Hive Cannon



57 corr-icon-remnant





Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 16m
Max Ammo 25
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Weapon Mod

Hive Shot


  • Fires a hive projectile that deals 20 damage upon impact within 2.5 meters and releases a cloud of deadly insects.
  • Grats Corrosive Stacks
  • Can have a maximum of 3 stacks

Hive Cannon is a Hand Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes. Hive Cannon is a Craftable Item. Weapons are used to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses and can be upgraded to increase their base stats by 3x upon reaching +20.



The hive breeds and consumes. It cares only for itself, considering all else to be a threat.


Where to find Hive Cannon



How to use Hive Cannon

  • This weapon requires Hand Gun Ammo.
  •  A semi-automatic pistol which shoots explosive rounds that deal CORROSIVE damage within a 2m blast radius.
  • Comes equipped with Hive Shot which cannot be removed.
    • Fires a hive projectile that deals 20 damage upon impact within 2.5 meters and releases a cloud of deadly insects.
    • Grats Corrosive Stacks
    • Can have a maximum of 3 stacks
  • Players will need to press the __ button or right mouse button to aim then shoot.
  • Players can equip this weapon by going to the Character Menu and choosing it under the Hand Gun Weapon Slot.


Hive Cannon Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage corr-icon-remnant
Hive Cannon 57
Hive Cannon +1 68.4
Hive Cannon +2 79.8
Hive Cannon +3 91.2
Hive Cannon +4 102.6
Hive Cannon +5 114
Hive Cannon +6 125.4
Hive Cannon +7 136.8
Hive Cannon +8 148.2
Hive Cannon +9 159.6
Hive Cannon +10 171




Hive Cannon Notes



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    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2021 20:39  

      Hive canon: The weapon that you use to melt bosses or to be an ******* to homies

      10/10 would stunlock my friend again

      • Anonymous

        29 Oct 2020 20:58  

        The stagger on this on team mates is ridiculous. I've facetanked some brutal hits without flinching, but apparently bees are where I draw the line.

        • Anonymous

          17 Oct 2020 22:04  

          Best aoe damage weapon in the game. Mod applies a stacking dot that kills adds - think wasps on ixillis fight, or wasps in circlet hatchery, adds on the jackal fight that will otherwise blow holes in the ice under you, etc. Primary fire is great too, just be careful about staggering yourself or allies.

          • Anonymous

            06 Oct 2020 01:12  

            Sadly this gun has lost the ability to apply corrosion to enemies with it’s basic shot. Mod still applies it though.

            • Anonymous

              24 Aug 2020 12:58  

              Vulcan Detonator give this weapon a tier of it's own. The normal attack apply both corosion and burning each hit, the armlet also increase this weapon damage by 25% as well.

              • Anonymous

                24 May 2020 07:47  

                Hive Cannon+Bandit Set= Fully Automatic Chemical Warfare Due to it getting the initial and AoE hits counted, its 2 chances to get your shot back. Even more effective if you fire into crowds!... Wait, that statement pairs very poorly with the joke above... Anyways, pretty good gun! Just be careful not to shoot your allies, or yourself for that matter.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Dec 2019 00:16  

                  Projectile has two sources of damage, one is impact damage capable of hitting a weakspot, the other is a radial explosion dealing elemental corrosive damage. The bullet size is fairly generous, and you can sometimes get the direct-impact damage shooting very close to the enemies feet. Capable of self-damage and staggering yourself from close range explosions, but the self-damage is extremely minimal. The stagger, however, can be dangerous if you're getting swarmed. The special mod does extremely little explosion damage (and no impact damage), but the corrosive area of effect lingers for a long time, is large, and the damage over time portion is fairly solid for consistent damage-- the mod also gets three charges to boot to cover a larger area.

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Oct 2019 18:12  

                    If you're using this gun or when playing in public lobbies - ***** you. Tired of getting stunned by someone's*****ty aim

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