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Unleash insects that will seek after enemies within 20 meters and repeatedly attack dealing 5 CORROSIVE damage per hit. Lasts 15 seconds

Swarm is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes. Weapon Mods are components that grant active abilities which can be used in and out of combat. These Mods provide a variety of effects including dealing damage, healing, buffing players and more. Most Mods can be freely slotted in and out of standard Weapons, while the unique Boss Weapons have their own Mods that cannot be removed. Weapon Mod abilities require Mod Power to use, which is generated by attacking enemies. 


Remnant Swarm Mod Information

Swarm is a Damage-focused mod that sends out 5 swarms of insects that will aggressively seek enemies within 20 meters from the caster and repeatedly attack them, dealing 5 Corrosive Damage per hit at the base level. 

Despite the low damage per hit, Swarm attacks incredibly rapidly at a rate close to that of the Submachine Gun. Each swarm will split up and acquire their own targets, depending on how many enemies there are in the area, but all 5 can also target a single enemy, making the mod incredibly effective at taking out single targets as well. After defeating targets, each swarm will converge onto the next available target automatically. Players can also hold the cast button to lock onto enemies within the mod's effective range before unleashing the swarm. Swarm lasts for 15 seconds and each swarm will float around the caster when no enemies are around, but will quickly fly towards the nearest enemy that they detect, as long as the duration has not expired. All in all, Swarm makes for an excellent fire-and-forget source of consistent damage that shines in many situations. Despite behaving like it, Swarm is not a Summon-type mod. This means the insect swarms cannot be destroyed, nor can they benefit from effects that increase Summon Damage.

Swarm Mod Properties

  • The damage dealt by Swarm is affected by the level of the Weapon that the mod is slotted into. Each weapon level increases damage per hit by +0.5, granting Swarm a maximum of 15 base damage per hit at Weapon Level 20.
  • Swarm's damage is further affected by Mod Damage effects, such as those provided by the Evocation Trait.
  • Swarm's Corrosive Damage is considered Elemental Damage, and is therefore affected by the Wisdom Trait.
  • Note that Swarm's Mod Power cannot be charged while its effect is still active, so it's best to switch to another weapon during this time.
  • Since Weapon Mods can critically hit, Swarm's rapid attack speed makes it an excellent choice to combine with the Radiant Armor Set's bonus effect which provides a stacking increase to Critical Hit and Critical Damage when the user lands critical hits. This is especially useful for players who enjoy using slower firing weapons which cannot trigger the set bonus as efficiently. Maxing out the Executioner Trait is essential for this purpose.


How to Obtain Swarm in Remnant: From the Ashes

Swarm can be crafted by McCabe in Ward 13 by providing her with the following materials::


Remnant: From the Ashes Swarm Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes & Tips for the Swarm Weapon Mod go here.



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    • Anonymous

      Really loved this mod until it seemed like the only reason me and my friends couldn't do damage checks on bosses on apocalypse difficulty. Not sure if it's true at all, or a bug or what not, but just from experience both Dream Eater and Ixilis damage checks were barely possible or impossible with the swarm and not a problem without it.
      Maybe it gives invulnerability frames to bosses just from the sheer amount of attacks at the same time. Would love to know if anyone had a similar issue.
      Also thinking maybe that's why we weren't able to get the harpoon from Harrow, but who knows :^)

      • Anonymous

        "Nerfed" in the Swamps of Corsus update. Now lasts 15s, and takes a chunk more mod power to charge up. Still does crazy damage, still arguably overpowered.

        • Anonymous

          Still op this thing shred the bosses when you are running away and sometimes you can't even shoot normal ennemies because they die instantly. This is one of the best mods in the whole game

          • Anonymous

            Small damage is good if you dont do quite enough damage to 1 shot with a low ROF weapon. This will finish them off.

            • Anonymous

              why does it have 2 charges when you cant use the 2nd charge while your 1st is active? either remove the 2nd charge and buff the damage/duration or let us use both charges.

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