Pride of the Iskal

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11 - 33 shot 
22 - 66 explosive





Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 20m 
Max Ammo 90
Critical Hit Chance 5% 
Weakspot Bonus 100%
Weapon Mod


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Fires 4 beetles that will fly towards enemies within 10 meters, land on them, and steal 50 health over 5 seconds. Once full, they will fly back and heal the hero.

Pride of the Iskal is a Hand Gun and one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes in Swamps Of Corsus DLC. 


There is the Iskal, and there are those who serve as nourishment. Nothing Else matters.

Where to find Pride of the Iskal


How to use Pride of the Iskal

  • This weapon requires Hand Gun Ammo.
  • Comes equipped with Vampiric which cannot be removed.
    • Fires 4 beetles that will fly towards enemies within 10 meters, land on them, and steal 50 health (Scales with healing effectiveness) over 5 seconds. Once full, they will fly back and heal the player.


Pride of the Iskal Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Hit Damage Explosive Damage
Pride of the Iskal 11 22
Pride of the Iskal +1 13.2 26.4
Pride of the Iskal +2 15.4 30.8
Pride of the Iskal +3 17.6 35.2
Pride of the Iskal +4 19.8 39.6
Pride of the Iskal +5 22  44
Pride of the Iskal +6 24.2  48.4
Pride of the Iskal +7 26.4  52.8
Pride of the Iskal +8 28.6  57.2
Pride of the Iskal +9 30.8  61.6
Pride of the Iskal +10 33  66


Pride of the Iskal Notes

  • Shoots a burst of 3 bullets that explode after a while.
  • Health stolen to enemies scales with the weapon level and Mod Power, while healing received scales also with Healing Effectiveness.



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    • Anonymous

      Very interesting to use with the bandit set. Both the initial hit and the explosion seem to have a chance to proc the set bonus, meaning you can really let loose against large, tanky enemies without burning through much of your ammo reserves.

      • Anonymous

        The problem is all the rewards for beating the Iskal Queen are garbage that are useless on nightmare and apocalypse. She isn't worth fighting except bragging rights which no one cares anyway lol.

        • Anonymous

          I’m surprised to see it has such dislike. This thing immediately became my favorite gun when I first picked it up in Adventure Mode, and pretty soon became my primary weapon once I beat the queen.

          Its alt fire is great for both saving on Dragon Hearts in the overworld, and for healing without leaving yourself vulnerable during boss fights. There is a short delay from the explosions, but as long as you can reliably hit your targets (bullets do travel a little slow), its DPS is great, especially at a distance, as the explosions don't suffer a range penalty. They aren't weakened by armor, either!

          Maybe on Nightmare & Apocalypse it may suffer, but at least on Hard, it can carry me through basically any situation. I almost never unequip it!

          • I do not know what the others dislike, but in terms of damage it is a very good weapon.
            In fact, you get 99-297 damage per triple shot, which is comparable to the Hunting Pistol, only you have 30 volleys, not 19. Plus there is AoE damage, which allows you to stop a crowd of enemies.

            In conjunction with the Vulcan's Detonator amulet, it allows you to apply three burning effects at once per volley.

            • Anonymous

              Pros: - Alt fire can heal you from 1 HP to full HP - Decent damage if all 3 projectiles consistently connect (best for large targets) - Cool looks, and cool sound when firing - Decent ammo consumption Cons: - When using alt fire to heal it takes ~ 1 sec for beetles to reach taget, then 5 sec to life steal, and another ~ 1 sec to return and heal you (7 sec) - Alt fire damage is extremely low - Projectiles have travel time, making it difficult to connect all 3 on small/medium targets - Projectiles each have ~ 1 sec delay (from when hitting the target) before exploding and dealing majority of the damage - Consumes the secondary weapon and mod slot Fun and different weapon for sure, but very mediocre (if not sub-par) compared to other secondary weapons choices. Honestly, it's kind of a let down considering the difficulty involved with a standard Iskal Queen kill.

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