Increase Healing Effectiveness by +5% per point


"None look after the Kolket, the unclean of the Pan. So the Kolket must look after each other."

Triage is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. Triage increases the amount of healing you get from every healing sources




How to Find Triage



Triage Notes & Tips

  • Great for Health Regen Builds
  • It does NOT increase healing provided by lifesteal.
  • Best used for tank builds and those who use the Twisted Set or the Blood Font ring.
  • In Survival Mode, it increases Healing Effectiveness by 10% per point instead.



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    • Anonymous

      I read a post that said you can earn this trait by healing yourself an unknown amount, is this true, or is the way mentioned the only way

      • Anonymous

        This trait is worded strangely. It's not just health regen gear that's effected, but all healing on the player. Dragonhearts, Bloodworts, and even life steal from melee (as far as I've been able to tell anyway) falls under the effect of this trait.

        • Anonymous

          So it's been tested that this trait at max will make dragon hearts heal 150 instead of just 100. But what happens if you are using the amulet that lets you heal 50 of your ally's health when you use a dragon heart? Do they get 75 instead of 50?

          • Anonymous

            Isn't the only set that allows for healing over time the twisted set? That's a pretty low level armor set IIRC, seems like it should have been just giving players an outright auto-healing effect instead of only having it strengthen one particular item set.

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