Increases Mod Power Generation by +1.25% per point.


"There's something more to the Root than science can tell us. You figure even a bit of it out? You use it."

Spirit is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. Spirit is a trait that is best used for a support type build.


How to Find Spirit

  • Spirit can be acquired from Ace by selecting the Ex-Cultist Archtype at the beginning of the game.

  • If you didn't choose the Ex-Cultist archetype, you can acquire it by completing the Supply Run Event. You will have to find the Monkey Key to open the door located in a random chance dungeon on Earth named Sorrow's Field. The trait will be granted upon opening the door.


Spirit Notes & Tips

  • Great for support players who want to buff their group often.
  • Great for players who use mods to deal damage.
  • In Survival Mode, it increases Mod Generation by 2.5% per point instead.



Arcane Strike  ♦  Armor Piercer  ♦  Bark Skin  ♦  Blood Bond  ♦  Catalyst  ♦  Climber  ♦  Cold as Ice  ♦  Concentration  ♦  Demolitionist  ♦  Elder Knowledge  ♦  Endurance  ♦  Evocation  ♦  Executioner  ♦  Exploiter  ♦  Flash Caster  ♦  Footwork  ♦  Fortification  ♦  Glutton  ♦  Guardians Blessing  ♦  Handling  ♦  Hard Charger  ♦  Heavy Hitter  ♦  Invoker  ♦  Keeper's Blessing  ♦  Kingslayer  ♦  Last Resort  ♦  Luminescent  ♦  Mind's Eye  ♦  Mother's Blessing  ♦  Potency  ♦  Quick Hands  ♦  Rapid Strike  ♦  Recovery  ♦  Revivalist  ♦  Scavenger  ♦  Shadow Walker  ♦  Siphoner  ♦  Sleight of Hand  ♦  Steady Breathing  ♦  Suspicion  ♦  Swiftness  ♦  Teamwork  ♦  Tormentor  ♦  Triage  ♦  Trigger Happy  ♦  Vaccine  ♦  Vigor  ♦  Warrior  ♦  Will to Live  ♦  Wisdom  ♦  World Walker

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