Online Information for Remnant: From the Ashes covers information regarding online and cooperative play. Players can find information on how online and cooperative play will work for those who wish to play with their friends or random people online.


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    • Anonymous

      25 Jun 2020 09:54  

      since the new patch for remnant, I am unable to accept friends or public on co op play, I can click all day on check point to accept invited player and nothing happens, travel screen just kicks back to check point. please help, I cannot play this game without co op. it is too hard and meant to be played co op. Also, my load times changing to different instances such as dungeons or other missions takes forever. I am ready to delete this game if this situation doesn't improve. I check my internet connection and it is absolutely fine running at 200 Megs and upload is ok between 3-5. I have uninstalled game several times and reinstalled after verifying files. I am at a loss.Btw, I am running game on ps4

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