The Iskal are an enemy race in Remnant: From the Ashes. Iskal can be found in the realm of Corsus. Enemy races consist of enemies and bosses that are uniquely distinct and inhabit the various realms of the game. You can check the Enemies and Bosses page to check a list of hostile creatures you may encounter.



Iskal Information

The Iskal are an intelligent race native to the world of Corsus. The Iskal adapted and evolved as Corsus' environment changed. The Iskal's DNA is a combination of that of an insect and a mammal. They harness the geothermal energy of their world allowing them to work around primitive technology - they are as a matter of fact unique and stand out on its own compared to other races. 

The Iskal has created a society of clans where they rule and watch over various areas of the planet and despite having different groups, they still live as a collective race. As harmonious as it sounds, the Iskal is still a vicious race who has a secret that they must protect and will kill those who try to uncover the truth that surrounds their race and world.


Iskal Location

The Iskal race are the main enemies found in Corsus.


Iskal Enemies




Iskal Bosses














    • Anonymous

      14 Sep 2019 23:18  

      those are the iskal knights and they are already on this list. there are just 2 different versions of them. one with a hammer and one w/o a hammer, not everyone has a lantern head. atleast that's how I interpret it

      • Anonymous

        27 Aug 2019 19:20  

        There is also a enemy using hammer who will throw his melee at you and screamming "for the king"/"for the queen" His head looks like a lantern

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