The Pan

the pan remnant
Location Yaesha

The Pan are an enemy race in Remnant: From the Ashes. The Pan can be found in the Yaesha realm.


Pan Information

The Pan are a race of incredibly agile, goat-like bipeds with a unique hierarchical society governed by an immortal priesthood. They have a strict culture made up of two castes: The Commoners that form the bulk of the workforce and the idle Nobility, of which the Pan Priests are preeminent.

Most of the Pan are adept warriors in their own right, and they have been trained to become experts in wielding swords and spears as well as a set of exotic weapons. These warriors also come in different sizes where some have grown to an immense size and become builders and guardians of the villages of Yaesha, whereas the others have enlisted themselves to become agile warriors and shamans who cater to the needs of the commoners.

The following are examples of different classes' names:


Pan Location

The Pan are the main enemies that can be found on Yaesha.


Pan Enemies












Pan Bosses



















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