Buri Tribesmen

the buri remnant
Location Rhom

The Buri Tribesmen are an enemy race in Remnant: From the Ashes. Buri Tribesmen can be found in the Rhom realm.


Buri Tribesmen Information

The mutated Buri tribesmen inhabit the irradiated deserts of Rhom. The Buri have a strict caste system, defining roles and responsibilities with their tribes. The Buri tribesmen will kill anyone who try to explore the depths of the desert. Their spiritual leaders are the Akari, a heretical group which broke away from the Basha priesthood because they believed that Ezlan and the Basha priesthood were the reason behind Rhom's destruction. Some of the Buri tribesmen have grown to revere the Akari and despise Ezlan and the Basha priesthood, and work hand-in-hand hoping to destroy Ezlan and the priesthood.


There are two type of Buri, one is called Kari that are smaller, quicker and master of the hunt, like Slinger Grenade Launcher and Rifleman. The other type that is large and powerfully built is called Sul like Berzerker, Buri Shaman, Buri Impaler, Detonator, Contaminator and Cyclops.


Buri Tribesmen Location

Buri Tribesmen are the main enemies that can be found on Rhom.


Buri Tribesmen Enemies











Buri Tribesmen Bosses






Enemy Races
Iskal  ♦  The Pan  ♦  The Root

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    • From what I can tell, there are a few categories of being on Rhom:

      1. The Akari, of whom you only meet a NPC of. Look less mutated than the Buri.
      2. The Buri, who are the main enemies of the wastelands. Pretty much everything in the wastelands belongs to this category, with the exception of the Ancient Construct, and possibly the Wasteland Skulls (even though the skulls can be found accompanying Buri). The hounds are essentially part of the Buri faction.
      3. The Vyr, which consist of Anointed and Anointed Swordsmen, the Ancient Construct, Shade and Shatter, and Claviger.
      4. Miscellaneous abominations, including Lurkers, Ghasts, Striders, Hive Skulls (including Scourge), the various skull enemies (including Raze), and the Harrow. It's possible some of these may belong to the above categories.
      5. The Undying King, who was ruler of the Basha civilization. Hard to say if he was ever human-like in appearance, or if the four-armed statues in the Citadel represent his actual species prior to the apocalyptic event.

      • Would like to once again emphasize how wrong it is that the Undying King, the Vyr, and the other creatures of the Citadel are lumped in with the Buri. The Buri are only a subset of the enemies on Rhom, and the creatures within the Citadel belong to a different category altogether. The Buri aren't affiliated with the Undying King, and as the official lore and the page itself say, the Buri who are affiliated with the Akari (Buri spiritual leaders) are the mortal enemies of the Undying King and the creatures of the Citadel.

        Including all the Rhom enemies on a single page and calling it "Buri" makes about as much sense as arguing that everything that lives in the ocean is a fish, or that Brabus should be included in the Root page because he's a boss that you fight on Earth.

        • Anonymous

          There is no need to create a new page for 'Rhom Beast' because they are hounds and hounds already have their page.

          • Anonymous

            Do not change the name. Rhom mostly have Buri and Undying King is the only Basha ingame. The information on the page is correct.

            • Anonymous

              This page and category needs to be renamed to "Basha". The Buri Tribesmen are just one subset of the inhabitants of Rhom; the irradiated inhabitants of the desert outside the citadel. The creatures and constructs, called Vyr, inhabiting the Undying King's citadel are not Buri, and neither is the Undying King himself – indeed, it is stated on this very page that the Buri are the mortal enemies of the Undying King (Ezlan). To better reflect the lore, this page should either be renamed to Basha to encapsulate all Rhom enemies, or two separate pages should be established for the Buri (enemies/bosses outside the citadel) and the Vyr (enemies/bosses inside the citadel).

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