend and “rip your hide” first play through and almost made me give up lol but I fought through and I’ve put over 100+ hours into it.

        • Anonymous

          As a hardcore dark souls fan with over 4000+ Hours in The Series. To anyone saying it, this game isn’t a “3rd rate ghetto dark souls”

          It’s heavily dark souls inspired game with a looter shooter twist to it. It’s unique and I approve of it a lot good job devs

          The game isn’t AMAZING or horrible

          But overall its a gud game, gud game, very gud game

          • Anonymous

            This game is something like 4 man WoW Raids with shooting, game will definitely expand into something cool if devs add more stuff to game.. Now with teamspeak ability the game is so much entertaining.

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