Elder Knowledge



Increases Experience Point Bonus by +1% per Point.


"Don't mock the old, kid. They know one important thing you don't: how not to die."


Elder Knowledge is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. Elder Knowledge increases the amount of experience you gain, hence acquiring trait points faster.



How to Find Elder Knowledge

  • Can be obtained by playing the tape recorder found on Level B2 of Ward 13.
  • In the initial hallway of Level B2, enter the second room on the left and you will find the tape recorder sitting on the desk. 
  • The tape recorder is not highlighted by an item marker but will have an interact option when you get close. 



Elder Knowledge Notes & Tips

  • This is only experience for killing enemies. Quest experience and Tomes of Knowledge are not affected, so it will take longer to earn a return then the numbers suggest.
  • Not the greatest Trait, as it doesn't improve your damage or survivability in many ways and Experience can be farmed. On the other hand, investing here means less farming necessary later.



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    • Anonymous

      I love how mixed the community is on the opinion of this trait, and the devs say nothing. I levelled this trait before others because I heard it pays off later. IDK, im a new player so I have no clue if I did the right thing.

      • Anonymous

        Obvious good trait, this is a face palm...remnant is the kind of game w leveling system that’s very huge. People in fact have the ability to re roll and repeat adventures, it’s designed for replay ability. You’ll have amassed 100s of points and levels, you will def feel the difference. If you want to rush to the end w minimal farming and don’t care for maxing or getting almost everything, you don’t need it. If your going to farm and farm, this is among the best time savers.

        • Anonymous

          For a simplistic view, if you invest 20 points into this from the very beginning, it pays itself off at around trait level 120.

          This is because at level 120 you will have 100 traits to spend compared to a level 100 without this trait who also has 100 traits to spend. However you will reach level 120 in about the same time as the other person takes to reach level 100 since you level 20% faster than him.

          In short, this trait isn't worth investing unless you think you would be playing until trait level 120 (the equivalent of 100 trait levels without); because only at that equivalent amount of time playing will you START to be better off than somebody without 20 points into this trait. Meanwhile for those 120 levels you are 20 trait points behind, making it more difficult for you to play the game until you reach level 120 THEN you will START to have an advantage.

          (note: level 120bis just a rough estimate; you get bonus traits from books but trait earning also starts at level 10 and early trait levels need less experience so i would ballpark the actual payoff at maybe trait level 125-135)

          My recommendation for this is: don't bother. Just leave it at level 1 where it actually gives you an advantage at all times. Any point of investment into this will take about x + 100 levels to payoff.

          Another thing to consider is that by the time you are trait level 100 you would already have about 5 solid traits maxed and your desired high end gear that you acquired throughout the game so the benefit from investing early into this trait comes at a time when you need it less, as opposed to not investing into it and having 20 trait levels extra to spend in the early game where you will not have all the gear that you are looking for and the benefit of those extra traits will be more felt before level 100 than after, furthermore at trait level 100 you would already be farming exp efficiently to max any traits that you need easily even without this trait. Don't bother.

          • Anonymous

            Was Elder Knowledge Removed? I just started back up the game swapping from PS4 to PC and I can't find Elders Knowledge....

            • Anonymous

              This is definitely worth leveling up. Since the amount of xp needed for traits is fixed once it reaches 1500, This trait will have paid for itself after you have acquired around 60 trait points after maxing it. From there, it will save you a massive amount of time for filling out all the traits on an end game character.

              • is this worth leveling up? At what time should i stop leveling this trait, and focus on something else? Or should i just max this? Please support you answer with in game knowledge. Please and thanks.

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