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19 rad icon remnant





Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 22m
Max Ammo 150
Critical Hit Chance 10%
Weakspot Bonus 100%
Weapon Mod


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If charged upon death, the wielder will be revived with 50% Health. They will also take 10% less damage and be immune to STATUS effects for 5 seconds. 5 minutes cooldown.

Ruin is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


Long before the Cataclysm when Vyr first hunted the Basha, hybrid weapons like this were commonplace. To see such a thing again is to witness the might and mistakes of the past.

Where to find Ruin


How to use Ruin

  • This weapon requires Long Gun Ammo.
  •  An accurate rifle which shoots quick three round bursts that deal RADIATION damage effective at mid range. Comes equipped with a 3x magnification scope.
  • Comes equipped with Undying when crafted and cannot be removed.
    • After charged, if the caster dies they will be revived with 50% health. The wielder will also take 10% less damage and be immune to Status effects for 10 seconds.
    • Health returned when revived increased with Triage Trait.
    • Using Ezlan's Band will lower the cool down for Undying from 5 mins to 2 mins.


Ruin Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage rad icon remnant
Ruin 19
Ruin +1 22.8
Ruin +2 26.6
Ruin +3 30.4
Ruin +4 34.2
Ruin +5 38
Ruin +6 41.8
Ruin +7 45.6
Ruin +8 49.4
Ruin +9 53.2
Ruin +10 57


Ruin Notes

  • Build 235609 included the note:


    Undying Cooldown no longer resets when touching Worldstone

    Undying Cooldown now has a secret… (Ezlan's Band effect Ruin)

    DEVELOPER COMMENT: World Stones were resetting the Ruin cooldown giving a “free revive” every single new biome on Survival. We fixed this. However, we also added a hidden feature to Ruin. Can you figure it out!? =O
  • Fires bursts of 3 shots, making it effective at any range.
  • You don't need to wield Ruin to activate its mod.



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    • Anonymous

      Look at how they massacred by boy. They removed this gun from Remnant 2 with its cool & unique mod and replastered it as a starter class perk.

      • Anonymous

        I have a ps4 stopped working mod, I read that it needs to be turned on manually, but as I did not understand, help with the solution of the problem.

        • Anonymous

          Trying to decide if it was worth killing Ezlan to get this in hardcore mode, then i remembered that if you kill him when you first meet him you can skip corsus entirely, and just roll unclean on in adventure mode later to get the ring from him
          Also this gun matches the chaos skin for void armor, fashion souls on point

          • Anonymous

            They should make it so that you can "overcharge" the mod to reduce the cooldown if you've activated the effect but been aggressive enough after reviving. It feels so pointless otherwise.

            • Anonymous

              If anyone has problem with the undying mod activating like I did it's because you have to activate it manually by pressing F by default for PC. Don't forget if you die you have to wait the 5 minute cooldown before you can toggle it back on.

              • Anonymous

                Need an update. The Undying mod now gives you 50% HP, take 10% less damage, and immuneto status effect for 14 secs

                • Anonymous

                  I just Encountered a bug with this gun the cooldown icon sit at 50% and will not go away or go down no matter what I do anyone know how to fix this

                  • Anonymous

                    If Ruin's Undying mod finishes charging while you have the handgun equipped, the Undying mod will not activate. You must switch to Ruin and press RB to activate Undying and be able to survive a fatal attack. If Undying is charged while you have Ruin equipped it will activate automatically. So, just a heads up. If you're using your handgun either to charge Undying or you didn't have ammo for Ruin at the time it was charged, you have to switch over and activate it manually. You'll notice that you'll get the sigil above your head when it's active, but it won't appear if it's not equipped when it charges.

                    • Anonymous

                      If I gave the heart to the Undying King, can I just do Adventure again or do I need to reroll campaign to get the heart again?

                      • Anonymous

                        So as I understand it, I cannot get ruin if I give the heart to the npc and I cannot obtain the heart twice becaue it requires to kill that monster in swamp which is not possible to do again once its done? I am the idiot that gave him the heart. Is it still possible to get ruin or do I have to restart the whole campaign?

                        • Anonymous

                          Anyone else notice that the game lags in the swamp map when you zoom? Just my system or anyone else with xbox have that issue?

                          • Anonymous

                            galenic charm, which converts damage taken into mod power, may work well with ruin. Along with spirit, the cultist trait...

                            • Anonymous

                              Undying mod has been changed to reviving you to 50% hp (up from 33%) and damage reduction reduced to 10% (from 25%). As far as performance? It's a pretty good burst-fire rifle, with a very decent ammo economy and great range and decent precision fire. I find it hard to land all three shots on small heads from distance, but the damage is middle-of-the-road for clearing trash or pecking enemies from far away, with an exceptionally good reload time. The major downside is the mod slot proccing on death, and having a long charge time if not using gear that increases weapon skill charge times quicker. Pre-end game, using the cultist set, I can charge the revive skill fairly quickly with a rapid fire small-arms weapon, but then I miss out on having a heavy punching weapon in my small arms to make up for the rifle having only decent DPS and no burst damage option.

                              • Anonymous

                                Why’s this weapon do radiation damage yet the particle accelerator doesn’t when they have the same projectile (energy beam)

                                • Anonymous

                                  Little known fact about the "Undying" mod: it won't work if you die as a result of being grabbed by an enemy. These "grab attacks" are most common among the enemies in the Corsus swamp and have the potential to one-shot you on higher difficulties (the elite fatties and the infected iskal whose limbs you can shoot off are some of the enemies with these attacks, there may be more).

                                  • Anonymous

                                    It seems that Ruin will not resurrect you if you are using your handgun at the time of death. Not sure if this is a bug or intended.

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