Ward 13

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Ward 13 is a location in Remnant: From the Ashes.  Ward 13 serves as the main hub of the game and is located on Earth.  Players can access other realms by interacting with the large red crystal in the center of the ward.

The realms include dynamically generated events, enemies, dungeons, bosses, NPCs, and items.



Ward 13 Information

  • Ward 13 is the main hub of the game. It is where players can find other survivors and Merchants who offer their services such as selling gear, resources, and crafting.

  • Level B2 of the Ward has a locked set of double doors.  These can be opened with the Ward 13 Key Card obtained from The Founder's Hideout.  Past the doors are a series of empty rooms as well as computer monitors which give insight into events that occurred before the Root invasion of Earth.

  • Access to Submachine Gun:  Find Ward 13 Keycard on the table at Founder's Hideout.  Travel back to Ward 13, head to Level B2, and use the Ward 13 Keycard at the locked doors.  Find the Fuse in the newly opened restricted area.  Head to Level B3, put the Fuse in the fuse box on the wall, and turn on the fans.  Use the Ward 13 Keycard again to open the locked door.  Turn off the large ventilation fan by removing the fuse, and go through the fan's entryway.  Pick up the Ward 13 Master Key.  Turn the fans back on and head to Level B2.  Use the Ward 13 Master Key to open the locked door.  The Submachine Gun will be on the table.

  • Access to Elder Knowledge trait is awarded by playing the tape recorder found on Level B2.

Ward 13 NPCs


Ward 13 Merchants


Ward 13 Notes & Tips

  • A rare item may be found on Research level behind a fan near the mirror room.

  • Some Scraps and Iron can be found if you break the crates around the ward.

  • There is a locked door at the end Level B2.  The Ward 13 Master Key can be found on Research Level (B3), behind the giant fan. The power must be turned off in order to walk through the fan and reach the key.

  • There is a fuse that can be found within Level B2.  Place the fuse in the Level B3 fuse box on the wall to restore power to the Research Lab (B3). 

  • Breaking tables and other furniture may yield additional scrap and iron.

  • During the reactor encounter with Ace, the weakness of the Root enemies is the head. 


Ward 13 Lore

  • Many believe Ward 13 was built as a safeguard against a final World War that never came. Others believe that it was a research facility where new weapons were being developed. Neither could be further from the truth. A few unfortunate souls know the real reason Ward 13 was built – to house and study the World Stones. A number of Wards were built across the planet and a small shard of the original World Stone was sent to each one for further study. This lead to the discovery of the portals to other worlds… and the attention of  the Root.  During the invasion, the Wards became a haven for a few select people. The facility’s thick walls kept them safe even as the rest of the world fell to the invaders. As time passed, some Wards survived while others were lost.  The few desperate survivors of Ward 13 are all that remains of a once-larger community.

  • Wallace has the same potential as a dreamer.

  • Clementine was not hooked up to Ixillis.  She was attached to a different ice world guardian (computer monitor's information).


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