Chicago Typewriter

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Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 15m
Max Ammo 320
Critical Hit Chance 5% 
Weakspot Bonus 100%

Chicago Typewriter is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes.


Desperate times, desperate measures. If that means filling the air with slugs--friend and foe be dammed--so be it

Where to find Chicago Typewriter

  • Location Earth, Land's End / The Warren
  • Can be found by completing the Event A Tale of Two Liz's. Both Liz's must survive otherwise they won't give you Liz's Key that unlock the door to the Chicago Typewriter.


How to use Chicago Typewriter


Chicago Typewriter Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Chicago Typewriter 11
Chicago Typewriter +1 12.1
Chicago Typewriter +2 13.2
Chicago Typewriter +3 14.3
Chicago Typewriter +4 15.4
Chicago Typewriter +5 16.5
Chicago Typewriter +6 17.6
Chicago Typewriter +7 18.7
Chicago Typewriter +8 19.8
Chicago Typewriter +9 20.9
Chicago Typewriter +10 22
Chicago Typewriter +11 23.1
Chicago Typewriter +12 24.2
Chicago Typewriter +13 25.3
Chicago Typewriter +14 26.4
Chicago Typewriter +15 27.5
Chicago Typewriter +16 28.6
Chicago Typewriter +17 29.7
Chicago Typewriter +18 30.8
Chicago Typewriter +19 31.9
Chicago Typewriter +20 33


Chicago Typewriter Notes

  • Highest magazine capacity of every weapon in the game, which can allow you to shoot for prolonged periods of time.
  • Shooting will reduce the weapon's spread the longer you hold the trigger. 
  • Suited for the Osseous Set or the Radiant Set.



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    • Anonymous

      For this event try to find the Aggressor's Bane ring, mobs will focus on you most of the time instead of Liz's.

      • Anonymous

        This event is bs to try to spawn for some people. Rerolled adventure and campaign at least 20 times between the two and have not seen this yet. Looks so cool but it's so RNG based to get it :(

        • Anonymous

          Decent weapon. Though I got too used to the hunting rifle with the hot shot mod. Wouldn't recommend this one against bosses though against other enemies.

          • Anonymous

            Been trying to get this or the assault rifle event for awhile now, FINALLY this event pops. I managed to end it with both of them alive and as I'm running up to one of them to get the key, she just randomly falls over dead. Wonderful.

            • Anonymous

              Oh man, just got this event tonight with my homies and didn't keep both girls alive cause didn't read......................................... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

              • Anonymous

                Keeping those two alive is easy... so long until someone kills exploders near them and instantly die by that. Have been trying this few times and one of them almost always dies instantly at some point cause exploders. Saw this first time and i wont shoot those things unless i can shoot them AWAY from them... that other Liz actually ''secretly'' hates her sister that much it seems atleast in my game to always shoot them towards other Liz. Oh well, it would have been a nice weapon for my hardcore run. Cant even kill myself to reset this event. RNG is bs sometimes. Or i am just that bad and this game hates me with passion.

                • Anonymous

                  Pretty solid gun. Mod it with Hot Shot and you'll melt bosses. Pair it with Hunting Pistol so you still have a gun with decent range and some stopping power and you have a pretty amazing all-around class.

                  • Anonymous

                    Chicago Typewriter is life. The assault rifle or beam rifle may be the better all-rounders but this gun feels so damn good to use and it has higher dps than the AR.

                    • Anonymous

                      I've rerolled earth 32 times now, still haven't found this damn gun. Anybody on xbone have a save and willing to help a guy out?

                      • Anonymous

                        I stumbled across this by accident (only been playing about 2 days). I was in adventure mode and came across the survive the attack. I just stayed right by where you zone in and killed the mobs as they came around the truck. occasionally I would poke my head out and shoot whoever was attacking the npcs.

                        • Anonymous

                          To anyone who has seen or read about the door glitch the recent patch notes said this “Adjusted interactive volumes on doors to prevent characters warping to the other side” basically the developers saying f*ck you guys we know about the glitch too

                          • Anonymous

                            This Gun Shreds most enemys, it fills the Mods realy quick and works best with damage increasing Mods, a combi of Hot Shot and Song of Swords is really really nice ^^

                            • Anonymous

                              Possibly the rarest gun. Rigs has a blueprint of it next to him, don't think it does anything, but it is interesting.

                              • Anonymous

                                For Ps4 players who couldnt save them, (cuz fk everyone else im living): attempt to open door, back out turn camera without moving character to the opposite direction, aim then move backwards, you will glitch past the door and be able to unlock it and get typewriter. May your fares be well, children.

                                • Anonymous

                                  To get it, finish the fight first and if you dont have the key, dont worry. Go to the closed door and crouch down giving the back to the door, then put the camera looking the door and you see the E button (in PC) pop in, click it and you unlock the door. I dont even have the quest, the girl is died in the beginning

                                  • Anonymous

                                    This quest reward from " The Tale of Two Liz's" is actually a boss fight, the one where you have to fend off waves of mobs if you kill all mobs before mobs kill one or both girls you get the key, but if you fail and won't get the key you still can get the weapon with out the key by exploiting the bug. Stand as close to a door as you can, try to open it (it will ask for the key, that you don't have) press Escape Button to exit key prompt interface, now with out moving your character from the spot rotate camera so it will be facing backwards, toward opposite side of the locked door and aim your weapon to make your character turn around without moving from the spot (you might be able to position him in same spot mowing backward while aiming), now while you are standing in from of the door and while your character facing away from door rotate your camera (without moving your character) towards the door and try to position so that the door lock will be at the center of the screen you will see prompt to press button but instead of opening the previous interface where its asks for the key, it will instead just "unlock from the other side" as if you been inside that room.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This is literally the most difficult quest to find on earth. If you've got friends who play and you manage to save the two people, have your friends join in on you and let them get the typewriter + Trait that comes with it. I've reset earth over 50 times and still havn't got it yet, even after getting everything else on earth multiple times over. Every single ring, gun, boss weapon, boss mod, armor set, everything, except this one damn gun and perk.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Even if you don't save the slags, go to the door > turn 180 degrees away from it> crouch > mash the "interact" button -- it should then let you enter the room to get the gun.

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