Increases Summons damage by +1% per point


"The lonely are weak, but the Iskal is never alone."

Invoker is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. Invoker increases the damage of your summons.

How to Find Invoker

  • Acquired when summons have killed 100 enemies.
  • Can be acquired without any DLC.

Invoker Notes & Tips

  • As of 09/2021 is still bugged. Progress will reset upon leaving/ re-rolling a world. To guarantee acquisition, farm one specific area repeatedly. You can rest at checkpoints to spawn more enemies, but DO NOT leave the world or your progress will reset. 
  • Beetles killed by your summons during the Iskal Queen fight do count, making it a great way to get this trait.
  • Increases you summons damage by up to 20%.


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    • Anonymous

      04 May 2021 10:55  

      I'm not completely sure, but I only got this talent when I killed 100 enemies with summoned creatures (dog, flying skulls, root shorty, etc.) in one game session.

      • Anonymous

        17 Apr 2021 11:58  

        The previous post implying that resting at a checkpoint resets the counter is surely a wrong conclusion.
        I just forced myself to clear the same area again and again and again and again to get the trait (by resetting the mobs though crystals). Previously I tried to get it playing normally, but I killed far more than a few hundreds enemies (with summons) and did not get the trait.
        There is certainly something that resets the counter. I suspect it's either:
        - changing areas
        - travelling between worlds/scenarios
        - closing the game

        • Anonymous

          15 Apr 2021 15:51  

          kill 100 enemies with summons WITHOUTH hitting any crystal. Beetles killed by the queen is a terrible idea as either you or her is bound to die before 100 scrabs are dead

          • Anonymous

            23 Nov 2020 19:27  

            I just got this trait with Very Good Boy on hardcore so it definitely does count. He was chomping enemies from the start since he's an account-wide mod, and I got it on my way to the world boss after clearing everything else on Earth.

            • Anonymous

              08 Sep 2020 02:27  

              Tried to get this trait with Good Boy and it never dropped. Ran through an adventure on normal with Beckon letting skulls do 100% of the work and it dropped after ~2 zones of mob killing. Hope that saves someone some confusion.

              • Anonymous

                09 Jun 2020 22:12  

                Seed Caller + Beckon, roll an earth sewer with Root hollows. around 80 low health enemies per run. damage elites to low and kill exploders before they reach your summons. reset the area by resting at the checkpoint before the boss, then going through in reverse. (enemies occasionally don't respawn by just leaving/coming back via 1 exit) **DISCLAIMER** dying seemed to rest the 100 kill counter, so liquid death-ing to skip back to beginning may be a detriment. just rest & retread in reverse.

                • Anonymous

                  04 May 2020 19:11  

                  I have 29/30 traits, If this is new will it count towards 30/30 for my trophy? I can't for the life of me get the brabus trait.

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