Crafting Materials in Remnant: From the Ashes are items that are used to reinforce and upgrade various items and gear such as Armor, Weapons, Weapon Mods, and much more. Crafting materials can be found in various ways such as enemy or boss drops, scattered in various locations, and inside crates or chests.

This page will indicate a list of all the Crafting Materials in Remnant: From the Ashes which will include its description. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual pages linked below. * The information listed below is still subject to change.



Crafting Materials in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Content Needed

Ancient Core

The Anointed- the Vyr- were created to be perfect soldiers, living constructs that could fight, survive, and ultimately liberate the Black Sun. They have fallen far from their purpose. Base Game

Barbed Sinew

Nothing truly dies in the swamp. Death begets life, and vice versa. Swamps Of Corsus

Black Tear

Od Var hoped to protect the Anointed against whatever lay beyond the gate. He did not foresee the malice of the Guar'ee. None did. Base Game

Blazing Heart

It still beats, a waft of scolding heat and rotted flesh with each pulsation.
  • Can be obtained by defeating Singe.
  • Can be used to craft Spitfire.
Base Game

Blink Spear Shard

The Ahanae discovered the secrets of this world-- that is truly is connected, all things. Even fallen leaves and branches retain their bonds to Yaesha. Base Game

Cold Cell

Reisum is the cold. It saturates every breath, infuses every cell Subject 2923

Crystalline Plasma

The queen's life still pulses, leeching your breath, making your heart beat in time with itself. Swamps Of Corsus

Displacement Crystal

Something's wrong with this thing. Feels like you can't even touch it. Base Game

Dragon Links

Harsgaard was the first to speak with the dragon. He didn't tell us, though, until it was too late. 

  • Can be obtained by defeating Singe with an alt kill.
  • Can be used to craft Smolder.
Base Game

Dreamer's Mana

The Earth was once walled off, not by guardians but by a power deeper and stronger than the Root. The dreamers we created... We thought them windows. They were doors. Base Game

Flesh Barb

The Root's baleful hums and indecipherable whispers fill ya' with fear and despair. Even their splinters whisper in the dark. Base Game

Forged Iron

Strong and durable. Hard to believe they once had mills just churning this stuff.
  • Can be used to upgrade Weapons and Armor to level 6-10 and boss weapons to level 4-5.
  • Can be found at Rhom, Corsus, and Yaesha dropped in random locations, inside chest and by destroying environmental objects.
  • Ace can craft Forged Iron when given the required materials.
Base Game

Galvanized Iron

Superior, reinforced iron. Good for armour or anything else that's gotta take a bullet.
  • Can be used to upgrade Weapons and Armor to level 11-15 and boss weapons to level 6-7.
  • Can be found at Corsus and Yaesha dropped in random locations, inside chest and by destroying environmental objects.
  • Ace can craft Galvanized Iron when given the required materials.
Base Game

Glacial Scepter

Some believe the Krall, can make the cold, but they only wield it. Frigid Reisum is our mother and sister. Subject 2923

Glowing Fragment

Holding the fragment, you see--for just the briefest flash-- multiple realities stretching out to infinity. Each one a little different from the last, like a flip book of existence.
  • Glowing Fragments can be obtained from the Survival Mode or by playing the Campaign in Hard or Nightmare modes.
  • Can be used to purchase Armor Skins from Whispers at Ward 13.
Swamps Of Corsus

Guardian Tentacle

The Iskal is enduring, it does not die but lies dormant even within the remains of its host.
  • Can be obtained from Ixillis with an alternative kill method.
  • Can be used to craft Guardian Axe.
Base Game

Hammerhead's Ore

The parasite within these swamp creatures seems to fundamentally change their DNA until almost nothing is left of the original. Swamps Of Corsus

Hardened Carapace

In the swamp,one's sacrifice is another's survival--a never-ending circle of death. Swamps Of Corsus

Hardened Iron

Incredibly strong and surprisingly light. Folks don't believe it, but they once used this stuff to make tanks that fly.
  • Can be used to upgrade Weapons and Armor to level 16-19 and boss weapons to level 8-9.
  • Spawns randomly and can be found inside chests or destroying environmental objects.
Base Game


A single life can be easily snuffed out, like a candle. A hive, however, is an inferno. Base Game

Hollow Seed

It's buzzing and humming like a beehive. Whatever's inside wants out bad. Base Game

Hound Choker

The Anointed sometimes use hounds for their hunting. It is assumed they control them similar to how they, themselves, are controlled. Base Game


