Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes are equipment that are used to inflict damage on Enemies and Bosses. Weapons are categorized into three groups: Hand Guns, which include pistols and sub-machine guns, among others.  Long Guns, which are the player's primary firearm and include shotguns and rifles. And Melee Weapons, which are used in direct hand-to-hand combat.

Weapons can be obtained as loot at the end of some dungeons, can be purchased from some Merchants, and most commonly can be crafted by using various Crafting Materials. In conjunction with crafting, weapons can also be strengthened by increasing their level which requires crafting materials in order to increase their damage. All weapons max damage is three times their initial damage value.

  • Non-boss weapons can be upgraded to +20 at cost of scrap, iron and 1x Simulacrum when upgrading from +19 to +20.
  • Boss weapons can be upgraded to +10 at cost of scrap, iron, Lumenite Crystal and 1x Simulacrum when upgrading from +9 to +10.

This page displays a list of all known Weapons. You can find detailed information on their locations and properties via the  individual pages linked below.


Weapon Categories in Remnant: From the Ashes


defiler boss weapon remnant from the ashes wiki guide 150px
Hand Guns

A player's secondary firearm. Hand Guns are short-barreled firearms which range from breech loading pistols to sub-machine guns that work best in mid or close-range combat.


huntingrifle basic weapon remnant from the ashes wiki guide 150px
Long Guns

A player's primary firearm. Long Guns range from rifles to shotguns that provide versatility in terms of close, mid, and long-range combat.


scraphatchet melee weapon remnant from the ashes wiki guide 150px
Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are weapons that are directly used by a player in hand-to-hand combat that range from swords, machetes, hammers, and many more.


Hand Guns




Long Guns





Melee Weapons


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    • Anonymous

      If anyone was wondering you can upgrade boss weapons by killing boss up to level 5 the same way as if you would get the item reqired to craft that weapon, and normal weapons up to level 10 by finding it again and picking it up such as Chicago Typewriter.
      You cannot upgrade any kind of armor by picking it up again like Elder Armor

      • Anonymous

        Bit disppointed by how few elemental long guns there are. There's a handgun for every element except Rot and Frost (I think), but for long guns there's only the Alternator (Frost), Ruin and Beam Rifle (Radiation), Sporebloom (Rot) and Eye of the Storm (Shock). I guess I'm just annoyed that there are so many enemies weak to Corrosive and Fire, but the only Corrosive and FIre weapons (not counting mods) are the Hive Cannon and the Spitfire respectively.

        • Anonymous

          Do not hold disdain for my attractive physique. Perhaps if you groomed yourself more eloquently, you would not find yourself a batchelor still. Furthermore, perhaps the young lady of your quart would return correspondence when she tires of that surgen or majestrate. Sattle goose.

          • Anonymous

            How the @#$ do you switch long guns. I bought a rifle to use in certain instances but cant use it at all!

            It would be nice if i could get a way to get replies from the wiki as well but i cant register! MY entire domain is blocked and its probably the largest one in existence!

            NOT at all FAIR!

            • Anonymous

              The thing that drives me nuts about these souls type games is once you've hunted all the gear, there's nothing really left to do - anyone else given up playing because of this?

              • Anonymous

                There is a total of 49 weapons (48 if you exclude the blade of adventure). 10 of them are DLC weapons, 19 of them are boss weapons, and 20 of them are normal weapons.

                You can find 5 boss weapons and 13 normal weapons on earth, 6 boss weapons and 2 normal weapons from rhom, 4 boss weapons and 2 normal weapons from corsus, and 4 boss weapons and 2 normal weapons from yaesha.

                You need the Swamps of Corsus to get 1 boss weapon and 1 normal weapon, and you need the Subject 2923 DLC to get 5 boss weapons and 3 normal weapons.

                Whenever I look at the values for the melee weapons (whether it be boss or normal) there are some areas where I see ??, so I am just going to assume that their values are the exact same as their gun counterparts.
                To upgrade every weapon from the base game to max you need a total of (7650*20)+(7750*19)=153,000+147,250=300,250 scrap, (40*20)+(45*19)=800+855=1655 iron, (40*20)+(35*19)=800+665=1465 Forged iron, (40*20)+(35*19)=800+665=1465 Galvanized Iron, (40*20)+(35*19)=800+665=1465 Hardened Iron, 49 Simulacrums, and 63*19=1197 Lumenite Crystals. Short form (no formulas):
                300,250 scrap
                1655 iron
                1465 Forged Iron
                1465 Galvanized Iron
                1465 Hardened Iron
                49 Simulacrums
                1197 Lumenite Crystals

                Happy grinding!

                • Anonymous

                  What is the best ranged ? What u want ? I prefer 2 build.: 1: Crit build, you need Radiant armor with beem rifle and submachine gun + devouring loop + Burden of the gambler (boss fight switch Burden to Braided Thorns) + Polished wetstone amulet. Mods.: Swarm + Fan of knieves.
                  Or 2.: One shot build, Slayer armor with crossbow + hunting pistol + Stone of Balance + Hunter's band + Gunslinger Charm. Mods.: Song of swords + Cold speer

                  I'm lv 500+ im trying some build, but these two are my favourite.

                  Im on Epic : M S E cshö

                  • Anonymous

                    in addition to weapon variety, the ability to change your swing direction based on inputs would be a start. the 1-2 side melee attacks, followed by a strong third swing is tasteless after a while. for example in the god of war reboot, the combat system suffered the same way in that there were a light attack, a strong attack, and the same basic combo (via mashing). the gun play is really fun though :D

                    • Anonymous


                      I already finished the game in two days. The game is so awesome!!! 5 star rating for me. I would like to suggest adding more Guns, Armors, and Melee Weapons in to the game, so that we players we be getting excited finding or getting the best item in the game and I hope this game could have a 4 player co-op, but I thing you guys need to create a new character type. I hope this game can update every 2nd week of the month for more Items and Maps that are free because a lot of gamer will diffidently love this game. Please update the game ASAP getting excited to play and get new ITEMS!!!

                      • Anonymous

                        instead of updating and adding new maps , weapons and armor because game has lack of those they published dlc and if you want more stuff to really enjoy game you have to pay like 40euros are not enough already for this short game.... all because of those braindead fan base who instead of asking updates they were begging for dlc.

                        • Anonymous

                          I was max trait level by 30 hours of game play by 35 hours I have most of my gear leveled up boss weapons are 9 or 10 and my armour and non boss weapons are 19 or 20 all in missing is the lost harpoon and butcher's flail they need to start adding more stuff

                          • Anonymous

                            Theres a long gun weapon you can acquire called the Chicago Typewriter. Its basically a scrap metal tommy gun. You get it from a survive the siege mission called the "Tale of 2 Liz's" one of the survivors gives you a key that unlocks a door in the same area that has the gun in it.

                            • Anonymous

                              If any1 is looking for the Claw melee weapon from the trailer, u get the material to craft it when u use the bells to play the Lulliby to the Wolf boss in Yeasha, i think the boss its called the Ravager. The lulliby is hidden in a book in Yeasha, play the luliby and u skip his boss fight, talk to him and he gives you the material to craft the Claws, its awesome

                              • Anonymous

                                anyone know how to get twisted heart from ent, i know you destroy the dragons tail to get the dragon links to make into a sword but i got no idea what to go for on the ent

                                • Anonymous

                                  Found a weapon called the Chicago typewriter, its a tommy gun look alike which is obtained from a survival dungeon on earth. part of a quest, cant exactly remember the name except it has something to do with two characters named liz

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