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Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 18
Max Ammo 25
Critical Hit Chance 20%
Weakspot Bonus 110%

Crossbow is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


No amount of technological progress can change the fact that a sharp projectile through the head will kill almost any living thing

Where to find Crossbow


How to use Crossbow


Crossbow Upgrade Table

Requires crafting materials and scrap, totaling to xx Scrap, (list down the Crafting Materials used).

Upgrade Level Damage
Crossbow 115
Crossbow +1 126.5
Crossbow +2 138
Crossbow +3 149.5
Crossbow +4 161
Crossbow +5 172.5
Crossbow +6 184
Crossbow +7 195.5
Crossbow +8 207
Crossbow +9 218.5
Crossbow +10 230
Crossbow +11 241.5
Crossbow +12 253
Crossbow +13 264.5
Crossbow +14 276
Crossbow +15 287.5
Crossbow +16 299
Crossbow +17 310.5
Crossbow +18 322
Crossbow +19 333.5
Crossbow +20 345

Crossbow Notes

  • Like other single-shot weapons, the crossbow is well suited to the Slayer Set.
  • Is silent, favouring stealth builds. 



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    • Anonymous

      For those wonderin bouts the crossbow, here's some quick bits (and if someone would be so kind to toss it into the wiki that'll do nicely.)
      This bad boi's dead silent, unlike every other gun this thing wont alert the entire city block when you fire it (only reason you'll get detected with this is if the player themself is spotted), however keep in mind near-misses or "grazed" shots can still alert em, so dont miss.
      It's a projectile, albiet a fast one, you will need to lead your shots a bit on more nimble or distant foes
      Despite being a crossbow, this thing reloads pretty damn fast, so if your looking for a more spammable version of the sniper-rifle, then that'll do nicely.
      When you get this via the queen, you get an additional armor set as well. The set bonus is a major boost for the crossbow, since every shot will be able to benefit from it's damage boost, so chain your shots together in that 10 second window and it's practically a free damage boost (however your initial opening shot while this isnt active wont have the damage boost, so be aware of that)
      TLDR; this things great for sneaky players that want to silently clear areas of hostiles without gathering a horde on thier arse, but you need to respect its projectile speed and mediocre spam potential. it's also great for players who want a single fire weapon that can still pull out some decent bullet/arrow spam.

      • Anonymous

        Is it possible to acquire the crossbow in any other way then giving the heart to the elf queen? It says it is craftable?

        • Anonymous

          Not using any sets that synergize with this crossbow, but very invested in crit and crit damage from leveling up, and the up-front damage is really strong. May lack in the damage-per-section portion, where a large mag or full auto weapon would out-perform on enemies and bosses where you have larger windows to attack, but this thing still rips small enemies in one hit and critical hits on a weak-point hit can one-shot a lot of elites, on Normal mid-game.

          • There seems to be a small issue with the Crossbow(on PS4 at least) where it shoots to just left of the crosshair at distances shorter than the 30m optimal. The shots also have significant travel time compared to bullets and you need to lead them slightly more than you'd think.

            • Anonymous

              Does the crossbow have a silent passive where it doesn't have as large of an attraction radius as a rifle would?

              • Anonymous

                Wait do all crossbows shoot more to the right the further you are? Or is the aiming in this thing completely broken?

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