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Effect Summons a BEETLE that will rush towards enemies and explode dealing 160 CORROSIVE damage within 4 meters. Lasts 30 seconds. (Max 3)

Seeker is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes. Weapon Mods are components that grant active abilities which can be used in and out of combat. These Mods provide a variety of effects including dealing damage, healing, buffing players and more. Most Mods can be freely slotted in and out of standard Weapons, while the unique Boss Weapons have their own Mods that cannot be removed. Weapon Mod abilities require Mod Power to use, which is generated by attacking enemies. 


Remnant Seeker Mod Information

Seeker is a Summon type mod that calls forth a Beetle to charge towards enemies and explode, dealing 160 Corrosive Damage within a 4-blast radius. The mod holds up to 3 Charges and the caster can summon up to three beetles at once. Attempting to summon more than three will replace one of the beetles already deployed.

The Beetles summoned by Seeker are identical to the ones summoned by the Iskal Queen in her Boss encounter. They are essentially living bombs that kill themselves, dealing damage in an area. They are great for crowd clearing, and can potentially be extremely damaging as they benefit from Mod DamageSummon DamageElemental Damage as well as Explosion Damage bonuses.

Seeker Mod Properties

  • The damage each Beetle explosion does is affected by the level of the weapon that the mod is slotted into. Each weapon level adds +16 damage. At Weapon Level 20, each Beetle explosion deals 480 base damage.
  • The Beetles' explosion damage is further affected by Mod Damage and Summon Damage effects, such as those granted by the Evocation and Invoker Traits, respectively.
  • The Beetles' explosion also deal Corrosive Damage which is considered Elemental Damage, and is therefore affected by the Wisdom trait and other similar effects.
  • The explosion damage also benefits from the Demolitionist trait and other similar effects.
  • Note that Elemental Damage and Explosion Damage bonuses are not reflected in the mod's description in the menu, but are included in the damage calculation.
  • The Soul Link ring grants a 5% Life Steal component to damage dealt by Summons, healing the caster with every hit. This is also works for the Beetles' explosions.
  • The Soul Ember ring and the Vulcan's Detonator amulet both add +25% bonus damage to explosions each. The amulet will also cause enemies hit to be afflicted with the Burning effect, dealing damage over time.
  • The Beetles' duration is affected by Mod Duration bonuses, but is quite irrelevant since they kill themselves shortly after acquiring a target.


How to Obtain Seeker in Remnant: From the Ashes

This Weapon Mod requires the Swamps of Corsus DLC.

Seeker can be crafted by McCabe in Ward 13 by providing her with the following materials:

  • Iskal Husk - Obtained by defeating the Iskal Queen during her Boss encounter which is only available during an Adventure Mode playthrough of Corsus. To get the Iskal Husk, you must kill the Queen using the alternate kill method; by dropping a stalactite on her during her transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2. This is done by dealing as much damage as possible when she fills the room with mist and slowly walks towards you. If enough damage is done, she will be stunned for a short duration and will fall to her knees. This needs to be coordinated so that she drops down below one of the stalactites in the ceiling. When she is in position and stunned, quickly shoot the stalactite and, if done successfully, it will pierce her through the back, instantly killing her and awarding the husk. Defeating her using the standard method will award the Crystalline Plasma instead.
  • Lumenite Crystal x 5 - Obtained by defeating Elite enemies which randomly spawn throughout the overworld and in dungeons.


Remnant: From the Ashes Seeker Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes & Tips for the Seeker Weapon Mod go here.



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    • Anonymous

      THE most turbobroken mod in the game

      Soul Ember + Soul Link = AFK & Chill with WHATVER weapons, armor, amulet or secondary mod that you WANT!!!

      • Anonymous

        All the enemies and bosses you would use it against are no where near as hard as the boss(Queen) you fight to GET IT in the first place.

        • Anonymous

          Great for a mage/summon build, as its damage can easily reach 1000+ because it scales from so many things (traits/items that increase summon, mod, explosion and elemental damage all affect this mod). It needs very little mod build-up.

          Can be combined with Soul Link for easy healing or Soul Ember for even more damage. If you pair this with Vulcan's Detonator, the burning will proc the Catalyst trait for more mod regen. Add Burden of the Follower and 1 Cultist armor, the mod regen goes so high you barely need to use your guns to recharge it.

          There are a few downsides though, as its basically useless against bosses that jump around/teleport too much, and sometimes it won't go up/down in stairs. It also cannot hit some enemies that fly (the explosion can hit flying enemies in Reisum's mines, but not Rhom's flying skulls).

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