Buri Tribesmen

Location Rhom

Buri Tribesmen is an enemy race in Remnant: From the Ashes. Buri Tribesmen can be found in the Rhom realm. Enemy races consist of enemies and bosses that are uniquely distinct and inhabit the various realms of the game. You can check the Enemies and Bosses page to check a list of hostile creatures you may encounter.



Buri Tribesmen Information

Buri Tribesmen are inhabitants of the irradiated deserts of Rhom, they are mutated beings who have acquired immense strength. Their spiritual leader is the Akari, a group who broke free from the Basha because they believed that Ezlan and the Basha are the reason why destruction fell into their realm. The tribesemen and Akari work hand-in-hand hoping to destroy Ezlan and the Basha priesthood.

The Buri Tribesmen are strong and tough and will kill anything or anyone who tries to explore the depths of the desert.


Buri Tribesmen Location

Buri Tribesmen is the main enemies that can be found on Rhom


Buri Tribesmen Enemies




 Buri Tribesmen Bosses











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