Ward 13


Ward 13 is a location in Remnant: From the Ashes. Ward 13 serves as the main hub of the game and is located on Earth. There are different realms that a player can explore where various events, enemies, dungeons, bosses, NPCs, items are dynamically generated.



Ward 13 Information

Ward 13 is the main hub of the game. It is where players can find other survivors indicated as NPCs who add bits and pieces to the lore and Merchants who offer their services such as selling gear, resources, and crafting.

Ward 13 was thought to be a shelter that was built as a safeguard for the survivors against the destruction that fell upon Earth while others figured it to be a research facility that was used to develop weapons. The reason why Ward 13 was built was to study and control the power of the World Stones. Ward 13 isn't the only facility that was built but a number of other wards were also built around the planet and was given a smaller shard of the world stone for further research which resulted to opening other portals to other worlds and also caught the attention of The Root.

As time passed along with the invasion, Ward 13 was used as a refuge to the survivors, keeping them safe from the disaster and those who try to invade and infiltrate the ward.


Ward 13 NPCs



Ward 13 Merchants


Ward 13 Lore

On Level B2 of the Ward, past the Reactor Room, there is a set of double doors that are locked. These can be opened with the Key Card obtained from The Founder's Hideout. Past the doors there are a series of empty rooms as well as computer monitors which give insight into the events that occurred up until the time the Root arrived on Earth. 


Ward 13 Notes & Tips

  • Rare item may be found on Research level behind fan near mirror room.

  • Some Scraps and Iron can be found if you break the crates around the base

  • There is a locked door at the end of this floor, above some stairs. The key to it can be found in the Research Lab, behind the giant fan. The power must be turned off in order to make it past the fan.

  • There is a fuse that can be found within B2. It can be used to bring power to the Research Lab in the floor below. 

  • Breaking tables and other furniture within will yield additional scrap and iron.

  • The weakness for the Root is the Head that come out when you turn on the reactor. 


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