World Walker

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Reduces Stamina Cost by -1% per Point


"The children of the core aren't meant to leave their world, but there is no rule left that the Root have not broken. Perhaps in breaking order, order can be restored."

World Walker is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. World Walker is a trait that reduces your stamina consumption.



How to Find World Walker

  • Obtained when you first enter Rhom.


World Walker Notes & Tips

  • Best used for close range Builds that need to sprint and roll often.
  • In Survival Mode, it reduces Stamina Cost by 1.5% per point instead.
  • The % Stamina Cost Reduction of World Walker and certain items applies to the baseline cost of the action, the same way Encumbrance does. In effect, -1% Stamina Cost Reduction is equivalent to having 1 less Encumbrance.
  • Maxing World Walker thereby reduces the cost of dodge rolls by 5 Stamina, allowing for 8 rolls instead of 6 at 150 max Stamina when naked.






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    • Anonymous

      I'm no sure if armor has a major impact on it, but I'm honestly not sure if the trait is worth the points if you're running heavy armor, I barely feel a difference than with light armor. I get MAYBE 2 more seconds of sprint and maybe 1 or 2 more roll at lvl 20.

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