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Effect Summons BEETLE that will rush towards enemies and explode dealing 160 CORROSIVE damage within 4 meters. Lasts 30 seconds. (Max 3)

Seeker is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes.

How to Find Seeker

Seeker Notes & Tips

  • Has 3 charges.
  • If a Beetle is killed, it'll detonate after a short duration.
  • BEETLE damage increases with the weapon level, up to 480, and is affected by Mod Damage, Summon Damage and Explosion Damage.
  • Soul Ember increases the BEETLE explosion damage.
  • BEETLE lifespan is affected by Mod Duration.
  • Using this mod while there are already 3 Beetles on the battlefield will replace the last one deployed.


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    • Anonymous

      All the enemies and bosses you would use it against are no where near as hard as the boss(Queen) you fight to GET IT in the first place.

      • Anonymous

        Great for a mage/summon build, as its damage can easily reach 1000+ because it scales from so many things (traits/items that increase summon, mod, explosion and elemental damage all affect this mod). It needs very little mod build-up.

        Can be combined with Soul Link for easy healing or Soul Ember for even more damage. If you pair this with Vulcan's Detonator, the burning will proc the Catalyst trait for more mod regen. Add Burden of the Follower and 1 Cultist armor, the mod regen goes so high you barely need to use your guns to recharge it.

        There are a few downsides though, as its basically useless against bosses that jump around/teleport too much, and sometimes it won't go up/down in stairs. It also cannot hit some enemies that fly (the explosion can hit flying enemies in Reisum's mines, but not Rhom's flying skulls).

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