Hunting Rifle

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Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 25m
Max Ammo 50
Critical Hit Chance 10%
Weakspot Bonus 110%

Hunting Rifle is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


In the last days of the Old War, when the armies were gone but we thought we still had a chance, hunters would set out in threes and fours, rifles in tow, to take deadwood nests by surprise. Some of 'em even came back. 

Where to find Hunting Rifle

  • Can be acquired from Ace by selecting the Hunter Archtype.
  • Can be purchased from Rigs for 600 Scrap.


How to use Hunting Rifle

  • This weapon requires Long Gun Ammo.
  • A Weapon Mod can also be slotted into this weapon.
  • The Hunting Rifle is quite an effective general-purpose weapon. It has the range and accuracy to snipe mid-to-long range opponents combined with the ammo capacity and firing rate to counter small swarms of weaker enemies.


Hunting Rifle Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Hunting Rifle 55
Hunting Rifle +1 60.5
Hunting Rifle +2 66
Hunting Rifle +3 71.5
Hunting Rifle +4 77
Hunting Rifle +5 82.5
Hunting Rifle +6 88
Hunting Rifle +7 93.5
Hunting Rifle +8 99
Hunting Rifle +9 104.5
Hunting Rifle +10 110
Hunting Rifle +11 115.5
Hunting Rifle +12 121
Hunting Rifle +13 126.5
Hunting Rifle +14 132
Hunting Rifle +15 137.5
Hunting Rifle +16 143
Hunting Rifle +17 148.5
Hunting Rifle +18 154
Hunting Rifle +19 159.5
Hunting Rifle +20 165



Hunting Rifle Notes



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    • A great overall weapon. If you're the type of person who loves to snipe without worrying about one-shot-reloading or being vulnerable after a miss, then this is a great middle-ground.

      • A fantastic weapon overall. One thing I love about this game: absolutely none of the starter weapons suck. Pick the one that suits you best, and hold it close for the whole game. It'll be your best friend.

        • Anonymous

          This gun will benefit greatly with an increase in ammo capacity and ammo pickup (I do know that ammo box exists, however a buff like this kill no one.). With the fact that Eye of the Storm easily outmatches Hunting Rifle damage and has a good mod only leaves Hunting Rifle with the advantage of able to choose mod.

          • Anonymous

            PSA: time your shots according to your rate of fire, the shots feel faster, and if you spam the gun stalls out.
            -This gun is used as a comparison with other weapon to keep balance in check, it's pretty much the jack of all trades master of none, and in the hands of a crack shot with a decent build, the hunting rifle can be a stable weapon in anyone's arsenal.

            My current build in apocalypse is Hunting Rifle, Hive Cannon (for corrosive debuff +20% damage at 6 stacks), hunter head and boots, drifter chest (more armor and stamina buff), gunslinger charm, empowering loop, stone of balance.

            The mods for it are really just preference to the fight at hand wildfire shot is amazing under certain situation (riphide), hunters marks is just disgusting damage(putting you at 45% crit for this build with traits), song of swords is a nice buff to the kit in general(+20% damage from all sources), I haven't tried swarm bc i prefer to spread my DoTs out but it would work, I personally hate running breathe of the desert bc animation takes too long and im bad but have at it, i've even ran blink tokens and rift walker very viable even in apocalypse.

            TLDR; If you're lazy as **** and prefer minimal changes to your build to fight bosses use this gun and build, not OP but still slaps harder than Tyrone with his bunkmate in prison.

            • Anonymous

              For me, it's near perfect in normal, an okay choice in hard, and sort of bad in nightmare (I haven't touched Apocalypse). It's really good in normal because hitting weakpoints isn't too hard and it does really well on bosses (Undying King is one) as well as one shotting weaker enemies in boss fights and dungeons, like those pesky tumbleweeds and those arm monsters in Rhom. In hard, the enemies have what feels like 2x the health, but even then it does well with taking out the weaker enemies in 1 to 2 hits, and still does well on bosses, but it under preforms on fights that have less accessible or no weak points, like Ixillis or Gorefist. And on nightmare, it's damage is far weaker than other guns like it, and the mods it can use are sometimes better on other weapons. Weakpoint shots on smaller enemies like the root mean half health or more, and if you can't one shot an enemy and are in a tight situation it becomes hectic real quick. If you want alternatives, go with the Eye of the Storm or Particle Accelerator, both have good mods and have similar movesets with more damage, but don't underestimate this weapon if you can hit your shots.

              • For any out there wondering, the weapon on its own does significantly low damage. The idea being you must hit critical areas if you want any hope of winning a fight.

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