The oldest metal in the world, or at least the world that's left.
  • Can be used to upgrade Weapons and Armor to level 1-5 and boss weapons to level 1-3.
  • Can be found at Earth and Rhom dropped in random locations, inside chest and by destroying environmental objects.
  • Ace can craft Iron when given the required materials.
Base Game

Iskal Husk

The husk is still warm, vibrating in tune with the blood pulsing in your veins.
  • Can be obtained by defeating the Iskal Queen with the alternative kill method.
  • Can be used to craft Seeker.
Swamps Of Corsus

Jackal's Ivory

The Jackal of the Heath slaughtered hundreds of Urikki, from the warrior Hjal to the common Medun. All enemies were the same to him Subject 2923

Kin Callers Bell

The ancient subjugation of the Wrin has evolved into a symbiotic relationship. Their young are incubated in a noble septage, and their strong fight when called. Base Game

Lumenite Crystal

Before the Root came, we found veins of this stuff all around the red crystals. Commander Neville had us dig it up along with everything else, figure out how to use it.
  • Can be used to craft boss weapons, weapon mods, upgrade boss weapons and Dragon Heart capacity.
  • Dropped by elite Enemies and Bosses.
Base Game

Luminous Gland

Life and death are illusions. That is the Iskal's advantage. Swamps Of Corsus

Obryk's Bracelet

Obryk joined Magir's Shadow as soon as he was of age. His ability to make the massive Vargyl even slower earned him the title of Hjal of the Hunt several seasons in a row. Subject 2923

Radioactive Skull

The desert suffers nothing to live, save that which can hardly be considered alive in the first place. Base Game

Root Neoplasm

The Root are primordial, familiar with secrets we can scarcely imagine. It is no wonder Harsgaard revered them. Subject 2923

Sentinel Shard

When the wind quiets, this shard still screams. Best muffle it before something else hears.
  • Can be obtained by defeating Raze.
  • Can be used to craft Beckon.
Base Game


Smells like my ma' incense... and her ashes. Base Game

Shrapnel Shard

A jagged piece like this would rip through flesh like it was butter. Guess Brabus didn't get where he was through mercy. Base Game

Silver Fragment

Tian learned that there is no secret to killing. All metal shreds all flesh at all speeds. Subject 2923


Living Potential. A formless, seething mass from which all things were made in the small hours of the worlds.
  • Can be found anywhere, with a max of 1 per world.
  • Can be used to upgrade Weapons and Armor to its max level.
  • can be used to upgrade the Dragon Heart.
Base Game

Slime Vessel

The swamp recognizes that which is not its own and rejects that which rejects itself. Base Game

Spore Gland

Decades ago, this monster wasted whole towns on its way to this city... Then it turned around for no reason anyone could tell. Base Game

Stalker's Claw

The jungle's gifts are paid for by blood and pain, and blood and pain are the jungle's gifts. Base Game


Steel of Agony

Urikki live not on meat alone but on the blood and tears of the fallen. Subject 2923

Stone of the Guardian

The guardian is said to have been made of concentrated Black Sun Dust-- the legendary Kel-Hur that was once powered and destroyed the world. Base Game

Storm Crystal

The Crystals grow from limpid nodes throughout the jungle. They store powerful electrical energy-- once alien to the Pan, now integral to their life. Base Game

Swarm Tusk

The insects instinctively understand what it is to be one in mind and purpose. Base Game

Tempest heartstring

The jungle is a single living thing made of millions. To pierce its heart would require piercing the hearts of multitudes. Base Game

Tentacle Pod

There are things in the jungle older than the Pan, older than the Wrin, older than the jungle itself. Base Game

The Undying Heart

The thousand-year reign of Ezlan Nui has come to an end... yet his heart still beats. Base Game

Thermal Geode

The fire that burned the world could not burn everything. What's left is strength, power, and death. Base Game

Totem Antler

The jungle speaks to those who will listen. It guides those who will let themselves be guided and leaves those who will not to their own ends. Base Game

Twisted Heart

Made of stronger stuff than most of the Root. We're lucky to have taken that monster down--lucky we were ready for it. Base Game

Unclean Heart

The vyxworm twists its host with deadly efficiency. Base Game

Void Sliver

A pulsing shard from beyond the veil, from the Black Sun itself. You hold a piece of another world. Base Game

Zephyr's Conduit

Yaesha is pregnant with power.
The lightning, the flood,the flame--all
are Yaesha's children as much as you and I..
Base Game



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